A dumbfire missile that temporarily disrupts and reboots the target vessel's Frame Shift Drive.

— In-Game Description

The Containment Missile is a specialized variant of the Missile Rack and the Power-specific module rewarded by allegiance to Yuri Grom. It fires dumbfire missiles that force the target ship's Frame Shift Drive to reboot for an extended period.

To achieve the FSD inhibitory effect, each missile has a lower yield (80% damage), the rack has a lower ROF (66%) and therefore the weapon has an overall 53% DPS compared to the class 2 dumbfire missile rack. Shields do not protect against this effect, although they of course still protect against the physical damage, which is of the explosive type. A Point Defence Turret can still shoot down the missiles.

The inhibition of the FSD is not cumulative, and can only be applied every 40 seconds. The FSD will be disrupted for 10 seconds with a successful strike. The target then has to reboot their FSD, which will take 20 seconds. If they then wish to escape, the FSD will then take its typical 4 second charge-up time, if Mass Lock is not present. This gives a small time window within which the target can still escape if not destroyed or forced to surrender, even if continually attacked with Containment Missiles[1].

The Containment Missile's FSD disruption effect can be replicated on standard dumbfire Missile Racks with the FSD Interrupt Experimental Effect, but the reboots caused by this are shorter in duration.


Class 2
Rating B
Mass (T) 4.00
Integrity 51
Power Draw (MW) 1.20
Damage 40
ROF/s 0.33
DPS 25
Thermal Load/s 3.6
Distributor Draw (MW) 0.24
Armour Pierce Rating 60
Reload Time(s) 5.00
Ammo Clip Size 12
Value(CR) 1,951,040


  • Elite Dangerous in-game journal log files refer to the Containment Missile as the "FSD Disrupter".