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Codex options

The Codex tracks your findings and progress in the galaxy of ED. It also keeps you up to date with the lore and the latest news.[1]

It shows personal stats, session logs, discoveries in both a collaborative and individual way and hints at potential discoveries in the galaxy. It provides encyclopedia-style information about many topics.[2]



Commander stats

The Commander page is where you can find information about your in-game statistics, a session log of your activity as well as an archive of audio and text logs.[1]

  • Home Page - In the home page of the Commander section, you'll find a full length picture of your Holo-me avatar, your current Elite ranks and their progress and an overview of other quick reference Commander stats.
  • Session Log - The session log tracks certain in-game activities based on the pre-existing player journal.
  • Statistics - The statistics page is a neater, clearer and more concise way of displaying information that was previously found in the right-hand panel of your cockpit.
  • Archive - The archive is your very own library, a collection curated by your discoveries. Any audio and text log that you uncover across the galaxy (such as from abandoned settlements, Generation ships and other Points of interest) will be added here. Audio logs in the archive can be added to your playlist for easy listening while exploring in space.

Time played[]

The codex shows the approximate time played. Note that Steam also counts the hours with the launcher open while not in-game. So if you forget to close the launcher it will inflate the total hours played.




Within the Discoveries section, the galaxy has been divided into 42 regions. Each galactic region has information detailing the stellar bodies, geological/biological entities and civilisation contained within them.[1]

Within each system, there are a variety of things for you to discover, such as stars, planets, moons, gas giants, species and more.

  • In each of these is a list of types which you can select to view more information.
  • As you find new types within that system they will be added to The Codex.
  • There is additional information such as the largest, smallest or the coldest stellar body found.

The Codex also has ‘Rumoured’, ‘Reported’ and ‘Discovered’ states.

  • Rumoured - If an item is listed as rumoured that means there is a possibility of finding it within that region.
  • The Codex is filled with ‘rumoured’ discoveries per region to give you an initial breadcrumb trail to follow.
  • Reported - When a Commander finds the rumoured item, it then shows up as ‘reported’ in the Codex, and updates everyone’s Codex . If you then find it, and scan it, that will become ‘Discovered’ in your codex.
  • You can be an intrepid explorer, find undiscovered anomalies, and set off the cycle of Rumoured, Reported, Discovered.

The 42 galactic regions are gigantic with a lot to be uncovered. The initial ‘rumoured’ items are just the very beginning in getting you to explore in space.

While you’re out there making incredible discoveries and earning credits you’ll inspire other explorers to follow in your wake!

Knowledge Base[]

The Knowledge Base is your hub for brushing up on Elite Dangerous lore.[1]

  • It contains articles detailing the history of the Superpowers, key figures and characters, organisations and other key Powers within the galaxy.
  • It is also the place for information about the Thargoids and other articles of historic importance.
  • These articles are accompanied by vocal narration that can be added to your playlist.

Pilot's Handbook[]

The Pilot's Handbook is a detailed guide to the available activities in Elite Dangerous. It explains where to find certain activities and career roles, how to prepare and outfit ships for them, and how to participate.[3]


The Codex was introduced on 11 December 3304:

A new networked database system named the Codex has been released to the galactic community.

The Codex is a joint initiative from the Pilots Federation and Universal Cartographics, which issued the following joint statement:

“We are pleased to announce that the Codex has been automatically uploaded to the onboard systems of all vessels registered with the Pilots Federation.”

“The Commander section of the Codex collates all ship data, including the pilot’s personal achievements, while the Knowledge Base contains information on the galaxy’s most prominent organisations and individuals.”

“The Discoveries section is designed to support deep-space exploration. As well as cataloguing stellar bodies and other phenomena, it also logs confirmed and unconfirmed findings from fellow explorers.”

“We hope the Codex will prove valuable to all Commanders, and we look forward to it being updated with their findings.”[4]