The system relies heavily on slavery to maintain the luxurious lifestyle of the very wealthy elite. Most live on the great plantations, common throughout the Imperial worlds. The cities house the workers for the service industries and more exotic entertainments.

The magnificent palace where Aisling Duval lives is situated in this system.

— In-Game Description

Cemiess is an Imperial system with a population of approximately 10 billion people. The Empire began terraforming Cemiess 2 in 3080 to cope with massive migration from independent, GalCop, and Federation worlds to Imperial systems. This influx was accompanied by a rise in prosperity. The approval of the Imperial settlement was the last act of late Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval who died shortly afterward.[1] Today, Cemiess is known for its luxurious cities and large plantations. Princess Aisling Duval resides in her personal palace on the terraformed world of Emerald.[2][3]

System Layout

  • Cemiess
    • Cemiess A Belt
    • Cemiess 1
    • Cemiess 2
      • Meech Dock (Orbis Starport)
    • Cemiess 3
      • Shoemaker City (Orbis Starport)
    • Jade
      • Titius Station (Orbis Starport)
      • Emerald (Terraformed Earth-like world)
        • Mackenzie Relay (Orbis Starport)
    • Cemiess 5
      • Jones Hub (Outpost)
    • Cemiess 6
      • Glass City (Outpost)
    • Cemiess 7
      • Hamuy Port (Outpost)
    • Cemiess 8
      • Metcalf Orbital (Outpost)
    • Cemiess 9

Minor Factions

  • Achenar Empire League (Patronage, Empire)
  • Cemiess Commodities (Corporate, Empire)
  • Cemiess Empire Party (Patronage, Empire)
  • Cemiess Inc (Corporate, Empire)
  • Cemiess Imperial Society (Patronage, Empire)
  • Cemiess Purple Council (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Vequess Empire Pact (Patronage, Empire)


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