A country is a sovereign state with borders where people live, and where a government makes laws and interacts with other countries or entities. A country's government has groups of people that have sovereignty over an area of land and population. A country evolves from common customs, origins, and history of the people in the country.

In a democracy a government is elected by the people of a country, to represent and serve the people's interests. A national government is accountable to the people via elections and referendums. Government officials such as presidents and prime ministers can be elected and ousted by the people.

In the 34th century, countries are historical entities that don't exist anymore. All remaining countries on Earth joined and dissolved into the Federation which was formed circa 2242 AD.[1] The Federation's system of government with a constitution and representative democracy bears many similarities to Earth's historical democratic countries.[2]

Countries and the Federation

World War 3 (2044-2055 AD) was the worst war waged on Earth. It brought tremendous destruction across the planet and decimated the population. The governments and military alone didn't have the ability to repair the damage. Corporations stepped in to slowly rebuild human civilization and took upon many government tasks.[3]

The remaining countries that survived WW3 joined the dominant power, the United States of the Americas, in the following decades. It was renamed the Federation of the United States and finally the Federation so that it didn't prohibit the last countries from joining due to its connotation with a historical power.[3]

More than a millennia later, the Federation became a colossal entity, a galactic superpower, spanning thousands of star systems. The legacy of democratic countries carries on with the Federation's simplified constitution and laws that were derived from the historical powers. It has much influence of the United States Constitution.[4] In the 34th century, people find it hard to imagine that countries once existed and a time when humanity only lived on one planet, Earth.[5]


"In this modern age it’s hard for us to imagine that before the Federation, humanity existed on just a single world, bar a few small colonies on Mars and the Moon. Even stranger to our current experience was the fact that so many disparate tribal groupings, or ‘countries’ existed on one world."[2]

"The Federation arose from the ashes of the Third World War in the mid 21st century. The war caused tremendous devastation across the planet, decimating the population."[2]

"The Third World War saw this exploration expenditure dragged back again and it wasn't until the very end of the 21st century that colonies on Mars and the Moon became truly permanent and viable."[3]

"After the war, the dominant power was the United States of the Americas, and as the remaining other countries joined it over the next few decades, it was renamed the Federation of the United States and later "The Federation" as the implied reference to one of the pre-war powers was a block to the remaining countries joining it. It had a constitution and laws derived from the earlier powers, but much simplified."[3]


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