A Congressman is an individual who has been elected and inducted into the Federal Congress in Olympus Village on Mars. The term is used to refer to both male and female members of Federal Congress. Congressmen represent a particular constituency, generally multiple star systems.[1]

Congressmen are elected for an eight year term by the citizens of the Federation, with a "vote of no confidence" after four years. If the vote of no confidence succeeds then a new election takes place and the member of congress can be replaced or re-elected. Congressmen are barred from serving multiple consecutive terms. A congressman can become President immediately after their term.[1][2]

They can also hold other office such as chairing committees. They're not allowed to have corporate interests that conflict with their political roles.[1]

Anyone can stand for election. They do not need to be backed by a political party or minor faction, but it helps. Corporations generally do push (and fund) their chosen candidates or parties (eg Hudson), as do other special interest groups.[1]

List of known Congressmen Edit

Current Edit

Name Constituency Other Titles/Positions
Felicia Winters Rhea Shadow President for the Liberal Party
Acting Federal President (formerly)
Secretary of State (formerly)
George Fallside Mars Non-executive director for Core Dynamics
Isolde Rochester Shadow Vice President for the Liberal Party
Jefferson[4] Secretary of State for Finance
Kristine Lasky[5]
Marcus Albertson[6] Sanna
Silvia Calhoon[7] Aulin

Former Edit

Name Constituency Other Titles/Positions
Edgar Santiago Shadow Vice President for the Liberal Party
Ethan Naylor Siren Federal Vice President
Morgan Unwin[8]
Tyrell Biggs Mars Federal President
Zachary Hudson Nanomam Federal President
Shadow President for the Republican Party (formerly)

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