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The Harmony, a Flight Operations Carrier

Carrier is a type of Capital Ship specifically designed to transport smaller ships. Carriers are very large ships that can have hundreds or thousands of crew members. Aside from the ships they transport, Carriers have few or no weapons of their own. When they are part of a military fleet, they rely on warships to escort them and provide them with protection.


Drake-Class Carrier

A Drake-Class Carrier

The Drake-Class Carrier serves as a mobile base of operations with 16 Landing Pads to accommodate a fleet of conventional ships. The owners of these enormous vessels can customise them for specific roles by enabling various services and functions.

Flight Operations Carrier

Flight Operations Carriers are models of Megaships, such as the Wells-class Carrier, with five Landing Pads. Instead of transporting and deploying large numbers of ships, these Megaships are often stationary and fill the role of small stations once they arrive at their destination. The Gnosis is a rare example of a Flight Operations Carrier that jumps between systems frequently.