Turret Security Terminal

Generic Data Tower Model

Data towers are interactive objects located in Settlements, and can be interacted with using an SRV's Data Link Scanner. They are similar to, but seperate from, Data points; compared to a Data Point, Data Towers have a larger rotating 'tower' made up of several segments, with a toroidal 'hub' beneath it, all connected to a small base station.

Scanning a Data Tower with the Data Link Scanner can generate Encoded Materials, Data Point Intel Packages, and sometimes change various Settlement functions, depending on the type of Tower. They can be Private or Public.

Data Tower types include;

  • Skimmer Control Override: Hacking one of these towers will shut down all active Skimmers at the site and prevent more from spawning.
  • Turret Security Terminal: Disables turrets?[Needs verification]
  • Hub Access Terminal: Usually public. Seems to have no function when not a Mission Target.
  • Operations Terminal: Usually private. Generates an "Op-Net accessed" notice when hacked, but has no function when not a Mission Target.
  • Security Access: Usually private. Unknown function.