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Module that utilises a form of cathodic protection to temporarily protect a ship's hull from corrosion. Corroded material is diverted to an insulated container which can be ejected.

— In-Game Description

The Caustic Sink Launcher is a utility module that can be used to temporarily protect a ship's hull from caustic damage. The Caustic Sink Launcher is identical in appearance to the Heatsink Launcher.


The Caustic Sink Launcher will automatically remove caustic damage from the equipped ship and absorb future caustic damage until the loaded caustic sink is full. The expended caustic sink must then be manually ejected before a new caustic sink can be loaded and absorb more caustic damage.

Caustic sinks can be restocked at Starports, or via Synthesis.


Rating Mass (t) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Distributor Draw (MW) Rate of Fire (/s) Ammo Clip Size Ammo Maximum Value
I 1.70 45 0.60 2.00 0.2 1 5 45,000

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

Purchase Locations[]

The Caustic Sink Launcher must be unlocked initially via a Technology Broker present at any Rescue Megaship, afterwards it may be purchased for Credits via Outfitting at those same megaships.

As of 29 February 2024, the requirements for unlocking the Caustic Sink Launcher have been removed.[1]

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