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A Crash Site is a type of Point of Interest that can be detected from orbit and accessed while On Foot or in a SRV.


Random encounters[]

Threat level 2 random Crash Sites contain a single destroyed Scarab, one container with Goods that will be marked stolen once retrieved, the Scarab's murdered driver, and a lone criminal guarding the site. Maintenance panels on the Scarab can be cut open with the Arc Cutter to scavenge Components, and the guard can be scanned with the Profile Analyser to obtained a Bounty Voucher.

Threat level 3 Crash Sites contain the same as the above, but after killing the criminal guard, a ship will arrive and deploy at least two additional hostiles.

Mission objectives[]

Threat level 2 mission Crash Sites contain a crashed Eagle MkII, at least three containers, and a group of seven criminals guarding the site. Missions that generate these sites involve retrieving a specific item from one of the containers.

Spawn Locations[]