Cloning is a scientific process of creating a duplicate copy of an organism. This can be based on a genetic template or living organism. The genetic code can be modified to differentiate a clone from its ancestor. A clone that is not modified will be exactly the same at a genetic level as the genetic template. An unaltered clone differs psychologically from its ancestor due to the accumulation of different experiences and memories.

Human Clones

Cloned humans are grown from a duplicate copy of a zygote (fertilized cell) or embryo into a full grown baby or adult by using an artificial uterus (aka artificial womb, exowomb). This is called ectogenesis: the growth of an organism in an artificial environment outside a natural body. The term was coined by British scientist J.B.S. Haldane in 1924.[1][2]


The Empire supports and extensively uses human cloning. Around 2925 CE, Federal intelligence sources accused the Duvals of instigating a cloning programme to breed specialised infantry units.[3] Some other factions banned it within their own jurisdictions. The Federation prefers mechanical artificial intelligence.[4][5]

Animal cloning is legal in the Federation. Such as in 3302, the Starship Enterprises Corporation cloned hundreds of Earth animals in special in vitro chambers. These are genetically tailored to suit their environments. They were transported to a wildlife reserve on the planet LP 339-7 4 A.[6][7]

Artificial Uterus

The artificial uterus is a device that allows the growth of an embryo or fetus outside the body of an organism which would normally internally carry the embryo to term. It provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus and disposes waste material. It can feature an interface for the supplier which functions like a placenta, as well as an amniotic tank that functions as the amniotic sac and an umbilical cord. It's also called an exowomb or incubator.[8]

Healthcare Utilization 

The artificial uterus is a replacement organism that has major healthcare benefits besides cloning. Because it can grow natural offspring outside a human body as an alternative to natural pregnancy. People who are unable to have offspring such as a damaged uterus could use an artificial uterus.

A baby who suffers from premature birth or an abortion could be saved with an artificial uterus and brought to term. Genetic defects can be cured before and during the growth of an embryo.


  • Elite: The Dark Wheel novella has a clone character called Elyssia Fields. She's a clone from the "clone world" Teorge. Spoilers: Rafe paired her with Alex because she was an excellent pilot but could not claim the honours of that for herself due to her clone status.[9]


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