Costada Voyager is a budget hotel chain found in stations across the Core Systems that is known for its consistent quality. It is a popular choice for personal accommodation aboard stations.[1]


Established by Emil Costada in the late 3250s, Costada Voyager promoted an independent management model that stood out for not relying on station administration for support and resources. The chain's pilot hotel was personally designed by Emil Costada, and over the next four decades he and his family opened eighty Voyager hotels, carefully ensuring each one met the expectation of consistent quality and service in the Federation, Empire, and Alliance. Emil's greatest achievement was being granted the license to open Voyager hotels in stations in Achenar.[1]

As of the 3300s, Costada Voyager remains a popular choice for personal accommodation aboard stations. The company is now managed by Emil's son Lucien with a new board of directors, and Lucien's son Emil II has risen to Director of Quality Control.[1]


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