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The original Colonia Connection Highway

The Colonia Connection Highway is a network of Starports, Outposts, Surface Ports, and Megaships that stretches across 22,000 light-years to connect the Core Systems to the distant Colonia Region, home of the famed Colonia system and Jaques Station.


Colonia Connection

On September 15, 3302, Latugara PLC, an independent organisation based out of the Latugara system, announced plans to construct a series of resupply outposts called the Colonia Connection between the Core Systems and the Colonia Region, where the missing Jaques Station was located three months earlier and a burgeoning new community was beginning to form.[1] After gathering materials from the galactic community at Love Orbital, Latugara over a period of four weeks, Latugara PLC announced the campaign's successful conclusion.[2] On October 14, 3302, the resupply outposts were completed and their locations announced.[3]

Blue Star Line

On August 24, 3303, the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition announced plans to establish three starports between the Core Systems and Colonia, along with the creation of a freight and passenger transportation service known as the Blue Star Line.[4] The three-week campaign successfully concluded on September 14, 3303, with the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition having amassed enough materials to build all three stations, as well as three orbital outposts.[5][6]

Colonia Bridge

Brewer Corporation partnered with the Colonia Council on October 7, 3307 to fund the most significant expansion of the Colonia Connection yet: the Colonia Bridge. The first phase of the three-part project involved the construction of 30 Flight Operations Carrier Megaships that were deployed on October 28 and stationed at 400-500 light-year intervals between the Colonia Region and the Core Systems.[7][8][9] The second phase, which began on November 4, 3307, supplied the production needs of another 26 Megaships to complete the route, and was deployed on November 25.[10][11]

Other stopovers

Since Jaques Station's rediscovery and the settlement of the Colonia Region, a number of independent outposts, mainly Asteroid Bases and Detention Centres, have been established between there and the Core Systems. While not formally part of the Colonia Connection Highway, they are conveniently located along or in close proximity to the main route.

Bulk Cruisers

Since June 28, 3304, multiple Bulk Cruiser Megaships have also been spotted traveling the Colonia Connection, jumping to a new destination on their flight plans each week. These ships include Freedom Class Survey Vessel CTC-023, Freedom Class Survey Vessel PNF-542, Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship NLS-088, James Class Bulk Cargo Ship LNP-723, James Class Bulk Cargo Ship VKN-091, Naphtha Class Tanker MAL-086, and Sagan Class Tourist Ship TLS-051.

List of ports

As of November 25, 3307, the Colonia Connection includes 65 inhabited systems and 76 ports between Alcor in the Core Systems and Colonia in the Colonia Region.

System Ports Port Type Phase Δ Sol (LY) Δ Colonia (LY)
Col 359 Sector UM-T c4-6 CB-1 Argon's Reach Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 335 21,705
Snake Sector OD-S b4-2 CB-2 Memories of Oresrati Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 610 21,441
Mammon Mammon Monitoring Facility Asteroid Base Other 999 21,004
IC 1287 Sector RO-Q b5-1 CB-3 Geo Chandler Memorial Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 1,007 20,997
Pru Euq WO-D b53-8 CB-4 Danieros Serenity Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 1,387 20,665
Bleae Thua KY-L c7-12 CB-5 Ultzer-Noromia Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 1,849 20,294
Blu Thua AI-A c14-10 CB-6 Carbis Bay Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 2,105 20,112
Hillary Depot Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection
Bleae Thua WD-M b49-1 CB-7 Endless Flight Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 2,563 19,676
Smojue PZ-R c4-5 CB-8 Tamandua Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 3,003 19,282
Smojue IY-Q b32-1 CB-9 Monolith Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 3,488 18,825
Droju OH-T a99-0 CB-10 EVERGREEN Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 3,851 18,467
NGC 6530 Sector ZE-X b2-0 CB-11 Junoo's Leap Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 4,215 18,115
Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 Amundsen Terminal Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection 4,481 17,845
CB-12 The Plutonium Pearl Megaship Colonia Bridge 1
Lagoon Sector FW-W d1-122 Attenborough's Watch Asteroid Base Other 4,510 17,820
Bleia Dryiae HK-Y c17-9 CB-13 The Pit Stop Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 4,875 17,472
Trifid Sector IR-W d1-52 Observation Post Epsilon Asteroid Base Other 5,219 17,152
Trifid Sector GW-W d1-220 CB-14 Ashwin's Delight Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 5,221 17,148
Bleia Dryiae EE-E d13-178 CB-15 Sevastopol Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 5,336 16,905
Omega Sector OD-S b4-0 Rock of Isolation Detention Centre Other 5,503 16,617
Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 CB-16 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 5,513 16,612
Omega Mining Operation Asteroid Base Other
Gria Drye IR-F a38-10 CB-17 Tsumago Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 5,960 16,171
Byeia Eurk OC-I b37-13 CB-18 RBNF Orbital Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 6,389 15,744
Byeia Eurk IE-L b49-4 CB-19 Kastilione's Vault Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 6,686 15,447
Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105 Eagle Sector Secure Facility Asteroid Base Other 7,006 15,128
Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117 CB-20 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 7,018 15,113
Eagle's Landing Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection
Plaa Aescs QD-T c3-28 CB-21 Ragnar's Rest Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 7,249 14,808
Lysoosms YS-U d2-61 CB-22 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 7,467 14,555
Nyeajaae VU-Y a27-9 Mjolnir's Wrath Detention Centre Other 7,688 14,320
Rohini CB-23 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 7,692 14,315
Eudaemon Anchorage Ocellus Starport Blue Star Line
Eudoxus Hithe Outpost Blue Star Line
Nyeajaae SC-B b33-7 CB-24 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 8,139 13,864
Nyeajaae NB-Q b52-14 CB-25 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 8,607 13,397
Flyiedge VN-W c4-51 CB-26 Passarola Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 9,028 12,976
Flyiedge KP-K b27-6 CB-27 Stargazer's Legacy Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 9,475 12,528
Flyiedge JE-Z b46-9 CB-28 Red Panda Rest Stop Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 9,954 12,049
Skaude DR-A c2-1 CB-29 P.T.N. Profit's Prophet Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 10,377 11,627
Skaude ZK-X e1-203 CB-30 Ironstar Varangia Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 10,825 11,185
Skaudai GM-S b35-5 CB-31 Leaping Frog Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 11,245 10,770
Skaudai AO-V b47-0 CB-32 Song of Deimos Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 11,522 10,493
Skaudai CH-B d14-34 CB-33 Jewel of Pirigen Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 11,797 10,220
Sacaqawea Space Port Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection
Prua Phoe MI-B b17-5 CB-34 Hotel Canonnia Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 12,216 9,799
Prua Phoe VF-M d8-1046 CB-35 Amanogawa Tenjin Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 12,633 9,386
Prua Phoe PI-I b55-3 CB-36 Reaper's Respite Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 13,098 8,916
Clooku VJ-E b16-27 CB-37 Thomas Turbandhow Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 13,568 8,443
Clooku AA-Q b37-41 CB-38 Senner's Triumphal Rush Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 14,035 7,973
Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31 Gagarin Gate Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection 14,317 7,863
Clooku QA-E c28-713 CB-39 Dumont's Demoiselle Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 14,454 7,561
Stuelou UT-E b17-51 CB-40 MANLALAKBAY Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 14,920 7,100
Stuelou VV-X c17-395 CB-41 S. Daskalova Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 15,306 6,718
Stuelou AT-J c25-24 Penal Ship Omicron Detention Centre Other 15,615 6,412
Gandharvi Caravanserai Ocellus Starport Blue Star Line 15,620 6,406
CB-42 Colonia's Endeavour Megaship Colonia Bridge 2
Marlin's Reach Outpost Blue Star Line
Blua Eaec RD-Z d1-1228 CB-43 PBO Headquarters Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 16,070 5,962
Blua Eaec WW-E c14-1293 CB-44 Entire Prize Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 16,455 5,579
Blua Eaec US-Z b46-4 CB-45 Inter Mundos Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 16,896 5,132
Boewnst KS-S c20-959 Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost Colonia Connection 17,589 4,786
Boelts ZN-Y b5-69 CB-46 Viride Umbrella Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 17,348 4,677
Boelts UB-P b24-98 CB-47 Manatee Lounge Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 17,788 4,238
Boelts YK-P c21-5 CB-48 The Butinière Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 18,224 3,798
Eoch Flyuae PL-D c138 CB-49 Lajeado Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 18,687 3,324
Eoch Flyuae ZU-Y b17-16 CB-50 The Green Star Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 19,100 2,907
Kashyapa CB-51 Constellation Megaship Colonia Bridge 2 19,470 2,532
Martyr's Rest Outpost Blue Star Line
Vihara Gate Ocellus Starport Blue Star Line
Eoch Flyuae QK-E d12-2118 CB-52 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 19,923 2,081
Dryio Flyuae KV-P b8-112 CB-53 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 20,370 1,637
Dryooe Flyou NQ-G b27-103 CB-54 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 20,821 1,193
Dryooe Flyou WB-T b47-10 CB-55 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 21,306 704
Eol Prou GE-A c1-291 CB-56 Colonia Bridge Megaship Colonia Bridge 1 21,659 343