Crime & Punishment is an in-game system to punish criminal behavior of players.

The Q1 update of Beyond brought multiple changes to the crime and punishment system. Notably, changes to how bounties and fines are handled by non-anarchic stations were implemented, alongside a notoriety statistic, bounties and fines being localised to ships instead of players, detention centres, and advanced tactical response (ATR).

Handling Crime

As of 3.0, all bounties and fines are local to the ship that the crime was committed in, instead of the player that committed them. Additionally, bounties no longer become dormant, meaning that ships with a bounty on them keep that bounty until it is claimed or paid off. Committing crimes in multicrew results in the fine or bounty being applied to your most valuable current ship.[1]

The notoriety statistic also exists as of 3.0, and is tied to the player instead of the ship. This statistic increases every time a player commits murder to a maximum notoriety score of 10, and decreases by one point every 2 hours of play time to a minimum of 0. It also decreases when the notorious player is killed. The notoriety score affects the rebuy costs of both the victim of the murder and the perpetrator, with the rebuy cost of the victim being lowered for every point of notoriety the perpetrator has, and vice versa for the perpetrator. Players cannot pay off ship bounties while their notoriety is not 0.

Players with an exceptionally high notoriety will warrant the deployment of the system's ATR, or Advanced Tactical Response unit. These are much more powerful than standard system security. The three superpowers have their own distinct ATR units, and all independent systems have separate ATR units.

While a player is piloting a ship with a bounty or fine attached, any stations in systems where their fines and bounties apply will only be available in anonymous access[1]. While accessing a station anonymously, some station services will be restricted, such as the commodity market, non-active missions, and outfitting. In order to access a station normally, the ship the commander is flying must be cleared of its fines and bounties, either at a station with the corresponding faction contacts are at a station with an interstellar factors contact.

Ships which gain bounties have all of their outfitting turn 'hot'[1]. 'Hot' modules cannot be installed on ships without a bounty, and installing clean modules on a wanted ship will turn them 'hot'. 'Hot' modules can be cleaned at 5% of their rebuy cost.

Players with bounties that are defeated by authorities will be forced to pay all their bounties, fines, and rebuy costs. Upon doing this, they are respawned at a detention centre megaship[1] (in a solo instance to prevent camping).

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