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Commander, abbreviated CMDR, is a title bestowed by the Pilots Federation to all of its licensed pilots. Commanders may use their real name alongside the title, or an alias of their own choosing.


Commanders Lineup Elite Dangerous

Commanders lineup in ED.

In general, Commanders are considered independent regardless of their origins, but they regularly align with a specific superpower or minor faction, either for short-term campaigns such as Community Goals or for the entirety of their careers. Some Commanders began as pilots for the Federal Navy, Imperial Navy, Alliance Defence Force, or minor security forces before retiring and joining the Pilots Federation for a career as an independent pilot.

Commanders are distinguished in terms of skill and experience by their ranks in the officially designated fields of Combat, Trader, Explorer, CQC, Mercenary, and Exobiologist; Commanders who achieve the top rank of "Elite" in any one of these fields are granted access to the Pilots Federation headquarters system of Shinrarta Dezhra.

Notable Commanders

Commander Chronicles

Frontier released a series of cinematic shorts called the Commander Chronicles about certain events in the ED Timeline.


  • All Elite Dangerous players possess the title of Commander. The title has been featured in every game of the Elite series.[15] The title is occasionally used for in-game NPCs for story purposes.


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