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A Checkpoint is a type of signal source occasionally found in systems experiencing the Civil War, Lockdown, Outbreak, and War states. They contain a number of security vessels aligned with the system's current controlling faction that are scanning passing ships for Stolen and Illegal Goods. Entering a Checkpoint is optional, but the presence of Checkpoints in a system often means that there are also security ships patrolling in Supercruise that will interdict travelers at random and attempt to scan them.


Checkpoints usually contain one Type-9 Heavy named "Evidence Locker", and an assortment of Eagle MkIIs and Viper MkIIIs. The pilots of these ships holds Combat ranks ranging from Master to Elite. These security vessels are initially non-hostile and will normally only scan ships that pass through the area for contraband. If any ships are destroyed, reinforcements will drop in and may be immediately hostile.

In the case of a Checkpoint that is in an Anarchy system, only the ships that are directly attacked, or in a Team with a ship that is attacked, will turn hostile. Although Checkpoints in Anarchy systems are uncommon, their composition, combined with the lawless state of the Anarchy system, makes them useful for earning Combat rank experience if a pilot does not mind antagonizing the system's controlling faction and can handle fighting multiple ships at once.