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Chaff Launcher

Signature tracking defence. When deployed, causes gimbal and turret mounted devices to lose lock. Requires Ammunition.

— In-Game Description

The Chaff Launcher is a utility module that is used to defend against gimballed and turreted weapons.


The Chaff Launcher deploys a payload of signal-disrupting chaff that instantly breaks tracking locks from gimballed or turreted weapons, which depend on sensitive electronic systems to track targets and cannot be manually aimed. It is a very useful tool in combat situations, and an efficient, economical option for ships that desire to avoid combat and simply need to buy time for their Frame Shift Drive to charge in order to make their escape. If a ship is equipped with multiple Chaff Launchers, only one will be fired at a time, but another Chaff Launcher will fire while the first is reloading, which allows for sustained protection against weapon locks.

However, the Chaff Launcher is not without its flaws. A burst from a Chaff Launcher only disrupts tracking systems temporarily, and hostile ships can re-acquire the target after the disruption ceases. Furthermore, the Chaff Launcher provides no protection against fixed weapons that allow enemy pilots to track targets manually, and some pilots may equip one or more fixed weapons as backups for situations in which chaff is used. Others may choose to unlock from the chaff-using targets and use their gimballed weapons in fixed-forward mode.

Care should also be taken not to mount a Chaff Launcher within line of sight to the cockpit or within the pilot's field of view; when in operation, it emits a bright red-orange glow along with a stream of sparks for several seconds. This can be incredibly distracting and interfere with HUD elements. Fortunately, there are very few ships on which this is possible, though the Mamba is one of them.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Draw (MW)
Clip Size
0 I 1.30 20 0.20 4 1 10 8,500

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities: