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Inside a Concourse

The Concourse is a public common area within a Station, Surface Port, or Megaship where commanders can meet with each other, take on missions, acquire new personal weapons and suits, exchange or sell certain Components and Goods, watch arriving and departing ships, and more.[1] It can be reached directly from a hangar via the nearest lift. Concourses were introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.[2]


Viewing an Asteroid Base's docking hub through a Concourse's windows

There are three distinct types of Concourses, each corresponding to the type of port in which they are located. For example, in the system Ross 263, Doi City and Volta Gateway will have Spaceport Concourses; Buffett Hub, Coats Terminal, and Fulton Station will have Outpost Concourses; and Neumann Survey and Vardeman Observatory will have Planetports. Not all facilities in the galaxy are large enough to support a Concourse, however. Concourse layouts are broadly similar, but will vary in some details, including lighting, depending on the type of port and the local economy; a prison colony will have a different overall feel from an agricultural hub.


Spaceports are found in the three starport models, the Coriolis, Ocellus, and Orbis.


Outposts are found in Asteroid Bases and orbital Outposts.


Planetports are found in Planetary Ports.

Vendors and Services

All Concourses provide access to the following vendors and services.

Apex Interstellar Transport

Apex Interstellar Transport concept

Apex Interstellar Transport is a shuttle service that commanders can use to travel to other locations without needing to use a personal ship. Commanders simply pay to book a flight to the destination of their choice, either local or in another system, then take a lift to Apex's shuttle hangar, board the Apex Adder shuttle, and settle in for the ride. Apex shuttles can be booked both at a Concourse and at settlements.

Frontline Solutions

Frontline Solutions

Frontline Solutions is a non-aligned mercenary company that offers a broad selection of large-scale ground combat missions in systems that are experiencing active conflicts. These missions do not influence a commander's standing with specific factions.

Inter Astra

Inter Astra concept

Inter Astra is an interactive shipyard service where commanders can preview, purchase, transfer, and sell ships.

Pioneer Supplies

Pioneer Supplies

Pioneer Supplies is a general store that offers a wide selection personal weapons, suits, and consumable items for purchase. Vendors will also buy any extra items from commanders, but for less than they sell them. Pioneer Supplies locations have a chance of stocking pre-Engineered items when they refresh their inventories each week.

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge is a bar area where commanders can meet, socialize, and take in the views of the local port. The Bartender can exchange Components and pay Credits for Goods, and also acts as a black market fence.

Vista Genomics

Vista Genomics concept

Vista Genomics is an exobiology company that will buy the genetic information of alien life forms discovered by commanders and collected with the Genetic Sampler.

Mission Providers

Mission Providers are minor faction representatives who are seeking to hire commanders for lucrative off-the-books missions. In contrast with accepting a mission through a Mission Board, commanders can negotiate with Mission Providers to try and coax greater rewards from them for successfully completing a mission based on their Mercenary rank. If a negotiation fails, the commander will have no choice but to accept the default reward if they agree to the mission's terms.


Terminals are interactive kiosks that provide access to the local Mission Board, a record of completed missions, the commander's Loadout menu, local Contacts, Holo-Me, the Store, and Local News. They also display the commander's current Credit and ARX balances, and their reputation with the port's controlling minor faction.

Escape Pods

Escape Pods on a Megaship

Escape Pods are exclusive to Concourses located aboard Flight Operations Carrier Megaships. In the event that a player becomes trapped aboard a Megaship because it jumped to a new location, their personal ship was docked elsewhere and is out of range of Apex Interstellar Transport shuttles, and they cannot purchase a new personal ship due to insufficent funds or the absence of an Inter Astra vendor, then they can use an Escape Pod to directly enter Redeployment.


  • Concourse bars feature a selection of over 800 music tracks that can play in the background.[3]
  • Concourses are generated as part of normal instances in the game. Players flying ships in a starport docking bay or outside an outpost can view players and NPCs inside a Concourse through its windows, and vice-versa.
  • All Concourses include Suit Recharge Sockets for public use.
  • People wear magnetic boots due to low gravity in the Concourse.[4]
  • Concourses were added to all Flight Operations Carrier Megaships, excluding Rescue Vessels, in Odyssey Update 8.[5][6]
  • Concourses will be added to Fleet Carriers in a future Odyssey update.[7]