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The Crimson State Group is a Player Minor Faction based in the Lugh system. It specialises in working with the Background Simulation, and came to provenance when it achieved victory against Federation forces in the The War for Lugh in 3301. It currently controls 10 systems in the local area.

The player group was founded on the Elite Dangerous forum in a post[1] where user orfeboy (CMDR "Dirty" Fecker in-game) challenged the developers' premise that systems in the galaxy can be "flipped", in this case from Federation to Independent ownership.


The Crimson State Group traces its history back to when the planet Tír na Lugh was first populated by the Sons of Conn in the 23rd century by independent settlers from Ireland, Sol. There they practiced an updated form of Brehon Law[2], where the most worthy were chosen for leadership roles.

Soon after the settlement was founded, the Federation seized control, a move which the Sons of Conn called an occupation. After the rise of the Crimson State Group in the late 33rd century, the Lugh system was liberated at the end of The War for Lugh, known locally as The Great War, in 3301.