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Core Systems Powerplay

The Core Systems highlighted in the Powerplay overview mode of the Galaxy Map

The Core Systems, also known as the Core Worlds and The Bubble, are an ellipsoidal region of star systems approximately 200 light years in radius around Sol in the Inner Orion Spur that contains the bulk of human civilization in the Milky Way galaxy. It is where the Federation, Empire, Alliance, and other powers compete for influence, resources, territory, and control. The Core Systems occupy a volume of approximately 13.8 million cubic light-years that contains over 20,000 inhabited systems with more than 470,000 Starports, Outposts, Asteroid Bases, Surface Ports, and Settlements.

Human settlements are considerably rarer outside the bounds of the Core Systems. A few dozen isolated Asteroid Bases have been built in various nebulae. The Pleiades Nebula, California Nebula, Colonia Region, Witch Head Nebula, and Coalsack Nebula have become major hubs of expansion since the start of the 34th century. The Core Systems are also economically linked to the Colonia Region by the Colonia Connection Highway, a string of various stations and planetary outposts established along the main travel route between the two areas.



Location of the Core Systems in the Milky Way galaxy

The Core Systems are contested by many factions. The three largest are known as the superpowers and directly govern hundreds or thousands of systems each, while other burgeoning factions exert significant political and economic influence over superpower-controlled and independent systems alike.


All stars in the Milky Way are catalogued into sectors, and the Core Systems occupy a volume that encompasses 28 different sectors in whole or in part. Of these, the Col 285 and Synuefe sectors are by far the largest, and extend well beyond Core Systems' boundaries. All Core Systems sectors are listed below, with significant systems inside those sectors noted in parentheses:

  • Jastreb
  • Lyncis
  • Pegasi (Harma)
  • Piscium (Lembava, Polevnic)
  • Puppis (Rhea)
  • Scorpii
  • Sharru
  • Shudun
  • Shui Wei
  • Synuefe
  • Tascheter
  • Trianguli
  • Tucanae (Cubeo)
  • Yin


The Core Systems' ellipsoidal shape can be seen by using the Powerplay overview mode of the Galaxy Map, but the true frontiers of the Core Systems extend slightly beyond the volume of systems affected by Powerplay. By using Sol (coordinates 0,0,0) to designate the center point of the Core Systems and following the XYZ axes of the Galaxy Map, certain systems can be used to identify the six approximate outermost points of the region.

On the X axis:

  • X+: Velniat
  • X-: Col 285 Sector OY-R d4-62
  • Distance between both points: ~398ly

On the Y axis:

  • Y+: HIP 83506
  • Y-: Shu Babassi
  • Distance between both points: ~595ly

On the Z axis:

  • Z+: Pand
  • Z-: HIP 26761
  • Distance between both points: ~393ly

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