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A Councillor, also called a Council Member, is a member of the Alliance Assembly. Councillors represent their member states during meetings of the Alliance Assembly in Parliament, which are conducted virtually in Garden City on Turner's World in Alioth.[1]

Councillors are elected by the people of the Alliance member states they represent. The electoral rules differ between member states due to their history and culture. The number of Councillors within the Alliance Assembly is based on the size of each member state's respective populations.[1][2]

The Councillors elect one of their number to serve as the Prime Minister of the Alliance. While they are not bound to vote in accordance with the majority views of their constituencies, most Councillors choose to do so regardless.[3] If there are major disputes in the Assembly, then the Councillors can cast a vote of no confidence against the incumbent Prime Minister at any time during their six-year term. If the vote passes, then the Prime Minister must resign and a new election is held.[1] The Councillors also appoint the members of the Council of Admirals,[4] and although the Council can take military action without the prior approval of the Assembly, it is still required to report on and account for its decisions to the Assembly afterwards.[1]

List of known Councillors


Name Constituency Other Titles/Positions
Ainsley Niven Reorte
Angela Corcoran Deputy Prime Minister
Edmund Mahon Diso Prime Minister
Jed Trager
Nakato Kaine Tionisla


Name Constituency Other Titles/Positions
Elijah Beck Leesti Head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations
Meredith Argent Alioth Prime Minister
Quinn Damico Aranbarahun