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{{Quote|Toughened FSD power conduits and a reinforced charging field increase the amount of fuel injected when charging, allowing larger jumps at the cost of increased power draw.|In-Game Description}}
Glory to F Type Stars!
'''Deep Charge''' is an [[Experimental Effect]] which can be applied to [[Frame Shift Drive]]s. It increases maximum fuel consumption per jump to boost overall jump range, but increases power draw.
Deep Charge is most beneficial for Class 4 and lower [[FSD]]s; for Class 5 and higher [[FSD]]s, [[Mass Manager]] is more suitable. It is recommended for explorers and ships with low jump range.
== Applicability ==
The effect is available for the following modules:
*[[Frame Shift Drive]]
== Materials Required ==
* 5x [[Atypical Disrupted Wake Echoes]]
* 3x [[Galvanising Alloys]]
* 1x [[Eccentric Hyperspace Trajectories]]
[[Category:Engineer Upgrades]]

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Glory to F Type Stars!

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