Not to be confused with Bounty Voucher.

Combat Bonds

Combat Bond Vouchers are monetary rewards earned through faction combat in Conflict Zones.


Upon dropping from Supercruise into a Conflict Zone, the player can select their preferred minor faction in a special tab that appears in the Comms panel. Ships belonging to the selected faction become allied, while ships belonging to the other faction become hostile and begin targeting the player.

Combat Bond Vouchers are earned with each ship that the player destroys. They can be redeemed for credits through the Contacts section of the station services menu at stations controlled by the minor faction that issued the bond. As with Bounty Vouchers, bonds are also awarded for assisted kills.

Bond values

The value of rewarded bonds for destroyed ships is fixed and depends upon ship type, where heavier ships tend to be more valuable.

Ship Reward (CR)
F63 Condor 20,000
Gu-97 23,000
Eagle MkII 40,000
Thargoid Scout 40,000
Cobra MkIII 80,000
Imperial Courier 80,000
Viper MkIII
Viper MkIV
Asp Scout 120,000
Asp Explorer 140,000
Vulture 180,000
Imperial Clipper 220,000
Federal Dropship 220,000
Federal Assault Ship 220,000
Python 260,000
Anaconda 360,000
Federal Corvette 400,000
Imperial Cutter 505,000
Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser
Majestic-Class Interdictor
Thargoid Interceptor Cyclops 8,000,000
Thargoid Interceptor Basilisk 24,000,000
Thargoid Interceptor Medusa 40,000,000
Thargoid Interceptor Hydra 60,000,000

Tips and Tactics

  • The reward range for combat bond vouchers seems meager compared to bounty vouchers. However note that you are in a co-operative battle.
    • Prioritize Federal Corvettes, Imperial Cutters, Anacondas and Pythons. If there are none in scanner range, use "Select highest threat" targeting control to find your next target, regardless of their Combat Bond value - at least one or more Friendlies will engage same target, giving you a wingman - this makes fighting bigger ships much easier. Because this is a co-operative battle it is acceptable to get in on kills etc.
    • By continuously eliminating the same target as NPC Friendlies, you will be able to establish a power ball of friendly ships, which will steamroll around your Conflict Zone. It occasionally breaks up when it comes on a fresh spawn of Hostile ships. Watch your radar for large concentrations of hostile ships, and if you spot your Friendlies heading in that direction, simply let them charge in, then go in for assist on heaviest Hostile ship and start over.


  • Combat Bond Voucher rewards were doubled in the Powerplay (1.3) update.[1]
  • Combat Bond Voucher values were further increased in a balancing pass on December 8, 2020.[2][3]


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