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The Colonia Region in 3306

The Colonia Region is located in the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm, approximately 22,000 light years from Sol. It is home to the famous Colonia system, and a true frontier on the edge of the void. The rapidly-developing region offers pristine mining grounds, exploration opportunities, the chance to be a trail blazer on the edge of "civilized" space, and more.[1]


Colonia became a hive of activity beginning in June 3302 after the discovery of the stranded Jaques Station by CMDR Cly following the starport's mis-jump to Beagle Point on May 19, 3302 and subsequent disappearance. The system is located on the edge of the galactic core regions, where the Near 3kpc Arm and Far 3kpc Arm converge with the Galactic Bar.[2]

Colonia's original designation was Eol Prou RS-T d3-94. The Eol Prou nebula was submitted as a POI to the Galactic Mapping Project on July 1, 3302, by CMDR Diostar, with a placeholder name of "Colonia" being suggested by Erimus Kamzel (GMP Founder). The name was quickly adopted by the exploration community, and Universal Cartographics made the name change official on October 25, 3302.

The name "Colonia" has several meanings depending on how broadly it is being used:

  • In its most narrow sense, it may refer only to the Colonia system itself, where Jaques Station is located.
  • The star system has in turn given name to the nebula it is located within, the Colonia Nebula.
  • Colonia may also refer to all inhabited systems within the Colonia Nebula, the wider Colonia Region.

Birth of a colony

Colonia is humanity's first independently established colony beyond the frontier borders of the old worlds. Its inception began on June 29, 3302 when calls from the exploration community to ship meta alloy out to the stricken starport were made, and this led to an initiative to establish a working colony in and around Eol Prou RS-T d3-94, an initiative instigated by Olivia Vespera, and built upon via the "August Exodus" expedition, set up by Jonus Treesong, Unrealization, and Erimus Kamzel. The expedition became the 2nd largest in human history, behind Distant Worlds, and close to 600 starships in two giant convoys ventured out to the region and helped establish the colony.

The Colonia Citizens Network (CCN), founded by Erimus Kamzel, Unrealization, Qohen Leth, and Souvarine soon followed, which offered a communications hub for colonists to utilize and form their own colonial society. From this the colony grew into a hub of activity which saw almost 2,000 colonists join the network and commit to emigrating out to the region during the months that followed.

Today, CCN is administrated by a new generation of Custodians and Colonia as a whole is home to many factions that have emigrated out there and established infrastructure at many systems throughout the Colonia micro bubble.

Colonia Expansion Initiative

Colonia Expansion Initiative Logo

In December 3302, the Colonia Council set in motion plans to colonize the Colonia Region through the Colonia Expansion Initiative (CEI), which conducted a series of monthly Community Goals called Colonia Migration Appeals. The galactic community participated in resource gathering and bounty hunting competitions to determine which organizations were most dedicated to the colonization effort, and the top ten contributors of each Colonia Migration Appeal were granted migration visas and permitted to colonize select systems. The CEI entered a hiatus following the conclusion of sixth Colonia Migration Appeal in May 3303.

First Conflict

On October 20, 3303, the Colonia Region's reputation for peace was tarnished by its first notable conflict. A criminal organization based out of the Carcosa system called The Nameless started attacking ships in the Colonia system. In response, the Colonia Council issued a call for aid from the galactic community to quell the insurgents. Likewise, The Nameless attempted to entice independent pilots to join their side and usurp the Colonia Council.[3] By October 27, the Colonia Council had successfully rebuffed The Nameless and restored order.[4]

The Colonia Exodus

By December 7, 3303, after weeks of conflict in the Pleiades Nebula against the Thargoids, citizens of the Core Systems had been fleeing to the Colonia Region in droves. The Colonia Council announced a campaign to establish multiple new outposts throughout the Colonia Region to support the new arrivals, and placed an open order for construction materials at Pilkington Orbital in Einheriar.[5] The campaign was successful and planning for the construction of the new outposts was begun.[6]

On December 29, the Colonia Council reported that the number of refugees arriving in Colonia had skyrocketed in recent weeks, and the Thargoid attacks on stations in the Pleiades had only accelerated the rate of immigration. Many immigrants made the trek to Colonia out of fear that the Core Systems were the Thargoids' next target. Colonia Council spokesperson Magen Wolfe stated that although Colonia would continue to welcome new arrivals with open arms, but expressed skepticism that the Core Systems were in imminent danger and noted that the Colonia Region could only support a limited number of people in its current state of development. It was speculated that additional infrastructure expansion initiatives could be necessary to accommodate the exploding population.[7]

Infrastructure development projects


In light of ongoing Thargoid hostility and the aliens' arrival in the Core Systems, on March 1, 3304, two campaigns were launched to increase the Colonia region's security. The Arek Crimsion Vision Corporation requested a range of weapons to be delivered to Colonia, while authorities in the Colonia system announced their intention to build a new security Installation.[8][9] The Installation, Colonia Bastion, was placed into orbit above Colonia 4.

On May 17, 3304, scientists in Colonia led by Professor Alexei de la Vega began a research project to investigate the region's potential to support larger populations in the future. Professor de la Vega requested donations of microresources from independent pilots to conduct this research.[10] The campaign was a success, and Professor de la Vega expressed hope that a framework for the Colonia Region's expansion could be established.[11]

On June 20, billionaire Zachary Rackham, owner of Rackham Capital Investments, revealed he had made a large charitable donation to fund the development of new shipyards in the Colonia Region.[12] As a result, all existing surface ports in the area with the exception of Colonia Hub, which already possessed a shipyard, were able to open shipyards immediately.[13] Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco noted that Rackham's donation coincidentally occurred shortly before a company-wide audit.[12]

On June 28, Professor Alexei de la Vega launched a new initiative in the Tir system in conjunction with Tir Technology Services to construct a scientific Installation in the Colonia system. Professor de la Vega's previous infrastructure research revealed that the Colonia Region's population was growing at an alarmingly fast pace, and could exhaust available resources in the near future. The new Installation would be used to monitor local infrastructure, terraforming, and logistics to help manage the Colonia Region's resources and determine how to avoid shortages.[14] The campaign concluded successfully.[15]

On August 16, Professor Diana VanCleef, a scientific advisor to the Colonia Council, announced plans to construct a state-of-the-art hydroponics facility in Randgnid in response to research that projected a possible food shortage in the Colonia Region. The campaign was overseen by the Colonia Research Division.[16] The campaign was successful, with Professor VanCleef stating: "Not only will this new hydroponics facility provide biofoods and super-grains for the populace of Colonia, it will also contain a dedicated research laboratory for a science team to develop new biotech crops."[17]

An Engineer's outpost in the Colonia Region

On August 28, Councillor Giselle Kingspear of the Colonia Council announced that four Engineers had established bases in the Colonia Region to provide services for independent pilots. Councillor Kingspear explained, "The Council believes it has a duty to support those who contribute so much to the region's stability. That's why we have consulted with engineers in the Core Systems to identify individuals who could offer similar services here in Colonia. Consequently, we now have four engineers at planetary bases in the region. Mel Brandon is based in Luchtaine, and specializes in laser-based armaments, shields, engines and frame shift drives. Etienne Dorn in the Los system, once lead engineer for Kraken Shield Specialists, is an expert on sensors, scanners and high-energy weaponry, among other things. Petra Olmanova is in the Asura system, and works with ship armour, countermeasures and explosive weapons, and Marsha Hicks, in the Tir system, offers upgrades in ballistic weaponry, fuel scoops, refineries and limpets."[18]


On February 7, 3305, Dr. Roy Casimir of the Holloway Bioscience Institute announced plans to construct a research centre specializing in the study of spaceborne lifeforms that the galactic community had begun reporting since the release of new scanning technologies the previous year.[19] A successful campaign to collect resources and exploration data for the research centre was held in Nahuaru in the Core Systems.[20] Despite the campaign's success, the project's completion was delayed for months. On December 11, 3305, Dr. Casimir finally inaugurated the Holloway Biology Centre on Colonia 7 G. He explained that the delay had been necessary to redesign the facility in order to accommodate the vast number of new species that has been catalogued, as the original plans were much smaller in scope.[21]


Dr. Casimir launched a new project on January 7, 3307 to replenish the Holloway Bioscience Institute's stock of xenological tissue samples and create experimental habitants in the Colonia Region where space-dwelling creatures could more conveniently studied.[22] By January 14, the Holloway Bioscience Institute received enough xenological samples to establish Experimental Habitats for spaceborne organisms in Eol Prou PC-K c9-221, Eol Prou LW-L c8-99, Eol Prou KW-L c8-301, and Eol Prou PC-K c9-154 in the Colonia Nebula. Dr. Casimir also hinted that research into the organisms could have future commercial applications.[23]

At the behest of Pirate King Archon Delaine, Kumo Crew partnered with Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd on April 15, 3307 to launch a campaign to construct five new Orbis starports across the galaxy to stimulate trade. One of the five systems targeted for development was Eol Prou PC-K c9-91, in the vicinity of the Colonia Nebula.[24] The galactic community responded enthusiastically to the request, ensuring that all five starports would be built.[25] On April 29, 3307, the starport Delaine Terminus opened in Eol Prou PC-K c9-91 under the control of the Kumo Council. Notably, Sirius Industrial, a division of Sirius Corporation, was also present in the system, fueling speculation that Archon Delaine may have received financial support for his starport project from Sirius.[26]

Colonia Bridge Project Launches

Brewer Corporation and the Colonia Council partnered to launch the three-part Colonia Bridge project on October 7, 3307. The first phase involved the construction of 30 new Flight Operations Carrier megaships along the route between the Colonia Region and the Core Systems, which were deployed on October 28.[27][28][29] At the same time, four new Engineers who specialised in pilot equipment opened their workshops in the Colonia Region: Baltanos in Deriso, Eleanor Bresa in Desy, Rosa Dayette in Kojeara, and Yi Shen in Einheriar.[30] Phase two of the Colonia Bridge began on November 4, 3307, and gathered the resources needed to construct another 26 megaships to complete the route.[31][32]


The Colonia Bridge project continued into 3308 with the start of phase three, the construction of up to six starports on the route between Alcor and Colonia. The initiative began on January 6, 3308, and the starports were expected to be completed by January 27.[33] As with the first two phases of the project, phase three successfully met all of its quotas.[34]

List of inhabited systems in Colonia

As of October 27, 3307, the Colonia Region contains 72 inhabited systems with 105 ports, and has a total population of 12,586,365.

System Allegiance Stations and Surface Ports
Colonia Independent Colonia Hub
Colonia Orbital
Dove Enigma
Jaques Station
Holloway Biology Centre
Alberta Independent Berman Market
Kraft Works
Amatsuboshi Independent Hayabusa Landing
Asura Independent Mizuno Dock
Wellington's Claim
Aurora Astrum Independent Prisma Renata
Benzaiten Independent Bisley Landing
Zhu Oasis
Canis Subridens Independent Naboth Arsenal
The Bone Yard
Canonnia Independent Arcanonn's Legacy
Carcosa Independent Amber Dock
Aragon Silo
Robardin Rock
Carlota Independent Cubil del Lobo
Centralis Independent Damask Rose
Phoenix Harbour
Chrysus Independent Rock
Coeus Independent Foster Terminal
Oxley Orbital
Deriso Independent Giles Station
Talalay Retreat
The Divine Apparatus
Desy Independent Bresa Modifications
Morten's Paradise
Diggidiggi Independent Bascom's Pride
Stein Works
Dubbuennel Independent Dunker's Rest
Earth Expeditionary Fleet Independent Vicktore's Promise
Edge Fraternity Landing Independent Concordia Hub
Einheriar Independent Eidolon Hold
Paxton Landing
Pilkington Orbital
Eol Procul Centauri Independent Fort Mug
Eol Prou LW-L c8-127 Independent Odin's Crag
Eol Prou PC-K c9-91 Independent Delaine Terminus
Far Tauri Independent Chaydar Correctional
Farwell Independent Phoenix Industries
Garuda Independent Vera Rubin Complex
Hamlet's Harmony Independent McDonald Platform
Helgoland Independent Stoertebeker Dock
Hephaestus Independent Malik Station
Millennium Point
Juniper Independent Marigold City
Kajuku Independent Prince Kajukus Paradise
Kinesi Independent Crevie's Salvo
Dallin's Boondocks
Mortimer's Charm
Kioti 368 Independent Kremmen's Respite
Kojeara Independent Oswald Park
Rosa's Shop
TolaGarf's Junkyard
Kopernik Independent Kolonia Sobieski
Los Independent Kraken's Retreat
Murakami Gateway
Luchtaine Independent Moore's Charm
Neugebauer Mines
The Brig
Lux Caeli Independent Tristan's Rest
Lycanthrope Independent The Crypt
Macrath Independent Spassky's Prospect
Magellan Independent Walhalla Port
Meretrida Independent Dezhnev Landing
Metztli Independent Vitto Orbital
Mobia Independent Pedersen's Legacy
Morpheus Independent West Base
Mriya Independent Taras Shevchenko Hub
Ogmar Independent Dervish Platform
Whirling Station
Pekoe Independent Jonas Station
Pennsylvania Independent The Pit
Pergamon Independent Malcolm Oasis
Savorgnan Vision
Phoenix Independent The Nest
Poe Independent Neon Sanctuary
Pyrrha Independent Tsiolkovskiy Horizon
Pytheas Independent Hipparque - Cartographers' University
Randgnid Independent Colonia Barracks
Templar Barracks
Ra'Takakhan Independent Muir Survey
Ratraii Independent Bonestell Point
Colonia Dream
Exodus Reach
Ravenhold Independent Karrison's Landing
Rodentia Independent Surly's Nest
Rodentia Petram Independent Rock Rats Reach
Santos Dumont Independent Brazilian Dream
Saraswati Independent Artutanov's Reach
Signalis Independent Broadcasting Bay
Solitude Independent Knight's Retreat
Sollaro Independent Annan Orbital
Sovereign's Reach Independent Harold's Respite
Tenjin Independent Balakor's Research Post
Tir Independent Bolden's Enterprise
Dohler Depot
The Watchtower
Trakath Independent Diva Mines
Safe Haven
Union Independent Rebolo Port
Valac Independent Salted Womb
White Sun Independent Eavesdown Docks


  • Elite Dangerous lead designer Sandro Sammarco commented on the population of the Colonia Region:[35]
    • "Although you're not going to see mega populations such as those present in core systems, populations on currently inhabited systems in the Colonia region can and *will* increase over time.
    • "The Colonia region is *fully* connected to the background simulation; it's an ongoing enterprise that started small, but as it grows, expect it to slowly transform."


  • Holloway Biology Centre on Colonia 7 G was the 100th facility with docking services to open in the Colonia Region.




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