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Threat 0 Convoy Beacons will usually contain a small group of ships in a wing. All ships are initially neutral. They can be scanned for data and also sometimes carry valuable cargo that can be stolen.

Threat 2 Beacons (No Threat 1 Convoy beacons exist) will have a similar scenario however shortly after dropping in, pirates will attack the convoy. The player can choose to either side with the attacking pirates or the convoy, rewarding credits or reputation respectively. Despite being listed as Threat 2, the pirates will always fly Anacondas and/or Pythons, equivalent to a Threat 4 Weapons fire SS. Note that even when choosing to side with the convoy, the pirates will remain neutral to the player until attacked. Oddly, the convoy and pirates tend to ignore each other.

Spawn Locations

Any area of populated space (usually Shipping Lanes and spheres of influence).

Threat Level

0 - 4

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