Jaques is a cyborg bartender and station owner

A cyborg is a living organism with mechanical components such as mechanical prostheses and brain implants. They are partly organic and robot.

Cybernetic augmentation serves various purposes such as life support to repair and sustain an injured body, prosthetic replacements for lost body parts, and to enhance abilities beyond natural limitations.

A famous cyborg is Jaques. He's a bartender and the owner of Jaques Station.[1]

Timeline Edit

On 26 NOV 3301

  • The Revolutionary Noti Values Party announced that it intends to further improve the efficacy of its gastronomic labourers by implanting a comprehensive compendium of culinary knowledge directly into their cerebellums. A spokesperson for the organisation said: "By embedding this knowledge directly in a slave's brain, we can ensure total data integration and retention, which when combined with the slave's inherent culinary ability will result in unmatched gastronomic efficacy. These guys will be able to make a bacon sandwich fit for a king."[2]

References Edit

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