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Carrier Construction Dock

The Carrier Construction Dock is a type of station where Drake-Class Carriers are constructed by Brewer Corporation. Similar to an Installation, it has no Landing Pads, and can only be found outside Starports where Drake-Class Carriers can be purchased.[1][2]


System Station
Agartha Enoch Port
Alcor MacDonald Settlement
Balante Laplace Ring
CD-47 990 Jackson Ring
Colonia Jaques Station
Diso Shifnalport
Ehlanda Clark Port
Kakmbutan MacGregor Orbital
Kruger 60 Kepler Gateway
Lan Tzak Jacobi Platform
Namnetes Jolliet Enterprise
Panoi Garen Hub
Skeggiko O Kuo Terminal


  • Carrier Construction Docks were added with the Fleet Carriers Update on June 9, 2020.[3]
  • Drake-Class Carriers seen under construction at Carrier Construction Docks can have various livery modifications on display.