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Cargo Scoop, Type-7

The Cargo Scoop is a standard piece of equipment which is mounted to every ship. It allows for the collection of Cargo Canisters and other materials that are floating in space. Deploying the cargo scoop and targeting a valid scoopable object will cause the target hologram to be replaced with a scoop helper interface. A deployed cargo scoop will draw 0.60 MW of power from the ship's reactor - this value can be viewed in the power manage panel as "H1 Cargo Hatch". Once collected any canisters will be deposited into Cargo Racks while raw materials will be deposited into a Refinery; if the corresponding module is not available (full or not installed) the target will not be collected.

How to Scoop Cargo

  1. Press the corresponding button. Default: Home
  2. Position the ship so that target cargo is centered in the scoop helper interface.
  3. Fly towards the cargo, ensuring that the representation of the canister remains centered in the crosshairs.
  4. Reduce speed until movement lines in the scoop helper interface are blue. Failure to correctly align or reduce speed may damage your ship and/or your cargo.
  5. You must be at 5m or less from the cargo and it will be picked up by itself

Power Management

Cargo Scoop and limpet

The cargo scoop is shown as Cargo Hatch on the ship module list and it is a common practice to move it into the last module priority group or to turn it off completely to free up some energy (if one does not need to be scooping cargo with hardpoints deployed). This can be especially useful for small combat ships, such as the Eagle or Viper, with 0.6 MW being a significant percentage of these ship's power plant output. Turning off power to the cargo hatch prevents deployment of the cargo scoop and opening of the cargo hatch door. It does not damage or affect any cargo stored in the cargo racks, nor does it cause the hatch to open and cargo to spill out of the ship.


If the Cargo Scoop is powered and significantly damaged, then it can malfunction by randomly opening and closing without an actual order to open or close.  This malfunction can cause the Cargo Scoop to open during supercruise, causing an emergency drop from supercruise (since the Cargo Scoop being open is incompatible with supercruise).

It is unknown if unpowering the Cargo Scoop prevents these malfunctions.  It is unknown if these malfunctions only start below a certain Integrity threshold (such as 80%).

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