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The Data Link Scanner is an integrated scanner module used to scan and interact with active technology. It is installed by default on SRVs and Ships, and does not occupy an internal module compartment, have mass, or draw power.

On SRVs[]


The Data Link Scanner is a multipurpose scanner that provides cargo/bounty information on targets along with the ability to interface with automated systems and hack into systems. It functions like a Manifest Scanner or Kill Warrant Scanner in that it needs to be bound to a fire group/button to be used. When using it, first toggle into the Turret UI view, aim the turret at the data point/target and then initiate the scan. Alternatively, the scan may be initiated from the cockpit without entering turret mode, but it must be linked to a Fire Group in the right panel of the SRV HUD. Setting both the Dual Repeater and Data Link Scanner on the same fire group, with the Repeater on primary and the Scanner on secondary or vice versa is typically the simplest configuration. The scan will take several seconds to complete.

The controls option "Firing Deploys Hardpoints" does not need to be enabled, as the SRV's turret is deployed automatically once the SRV moves to a safe distance away from the ship. The turret UI view is only enabled when the turret is deployed.


The Data Link Scanner is used to interact with surface data points, such as those found in all Surface Scan missions, as well as interacting with crash site data points or Guardian and Thargoid devices. While prospecting for materials, Outcrops, Mesosiderite, Bronzite Chondrite, and Metallic Meteorites can all be scanned with the Data Link Scanner prior to shooting and collecting the materials released, although unlike prospecting with limpets, scanning the material sources does not cause an increase in materials dropped, nor does it provide further information about its contents.

On Ships[]

Data Link Scanners were added to ships as a default module in update 2.3 "The Commanders". They occupy a new module slot, have no mass, and cannot be removed, similar to the Planetary Approach Suite.


Once deployed, ship Data Link Scanners can be used like other utility scanners to interact with select targets. It can download logs from certain Installations and Megaships, including Generation ships, as well as scan Megaships to highlight points of interest such as Data Points, Automated Defence Turrets, Cargo Bays, Hackable Data Transmitters, and Comms Arrays.