Crystalline Shards

These crystalline structures are created by large colonies of microorganisms.

— In-Game Description

Crystalline Shards are crystalline structures found on airless planets and moons. They are produced by colonies of microorganisms.


Crystalline Shards are organic structures that have recently been discovered in the Sanguineous Rim region and beyond. They grow on planets with volcanic activity that are located at least 12,000 LS from the main star. They produce Crystalline Clusters which, when shot from a SRV, drop high-grade materials matching the planet's composition. In other words, they drop the same material as Needle Crystals would in a volcanic site, but there are lots and lots of them. No need to hope for metallic meteorites! No RNG! Simply drive around, shooting and picking up the clusters until your material storage is full![1]

The catch? The closest known sites are 1,500 LY from Sol, in the Sanguineous Rim region. However, it can be worth it if you need to max out on several materials, or for new Commanders wanting to unlock Prof. Palin and stock up on some materials at the same time. To make this more generally useful we would need to complete the list of materials and hopefully find locations closer to the Bubble.[1]

Your Scarab SRV has the tools you will need once you're on the planet's surface, but remember to mount a Detailed Surface Scanner on your ship. It will make it much easier to find the exact positions of the biological and geological surface locations before you land.


System Planet Region Material Reported By
Oochost BH-J d10-0 B 1 e Sanguineous Rim Antimony Draco Mercator
Oochost BH-J d10-0 B 2 c Sanguineous Rim Tellurium Draco Mercator
Outotz LZ-O c19-4 C 4 b Sanguineous Rim Tellurium Draco Mercator
Byua Chraei YP-E d12-16 C 5 C Formorian Frontier Ruthenium Alphetto
Qaugneau FR-M d7-23 B 5 a Formorian Frontier Antimony Alphetto
Qaugneau FR-M d7-23 B 5 b Formorian Frontier Antimony Alphetto
Truechiae TG-J d10-2 B 11 b Formorian Frontier Antimony Alphetto
Outotz HD-J d9-3 B 8 d Sanguineous Rim Antimony SturmWaffel
Outotz HD-J d9-3 B 11 d Sanguineous Rim Antimony Submarino
Outotz KY-I d9-6 B 6 b Sanguineous Rim Tellurium Insects
Outotz CI-R c18-0 B 6 b Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Rhodann
Col 69 Sector PH-U c3-0 B 10 b Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Dan Cirinna
Oochorrs MU-M d8-14 B 9 b Sanguineous Rim Antimony Constvoid
Col 69 Sector BA-Z c0 B 4 a Sanguineous Rim Tellurium Vegetalo
Outotz PI-K d8-0 BC 2 a Sanguineous Rim Yttrium Firedens
Outotz LS-K d8-3 B 7 b Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Firedens
Outotz LS-K d8-3 B 5 a Sanguineous Rim Yttrium Maolagin
Outotz LS-K d8-3 B 5 c Sanguineous Rim Antimony Maolagin
Col 69 Sector GQ-Y d4 B 7 f Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Eadghe
Outotz IT-Z c13-2 B 9 b Sanguineous Rim Technetium Kerne1Panic
HD 69978 B 2 b a Sanguineous Rim Yttrium Tikigod
Trifid of the North Sector DL-Y e0 D 9 a Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Deltus Infinium
Oochoxt CD-E c1-0 B 1 c Sanguineous Rim Polonium Pipedream
Oochoxt CD-E c1-0 B 3 b Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Pipedream
NGC 2244 Sector CQ-O d6-29 B 4 a Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium Varonica
Pheia Ain IK-A d38 B 16 a Sanguineous Rim Tellurium Aleksej Hemulesha
Pheia Ain IK-A d38 B 16 b Sanguineous Rim Antimony Aleksej Hemulesha
Col 107 Sector XF-N d7-65 B 4 a Sanguineous Rim Polonium D-RockJumper
Gludgae GQ-V c16-6 B 3 d Sanguineous Rim Technetium Wyrwulf
Pyria Thua PW-N d6-2 B 3 b The Abyss Technetium caiOHawk
Blau Broae BC-D d12-59 B 4 a Formorian Frontier Ruthenium solaceindrkness
Slaiya GU-E c25-0 B 4 f The Abyss Antimony RulerOfTheFreeWorld
Dryu Airg DS-J d9-0 B 5 a Formidine Rift Technetium Jokonnoh
Dryu Airg IE-G d11-3 D 12 a Formidine Rift Ruthenium Jokonnoh
Schafaae VN-S d4-2 B 9 a Formidine Rift Antimony or Yttrium Jokonnoh
Schee Phio NU-R c7-16 BC 1 b Sanguineous Rim Technetium Rubicks
Schee Phio NU-R c7-16 BC 2 c Sanguineous Rim Antimony Rubicks
Flyue Flyiae UI-K c11-45 B 1 a The Conduit Tellurium yianniv
Flyue Flyiae TI-K c11-62 C 2 a The Conduit Antimony yianniv
Flyue Flyiae TI-K c11-47 BC 4 a The Conduit Antimony yianniv
Flyue Flyiae SN-K c11-40 B 5 b The Conduit Yttrium yianniv
HIP 36601 C 1 a Sanguineous Rim Polonium Draco Mercator
HIP 36601 C 1 d Sanguineous Rim Ruthenium MarcusSebeca
HIP 36601 C 3 b Sanguineous Rim Tellurium MarcusSebeca
HIP 36601 C 5 a Sanguineous Rim Technetium MarcusSebeca
Freetua ZL-J d10-49 B 7 a Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm Antimony Ashnak
Flyue Flyiae SX-L c10-1 BCD 6 e The Conduit Yttrium CirrusFlare
Flyue Flyiae SX-L c10-1 BCD 6 d The Conduit Tellurium CirrusFlare
Phrae Groa FG-W c18-20 B 1 a Outer Arm Technetium CirrusFlare
Phrae Groa PO-X d2-85 C 6 a Outer Arm Polonium CirrusFlare



  1. 1.0 1.1 This, fellow Commanders, is the Antimony Mother Lode!
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