Centauri Mega Gin
ClassificationRare Commodity
TypeLegal Drugs
Galactic Average Price10,217 CR
Rare allocation--- t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationHutton Orbital, Alpha Centauri

This chemical distillate is almost pure Alcohol, but with subtle, prized flavors. Often used as an ingredient in more dangerous cocktails. The exact details of the distillation process are a closely guarded secret.

— In-Game Description

Centauri Mega Gin is a legal drug in the galaxy.

It's a rare commodity, so it increases in value the further it's taken from the point of purchase.

Note: Centauri Mega Gin is illegal in some systems.


  • N.B. Hutton Orbital is 0.22ly from the jump point, so be fueled up & ready for a really long trek!

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