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The Chancellor is a high-ranking office within the Empire that directly serves the Emperor and presides over the Imperial Senate. Chancellors are appointed by the Emperor via Imperial decree, and are chosen from among the senators.[1][2]


The chancellor's powers are varied. At minimum, the chancellor is responsible for running debates in the Imperial Senate and holding press conferences on the Emperor's behalf, but the Emperor can choose to delegate other duties to the chancellor.[1][3] In situations where the Emperor becomes unwilling or unable to carry out their responsibilities, the chancellor assumes the day-to-day management of the Empire and effectively rules in the Emperor's stead.[4][3] In the event that an Emperor dies without a clear successor, the chancellor also takes up governing the Empire until a successor is approved by the Imperial Senate.[5]

During occasions when the chancellor cannot fulfill their normal responsibilities, a senator is selected to carry out the role on a temporary basis. When Chancellor Anders Blaine agreed to head the Empire's delegation to the Galactic Summit in 3307, Senator Zemina Torval was chosen to assume chancellor duties for the duration of his absence.[6]

List of Chancellors

Name Tenure Notes
Anders Blaine 3283 - Present Senator of Facece. Originally appointed by Hengist Duval,[2] and retained by his successor, Arissa Lavigny-Duval.