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Community Goal

Cooperate with Commanders en masse to reshape the galaxy.

— Official Description[1]

Community Goals allow commanders to cooperate en masse to reshape the galaxy. These can be ongoing projects within star systems where commanders can collaborate or wage war. It requires travelling to a system with an active goal and join via the Mission Board. By joining it will show the objectives, participation and completion via the "Transactions" tab on the ship's left side panel.

The official ED website may have a list of important Community Goals. Community Goals are usually accompanied by an in-depth explanations on the forums about the participation mechanics and bonus rewards.


Before a player can contribute to a Community Goal, they must sign up for it in any Mission Board. Any contributions made at a Community Goal host station or megaship will not count towards the Community Goal if the contributor is not signed up. Each Community Goal has tiers. The more tiers achieved through the mission, the higher the reward; this usually means participants will receive more credits or a related bonus reward, but in some cases the tier will also determine the scale of the global reward. For example, in a CG that involves constructing five starports, building all five may require reaching tier 5.

Community Goals end when the highest tier listed has been reached or the time limit ends, whichever comes first. Some Community Goals, such as those involving two factions in a conflict, may have their maximum tiers set well beyond the community's ability to complete them in order to ensure that they run for the entirety of the time limit.


Depending on the type of CG, the method of making a contribution may differ.

CG Type Contribution Required Where to Turn-in
Trading Commodities Commodities Market
Rares Trading Rare Commodities Commodities Market
Salvage Commodities Authority Contact or Search & Rescue Agent
Smuggling Commodities Black Market
Exploration Star system and planetary scan data
  • Scan is worth 1 contribution.
  • Mapping is worth 3 contributions (2 additional after scan).[2]
Universal Cartographics
Data/Materials Encoded Materials, Manufactured Materials, and/or Raw Materials Research Contact
Bounty Hunting Bounty Voucher Authority Contact
Conflict Combat Bond Voucher Combat Bond Contact
Anti-Xeno Thargoid Commodities and/or Manufactured Materials Research Contact


CGs always reward a number of credits depending on the CG tier reached. Additional global and player rewards may be offered, and may be restricted to certain participation levels. Credits are usually distributed as soon as a CG completes or its time expires, while other rewards may be distributed on the first day following the CG's full week, or at later dates. Reward distribution does not occur for all players simultaneously, so some players may receive their rewards later than others. All player rewards are made available at the CG's host station.

If a player does not claim their CG rewards within two weeks, any credits they earned will be automatically added to their balance. Other rewards will remain available for pickup or transfer at the CG host station indefinitely.

Player rewards[]

Global rewards[]

  • Determining the outcome of a story event (such as one faction prevailing over another in a conflict and gaining control of a system)
  • Construction of new stations, megaships, surface ports, installations, or settlements in one or more systems
  • Expansion of services offered at an existing or planned station or surface port
  • Upgrading an existing outpost into a full-sized starport
  • Addition of new commodities or rare commodities
  • Addition of new modules for sale in station outfitting services


  • Community Goals were the headline feature of Elite Dangerous update 1.1.
  • Players can submit proposals for new Community Goals by contacting Frontier's community team.[3]
  • The very first Community Goal was to construct the Orbis starport Unity in the New Yembo system. The campaign ran from February 10, 2015 to February 17, 2015, and the starport was added by March 5, 2015.[4][5][6]