The Commander Chronicles is a series of cinematic shorts that tell certain events of the Elite Dangerous Timeline.

Retaliation Edit

The Thargoids have attacked. Aegis, humanity’s first line of defence, researches new technologies to oppose the Thargoid threat. The Initiative have selected Commander Mason and his valiant crew to test these weapons. It’s time to start fighting back.[1]

Devastation Edit

Calling all Commanders – the Oracle starport is under attack! Repeat – we are under attack![2]

The Deal Edit

As the Thargoids continue to encroach on the core systems, the galaxy’s brightest minds search for new ways to level the playing field. Some believe the key to victory could lie with the Guardians. Recent discoveries have prompted the galaxy’s foremost Guardian expert, Ram Tah, to reach out to the Pilots Federation for assistance. Will you accept his mission?[3]

Commander Chronicles: Lift-Off Edit

It’s a dangerous galaxy out there but the call of the void is strong for Elite Commanders. All they need is a ship…[4]

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