The Council of Admirals is a military body comprised of six admirals that command the six largest naval forces in the Alliance.[1] The Council operates independently of the Council Members of the Alliance Assembly,[1] but the Assembly retains the power to approve who may join it,[2] and the Council is required to report to the Assembly after events to facilitate rapid decision-making.[1] Admirals on the Council have been appointed from the fleets of major Alliance member systems[1] such as Lave, Zaonce, and Tionisla.[3][4][2]

The Council also commands the entire Alliance Defence Force, a vast flotilla of ships contributed by each of the Alliance's member systems. The Council of Admirals is free to deploy the Defence Force without the approval of the Alliance Assembly, making it extremely powerful.[1][5] Members of the Council have the power to delegate command of their respective fleets to other individuals of their choice by decree, and such a decree cannot be overruled by the Council.[6] In the event that that the admiral of an ADF fleet is removed or incapacitated, the Council can take joint command of that fleet pending the admiral's return to duty or the appointment of a replacement.[7]

List of known members Edit

Current Edit

Name Rank ADF fleet jurisdiction
George Varma Admiral[3]
Hayley Sorokin Fleet Admiral[4]
Rachel Ziegler Admiral[8]
Tahir West Admiral[2] Tionisla

Former Edit

Name Rank ADF fleet jurisdiction
Frederick Yamamoto Admiral[4] Zaonce
Riri McAllister Rear Admiral[3] Lave
Tulimaq Buchanan Fleet Admiral[9] Lave

References Edit

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