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Not to be confused with Conflict Zone (Signal Source).

A Conflict Zone in On Foot activities refers to a battle between two minor factions for control of a settlement. Frontline Solutions allows commanders to serve as mercenaries in these battles on the side of their choice, and offers rewards for winning. Commanders can also freely enter Conflict Zones mid-battle with their personal ships and SRVs, and choose a side to support.


When two minor factions go to war with each other, Conflict Zones appear at various settlements that the factions are contesting. The most expedient way of participating in Conflict Zones is to sign up for one at a Frontline Solutions at a local Concourse; Frontline Solutions will not offer any battles to join if no factions in the local system are in conflict. Once registered, commanders are directed to board a Frontline Solutions dropship, a converted Vulture, and ride to their destination with up to five other players or NPCs.


Conflict Zone battles involve two opposing teams of 12 combatants each. Combatants are deployed into a settlement from mid-air via dropship. The primary objective of each encounter is to whittle down the enemy team's reinforcement points, denoted on the HUD via a counter. The player's team is shown in green, and the enemy team is shown in red. Both teams begin with 1,000 points, and lose 5 points each time a team member is killed or, in the case of players, "critically injured".

The secondary objective is to capture and hold six control points, designated Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot, scattered across the settlement by standing within the highlighted zone surrounding each point and surviving until the meter reaches 100%. There are no more than three points active at any time. When a point is captured, the opposing team loses 50 reinforcement points, and all players on the capturing team are awarded a 3,000 Credit bond. Shortly after, a control point in another location becomes active and available for capture.


As the battle progresses, more Frontline Solutions dropships will arrive and deploy reinforcements. If the player is critically injured, they immediately redeploy aboard one of these dropships, where they can examine an overhead map of the Conflict Zone and change their Loadout if desired while they wait for the dropship to complete its descent from orbit.


Once a team's reinforcement points have been reduced to zero and all of its members have been killed, the other team is declared the winner of the battle. They can summon a dropship to pick them up at their leisure, and once back at Frontline Solutions, they can accept their reward and redeem any bonds they earned.

Vehicles & weapons

Conflict Zones are not compartmentalized instances. Other players can enter them on their own, and bring their ships, SRV, and SLF into the fray, potentially intervening for the benefit of one side or the other or simply disrupting the battle. Intruding vehicles and ships will be targeted by anti-ship turrets and Enforcer NPCs armed with Karma L-6 rocket launchers, however, making this a potentially dangerous option unless allies on the ground can disable the turrets and kill the Enforcers.

The Missile Rack and the Pack-Hound Missile Rack are ideal to shoot troops on the surface. Conversely, the Karma L-6 is the best choice among handheld weapons for countering ships.


  • Conflict Zones were introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.
  • Odyssey Update 7 added anti-ship turrets and Enforcer personnel to Conflict Zones.[1]