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Damage Falloff is a characteristic of all kinetic or thermal weapons in Elite Dangerous that reduces the damage of shots once they exceed a certain range. The Damage Falloff effect is linear: a weapon's shot does full damage up to the point that Damage Falloff begins, zero damage at the maximum limit of its range, and half damage at the midpoint between those two thresholds.

A weapon's effective range can be altered by Engineer modifications. Focused Weapon increases maximum range, Long Range Weapon increases maximum range and falloff starting point such that the weapon experiences no falloff at all, and Short Range Weapon decreases range (but not falloff starting point).

Damage Falloff ranges

Weapon Falloff Range (m)
Beam Laser 600
Burst Laser 500
Pulse Laser 500
Mining Laser 300
Multi-cannon 2000
Fragment Cannon 1800
Cannon Varies by class, same as range
Railgun 1000
Plasma Accelerator 2000