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Controls a limpet that removes caustic chemicals affecting a ship's hull, as well as applying a small amount of hull repair.

— In-Game Description

The Decontamination Limpet Controller is a type of Limpet Controller module that can program limpets to remove the caustic, damaging substance left by impacts from Thargoid Interceptor missiles. Decontamination Limpets can also partially restore a ship's hull, but are less effective than Repair Limpets.


Decontamination Limpets are a highly situational module, as caustic damage is mainly only a threat during anti-Thargoid combat, and can alternatively be removed by overheating the ship, though this latter process has obvious risks. Pilots tackling Thargoids in Wings will find it useful to have a support ship with Decontamination Limpets on hand, however, and the module's added hull repair effect means it is not strictly necessary to carry Repair Limpets at the same time.

Decontamination Limpets can also be useful when navigating a Thargoid Maelstrom before collecting the materials necessary to unlock Caustic Sink Launchers, as well as in removing leftover caustic substance after leaving the Maelstrom if caustic sinks have run out (though, again, that can also be removed by overheating the ship). Since Decontamination Limpets are part of the Xeno Multi Limpet Controller, it may be preferable to use that instead of multiple individual Limpet Controllers in order to equip more Hull Reinforcement Packages in those slots to improve survivability in the Maelstrom.

Notably, higher-grade controllers also remove caustic damage over time effects more quickly.

Class Repairs/Second Active Time
1 1 30s
3 2 35s
5 3 40s
7 4 45s


Limpets controlled by this module are a variant of the standard Hull Repair Limpet. Capable of not only cleaning off hull-corrosive (caustic) chemicals from a ship's outer hull, but also adminstering a limited amount of repair in the process. This task takes an amount of time, during which both vessels must remain within a set distance of each other. Any external damage to the affected vessel will cancel the process immediately.

— Additional In-Game Details

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Max Active Limpets Target Range (m) Limpet Repair Capacity Value (CR)
1 E 1.30 24 0.18 1 600 30 3,600
3 E 2.00 51 0.20 2 880 70 16,200
5 E 20.00 96 0.50 3 1,300 120 145,800
7 E 128.00 157 0.97 4 2,040 180 1,312,200

Engineer Modifications[]

There are currently no Engineer modification options for the Decontamination Limpet Controller.

Purchase Locations[]

Class Rating System Station Notes
All E Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial 10% discount
All E Brestla i Sola Prospect 20% surcharge
1, 3, 5 E Merope Alcazar's Hope
1, 3, 5 E Wolf 718 Lounge Barracks
1, 3, 5 E Kamuy Low Bastion
1, 3, 5 E Mazu Windt Arsenal
1, 3, 5 E Wangal Resnik Lab
1, 3, 5 E Eta Cassiopeiae Kessel Silo
1, 3, 5 E Bok Baxter Silo
1, 3, 5 E Hyldekagati Chaudhary Silo