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Cargo Scoop, Type-7

The Cargo Scoop is a standard piece of equipment which is mounted to every ship. It allows for the collection of Cargo Canisters and other materials that are floating in space.

Deploying the cargo scoop and targeting a valid scoopable object will cause the target hologram to be replaced with a scoop helper interface. A deployed cargo scoop will draw 0.60 MW of power from the ship's reactor. This value can be viewed in the power manage panel as "H1 Cargo Hatch". Once collected any canisters will be deposited into Cargo Racks while raw materials will be deposited into a Refinery; if the corresponding module is not available (full or not installed) the target will not be collected.


This is a core module that cannot be removed by the owner.

How to scoop[]

  1. Open the scoop by pressing the Home button or the corresponding button in the Controls setting.
  2. Target the cargo. The hologram will change to a scoop helper interface with a canister icon.
  3. Centre the icon and fly towards the cargo.
  4. Reduce the speed until the movement lines in the scoop helper interface are blue. Recommended speed is 40 m/s or lower. Failure to correctly align or reduce speed may damage your ship and/or your cargo.
  5. Continue to travel in a straight line until the distance is 5 meters or less. It will automatically scoop the cargo.

Cargo can be jettisoned from the Inventory menu by pressing 4. Select a cargo and choose to jettison or abandon it. You can adjust the amount of cargo to jettison by pressing Page Right to increase number and Page Left to decrease. This feature works at normal speed and Supercruise. By choosing "jettison" the scoop will eject the cargo. If someone else collects this cargo it will be marked as stolen and if it's detected then that pilot will be fined. The owner of the cargo can retain ownership by re-scooping it. Abandoning will eject this cargo to cease ownership. In that case, anyone can collect the cargo without consequences and sell it. Jettisoning cargo near a station is illegal and will be fined. Cargo can be discarded when docked at a station, but then the cargo will be destroyed. Cargo cannot be jettisoned when the scoop is closed or while traveling in Hyperspace.

Each ship has a limited cargo capacity for a finite amount of canisters. Once the canisters have filled the Cargo Rack then other cargo is unscoopable until the canisters are cleared. The Cargo Rack can be upgraded to increase the maximum capacity. Players can also outfit their ship with multiple Cargo Racks. Transporting a Thargoid commodity such as Thargoid Biological Matter will corrode modules overtime. Thus a Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack is advised to safely transport it.

The Cargo Scoop requires 0.6 MW so it can be disabled to save power. Disabling the scoop does not damage nor jettison the cargo. A canister can be added to the ignore list to make them invisible on the radar. Then it won't show in the a scoop helper interface. A Collector Limpet Controller is used to collect nearby canisters and add it to the rack if the scoop is open. If the scoop is closed then limpet stops working.

The Cargo Scoop is also quite vulnerable. If the scoop's health decreases by 85% or less it will malfunction and jettison cargo.

There are some scoopable manufactured materials. However, these cannot be jettisoned by the owner. They can only be removed via Synthesis or Engineers. Encoded Materials become available while scanning ships, structures, complete missions etc. These are not cannisters, rather pieces of data that cannot be jettisoned. Raw Materials are actually fragments. Raw Materials require a Refinery to refine them into sellable cargo. Without a Refinery, the Raw Materials are unscoopable.

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