Elite Dangerous Wiki

Data Point Intel Packages are large bundles of sensitive data gleaned by hacking through data networks on planets. They're stored in a vehicle's computer and may be handed over to one specific Major Faction for Credits, behaving much like bounty payouts for ground explorers.

They are gained by successfully scanning an entire set of Data points over the span of a point of interest, be it a tiny warehouse in the middle of nowhere (with only a single, possibly public data point) or a heavily guarded bunker complex with a strict time limit to find and reach all nodes before the security systems reset all connections.

A ground Commander's first brush with one of these likely happens during Planetary Scan missions, where accessing the target outpost's data tower nets an extra couple of thousand credits to pawn off.

They can be redeemed in the Contacts of the Starport Services menu in systems where the appropriate faction is present.