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Corporations are the primary drivers of the galactic economy.[1] After World War III in the 21st century, Earth's government and military did not have the ability to repair the severe damage that had been done to the planet. The corporations of the era began the slow rebuilding process, and gained considerable leverage within Earth's political landscape. Corporate ideologies would go on to have a lasting influence within the Federation.[2] By the 34th century, some corporations are powerful enough to act as governments themselves.

Several super-rich and super-powerful mega corporations found throughout inhabited space sustain the colossal demands of modern interstellar economies. They control countless smaller companies which farm, mine and use entire planets and star systems for resources and food, and produce basic goods which trillions of people rely on for their survival.[3]


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The colossal requirements of modern interstellar economies can only be met by super-rich and super-powerful corporations, whose innumerable companies gouge entire worlds for minerals and foods, and whose factories churn out the basic goods trillions of people need to survive. Without them and their continual drive for ever higher growth, people would starve, choke or become isolated on worlds surrounded by technology they cannot use or maintain.[1]

World War III (2044-2055) was the worst war ever waged across planet Earth. It brought much destruction and loss of life. Eventually after over one decade of war the fight was gradually abandoned.[2] The dominant power after the Third World War was the United States of the Americas. The remaining other countries joined it over the next few decades and it was renamed to "The Federation."[4] Civilization had taken a massive hit and the governments and military alone no longer had the ability to repair the damage done. The corporations of the era stepped in and began the slow rebuild process. This gained the corporations a huge increase in dominance over Earth's political landscape. In many ways this was perhaps the birth of the ideologies that would ultimately influence the Federation. The decade of 2070 saw the first man on Mars and the first permanent moon base was constructed. This allowed humans far easier access to space and soon many orbital cities were constructed around Earth. This was followed by the launch of interstellar probes, the heavy industrialization of the Moon and the first base construction on Mars.[2]

The 22nd century was a time of massive change. Fossils were discovered on Mars proving that life once existed there. Human expansion slowly progressed throughout the solar system. Perhaps the biggest discovery of all time was hyperspace. The ability to travel faster than light allowed humanity to escape the confines of the solar system.[2] By 2200 corporations had a stranglehold on a great many aspects of life, and this didn't stop during colonisation, though there was quite a delay before the first wholly corporate system was settled.[5]

In 2210 the first signals of probes at Alpha Centauri confirmed a habitable planet existing outside our solar system. From this point on, probes continued to arrive in neighboring star systems and soon life is discovered on Tau Ceti 3. Thus begins a new path of exploration and discovery. With the knowledge that Tau Ceti could support life, a colony ship was sent there. Before long the first colony to exist outside our star system Sol was formed. With the proof that life could exist outside Earth, a mass exodus began. Massive ships were constructed to establish human colonies anywhere that may support human life. The expansion of humanity rapidly moved apace crossing the void between star systems. New colonies and ultimately cities were formed.[2]

The rise of the largest Mega Corporation in history started in 2339 when the Sirius Corporation launched the first completely corporate colonial mission which arrived in the Sirius star system. There they utilized vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer to supply fuel and later drives and other technologies to the Federation and Empire.[3]

The companies built the galactic community and Mega Corporations are ubiquitous throughout civilized space.[3][1] Due to these historic events, the Federation became dominated by corporations. They control many aspects of life, politics and business within Federation space. Most aspects of life is focused on profit. While corporations are not above the law, they hold a very wide remit as far as what they're permitted to do in the name of profit concerns. Corruption and even murder happens as well. That said, the Federation does respect human life in its own way and much more so than the Empire. Although the Federation doesn't respect freedom as much as the Alliance.[2]

List of Corporations

For a list and overview of mega corporations, see Mega Corporation.

The following is a list of important corporations in the galaxy. They are classified by the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).[6]

Name Sector (GICS) Allegiance Description
Achilles Corporation Consumer Discretionary, Industrials Independent Rapacious robotics and skimmer manufacturer.
Alliance Tribune Consumer Discretionary Alliance The primary newsfeed of the Alliance.
Apex Interstellar Transport Transportation Independent Public travel agency.
ARG Explorer Ventures Professional Services Federation Exploration company based in Bolg. "Seeing far and seeing true."
Astrogator Tours Consumer Discretionary Independent Specializes in deep space adventures holidays.
Auger Vision Electronic Equipment & Instruments Independent Ship sensor manufacturer based in Carcinus. "Specialist sensors for specialist jobs."
Aulin Corporation Biotechnology Federation Biotechnology corporation based in Aulin, vigorously protects the native flora and fauna.
Aurelius Space Tours Consumer Discretionary Federation Space tourism corporation based in Wolf 1515. "Spend your nights with the stars."
Azimuth Biochemicals Materials Independent A company active in the early 3100s that sought to produce new weapons with alien technology. Eventually acquired by its rival, Pharmasapien. Defunct.
Bank of Zaonce Financials Independent The most successful bank in the Milky Way galaxy.
Bar Low Clothing Consumer Discretionary Federation An apparel manufacturing consortium based in Pethes. "For the real you"
Beamer Pulsed Inc Machinery Independent A laser manufacturer based in Nang Ta-khian. "We have both kinds of lasers..."
Berg's Trans Stellar Food Food Products Independent A major food producer corporation based in Naraka. "Fresh for you."
Bespin Gas Materials Federation A gas mining corporation that holds exploitation rights to the Lanaest system.
Better Green Developments Industrials Federation An eco-friendly development corporation based in Wolf 573. "Keeping your planet green and clean."
BigSix Financials Independent An auditing firm.
Blackshadow Productions Consumer Discretionary Independent An independent entertainment production company that plans to remake the classic children's show Andromedaries.
Blitz Weapon Stores Retailing Independent A galaxy-renowned franchise of weapon sellers based in Myrbat. "All calibres, all power ratings, one store!"
Bonespire Publishing Consumer Discretionary Independent Publisher of the Corsair King novel series written by celebrated author Olav Redcourt.
Braben Woollens Consumer Discretionary Independent A manufacturer of designer wool clothing based in Agartha. "Feel warm with natural wool."
Brewer Corporation Aerospace, Industrials Independent Manufacturer of stations, weapons platforms, and capital ships.
Brightlight Training Consumer Discretionary Independent Offers a variety of educational services to corporations throughout the Federation.
Bureau of Galactic Legal Affairs Consumer Discretionary Independent Provides legal services to pilots.
Caine-Massey Materials Federation Fiercely competitive mining corporation.
Callaghan Firearms Consumer Discretionary Empire Makers of "the most powerful handguns in the universe", based in LTT 911.
Castro Management Group Financials Empire An investment corporation based in CD-73 12. "We bend over backwards, so you don't have to."
Colonial Drones Corporation Industrials Independent A drone manufacturer based in Euryale. Former employer of The Sarge. "Affordable drone technology for all."
Consolidated Plasma Corp Industrials Independent A plasma production corporation based in NLTT 9949. Former employer of Petra Olmanova. "We fight fire with fire. Hotter fire."
Conway Holo Productions Entertainment Empire A broadcast entertainment production company based in Reynes. "Bite size entertainment for a busy day."
Cordova Group Consumer Discretionary Federation A conglomerate that runs numerous small companies throughout the Sol system, including the Mars Tribune.
Core Dynamics Aerospace Federation Manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in combat ships. The primary supplier of the Federal Navy.
Core Enterprises Aerospace Federation A subsidiary of Core Dynamics created to absorb the rogue faction Jupiter Division.
Costada Voyager Consumer Discretionary Independent Budget hotel chain renowned for its consistent quality across the Core Systems.
CryMed Healthcare Systems Health Care Independent A health care corporation based in Munfayl. "Healthcare is our life as much as it is yours."
Cygnian Dream Entertainments Entertainment Alliance A broadcast entertainment production company based in Olwain. "Where the party never ends..."
Daftworks Incorporated Industrials Independent Drive-tuning specialists based in Epsilon Hydri. "To the limit - and beyond!"
Darkwater Inc Industrials Empire One of the largest private military forces in the galaxy. Defunct.
Davies Station Services Consumer Services Federation A provider of station services based in CD-64 139. "Doing the impossible, one thing at a time."
Dead-Eye Defence Systems Consumer Discretionary Empire One of the Empire's leading weapons manufacturers, based in Thule. Founded by Broo Tarquin, now owned by Thule Industries. "Power and laser tech for missions large and small."
Defence Gizmos Consumer Discretionary Empire Distributor of recycled ship parts, based in Aerial. "Recycled parts to equip your ship."
Demolition Unlimited Industrials Empire A company specialising in demolition tools. Founded by Liz Ryder and based in Eurybia.
Devastator & Sons Industrials Independent A company specialising in demolition tools, and Liz Ryder's former employer. Based in Eurybia. "Guaranteed devastation."
Devin Armour Specialists Industrials Empire Supplier of ship armour and defensive technologies based in Heget. "When a ship isn't tough enough."
DK and Son Holographics Media Empire A media corporation based in Fehu. "Always show your best side."
Donnellan Healthcare Health Care Empire An Imperial healthcare provider based in Aztlan. "Pamper and protect."
Downing Agriculture Consumer Staples Empire An Imperial agriculture corporation based in Tangaroa. "The finest food for your table."
Drive Performance Specialists Industrials Empire Also known as DPS. Drive-tuning specialists based in Cockaigne. "For the ultimate performance."
Ekhi Biosciences Institute Biotechnology Federation The foremost centre for biochemical research in the Federation. Based in Ekhi.
Eye on Achenar Consumer Discretionary Empire Local newsfeed that primarily covers Empire and Achenar-related news.
Faulcon DeLacy Aerospace Independent Manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in multipurpose and combat ships.
Federal Free Press Consumer Discretionary Federation Local, pro-Liberal Party newsfeed that primarily covers Federation and Sol-related news.
Federal Times Consumer Discretionary Federation The primary newsfeed of the Federation.
Ferngate Plexi Industrials Federation Manufacturer of plexiglass based in Zeaex. "Get a clear view with Ferngate."
Forrester's Technical Services IT Services Federation A technology maintenance service company based in Tamor. "You break it. We fix it."
Fozard Entertainment Entertainment Alliance An entertainment company that famously released its extensive back catalogue in 3298. Based in Nuakea. "150 years of entertainment."
Frontline Solutions Commerical & Professional Services Independent Mercenary company that offers freelance ground combat missions in warzones.
Galactic Insurance Company Financials Independent Provides insurance to pilots.
Galactic Logistics Industrials, Transportation Independent Provides freight transportation services throughout the galaxy.
Galectric Energy Independent An energy corporation based in Yinjian. "Powering the universe."
Gallant Investment Brokers Financials Federation An investment corporation based in Exphiay. "Finding the perfect investment."
GalNet Information Technology Independent A galactic data network and information aggregator.
Gayan Melodies Entertainment Empire A music production company based in Baldr. "Music tailored for your needs."
Grant Academics Education Services Independent A prestigious learning institution based in Exigus. "We make learning easy."
Grant's Apparel Retail Independent An independent fashion designer based in Veroa. "Your spacewear - all in one place (onesies are our specialty!)"
Gutamaya Aerospace Empire Manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in combat ships. The primary supplier of the Imperial Navy.
Happy Haulers Consumer Staples Independent Food distributor company.
Hazardous Filtration Modules Industrials Independent Manufacturer of ship filtration modules based in Wolf 1323. "Better and cleaner environments for your ship."
Herculean Machines Information Technology Independent Manufacturer of the Duradrive personal computer.
Hippoc Bioceuticals Health Care Independent A biological, chemical, and medical research corporation. It owns the 51 Arietis system and its unique biospheres.
Holloway Bioscience Institute Life Sciences Tools & Services Independent Xenological research institute.
Houlden Harmonics Leisure Products Federation A renowned manufacturer of natural form musical instruments based in Artume. "For that authentic sound."
Imperial Dynamics Automotive Empire A wholly-owned subsidiary of Core Dynamics that produces rebranded versions of Skimmers for exclusive sale in Imperial space.
Imperial Herald Consumer Discretionary Empire The primary newsfeed of the Empire.
In Depth Protection Industrials Federation A military supplier based in PLX 695. "Countermeasures and military grade electronic warfare suites for those close encounters."
Inter Astra Consumer Discretionary Independent Interstellar ship dealership company.
J-Atack Fine Art Studios Consumer Discretionary Empire Art sellers to Imperial high society, based in CD-70 1960. "Traditional or modern, but always exquisite."
JB Tax Accountants Consumer Finance Empire A prominent Imperial accountancy firm based in Apam Napat. "No numbers too real or imaginary."
JetForce Dynamics Industrials Independent A jet propulsion specialist based in LTT 135. "Getting you there with the power of air."
Jick Nackson Enterprises Information Technology Independent Producer of specialized software for ship modules, such as the Data Link Scanner.
Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd Industrials Independent Specialises in modifying Orbis starports.
KD-Cox Spray Specialists Industrials Independent A custom ship painting company based in LTT 606. "For that personal look."
Kinematic Armaments Industrials Independent Manufacturer of kinetic-based handheld weapons.
Kraken Shield Specialists Industrials Empire An Imperial shield system manufacturer based in Vequess. Former employer of Etienne Dorn. "Fly with the confidence of Kraken protection."
Lakon Spaceways Aerospace Alliance Manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in large freighter and exploration vessels. The primary supplier of the Alliance Defence Force.
Last Chance Consumer Discretionary Independent A funeral service franchise based in LHS 1650. "We take care of you after the end."
Lensher Reclamation Industrials Federation A recycling corporation based in Zephyrus. "Finished with it? We're just getting started."
Lewis Zero G Fitness Consumer Discretionary Independent A fitness centre franchise based in Pi Mensae. "In space no one can hear you pump!"
Lightspeed Accommodation Consumer Services Federation An interstellar hotel chain based in 70 Ophiuchi. "Putting up with you for the night - or your money back!"
Long Embedded Systems Industrials Independent A ship system manufacturer based in LHS 1167. "Under the hood excellence."
Low Profile Workshops Industrials Independent A secretive corporation based in Bohmshohm. "Blending in is a statement."
LURP Ship Systems Industrials Independent A ship system manufacturer based in Psi Octantis. "Our range is everywhere."
Lycan Moon Mining Materials Federation Federal mining corporation with a presence in the Howard and LHS 1573 systems.
MacArthur Mining Ltd Industrials Federation Manufacturer of mining robots, including the autonomous DG090.
Magda Consumer Discretionary Empire A retail franchise and distributor that also controls a number of key agricultural systems in the Empire. Based in Shinigami. "Low prices, high quality. All for you."
Manticore Industrials Empire Manufacturer of cannons, missiles, drones, and plasma-based handheld weapons.
Marlin Standard Consumer Discretionary Independent The main newsfeed of the Marlinist Colonies.
Mars Tribune Consumer Discretionary Federation Newsfeed that primarily covered news in Sol. Defunct.
Mastopolos Mining Materials Empire A major mining corporation with operations in Imperial and independent space.
MetaDrive Inc. Industrials Independent Developed new drive technologies.
Money Matters Consumer Discretionary Independent A business-focused interstellar newsfeed.
Mosher Industrial Equipment Consumer Discretionary Independent A manufacturer of industrial equipment.
Neomedical Industries Health Care Alliance Pharmaceutical corporation that serves Alliance and independent systems.
Paresa News Network Consumer Discretionary Empire Local newsfeed that primarily covers Paresa and Nova Imperium-related news.
Pathfinder Solutions Industrials Independent Provided officers and crews for Drake-Class Carriers.
Pegasi Sentinel Consumer Discretionary Independent The main newsfeed of the Pegasi Sector and Kumo Crew territory.
Pharmasapien Health Care Independent A rival, and later owner, of Azimuth Biochemicals. Defunct.
Pioneer Supplies Consumer Discretionary Independent General store franchise.
Rackham Capital Investments Financials Independent Investment company owned by billionaire Zachary Rackham.
Remlok Consumer Discretionary Alliance The galaxy's largest manufacturer of spacesuits.
Rewired Consumer Discretionary Independent Newsfeed known for its prodigious output of stories.
Reynhardt Intellisys Consumer Discretionary Independent Entertainment, CQC.
Rockforth Corporation Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary Federation Agricultural and tourism giant.
Ross Projectiles Industrials Independent Manufacturer of Seeker Missile Rack munitions.
Saud Kruger Aerospace, Luxury Goods Independent Luxury brand, manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in passenger vessels.
Sirius Corporation Energy, Industrials, Utilities Independent The first and most powerful mega corporation.
Sol Today Consumer Discretionary Federation Local, pro-Republican Party newsfeed that primarily covers Federation and Sol-related news.
Space Lanes Cargo Freight Transport Independent Provides freight transportation services throughout the galaxy.
Steel Castle Inc Industrials Independent Specialises in modifying Coriolis starports.
Supratech Information Technology Independent Manufacturer of the Torc personal computer and Artemis suit.
Takada Industrials Independent Interstellar shipping company and manufacturer of laser-based handheld weapons.
Tau Ceti Journal Consumer Discretionary Federation Business-focused newsfeed.
Taurus Mining Ventures Materials Independent Mining company based in T Tauri, associated with Salvation.
The Imperial Citizen Consumer Discretionary Empire Newsfeed that primarily covers Empire-related news.
The Sovereign Consumer Discretionary Independent Independent newsfeed.
Thule Industries Industrials Empire Current parent company of Dead-Eye Defence Systems, based in Thule.
Torval Mining Ltd Materials Empire Mining company based in LTT 198, originally an autonomous branch of Mastopolos Mining.
Trouble Banking and Welfare Investments Financials Independent Investment company based in Andceeth. Provides loans and saving opportunities for individuals and businesses, and known as the best gemstone traders in human space.
Universal Cartographics Information Technology, Telecommunication Services Independent Focused on mapping the universe.
Utopixx Entertainment Consumer Discretionary Federation Produces top virtual reality experiences in the galaxy, such as the CQC franchise.
Vandermeer Corporation Health Care Federation Pharmaceutical corporation that serves medicine exclusively in Federal systems.
Vega Line Shipping Industrials, Transportation Independent Provides freight transportation services throughout the galaxy.
Vespine Transport Systems Industrials Independent Manufactures cargo canisters.
Villist Transfers Transportation Empire An interstellar shipping corporation based in Brohman.
Vista Genomics Biotechnology Independent Purchases and studies genetic information of alien life forms.
Vitadyne Labs Health Care Independent Produces nanomedicine.
Vodel Automotive Independent Manufactures Surface Recon Vehicles. Acquired by Core Dynamics.
Vox Galactica Consumer Discretionary Independent Interstellar newsfeed that covers events across the galaxy, including the superpowers and independent systems.
Wallglass Investigations Agency Industrials Independent Private investigation contractor.
Woods Haulage Industrials, Transportation Independent Logistics corporation.
WorldCraft Consumer Discretionary, Real Estate, Industrials Independent Terraforming and tourism/entertainment corporation.
Wreaken Corporation Materials, Industrials Independent Conducts mining and construction operations. Has a notable presence in Arque, Hodack, LHS 3306, and Quator.
Xavier Luxury Entertainment Consumer Discretionary Independent An entertainment corporation.
Zorgon Peterson Industrials Independent Manufacturer of ships and equipment, specialized in small freighter and exploration vessels.