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Defence Turrets are automated projectile or laser weapon emplacements with considerable firepower. Too large and energy-draining to be installed on most ships, Defence Turrets are typically used to provide protection for Stations, Surface Port, Megaships, and Fleet Carriers.

Space Defence Turrets[]

One type of Defence Turret is used as an anti-ship weapon to protect space-based structures. These formidable weapons are capable of reducing even the most powerful ships to smoldering wreckage in seconds. Pilots targeted by these weapons have little choice but to try and escape their targeting range, but in most cases they will not have enough time to do so.



A Station Defence Turret inside a Starport Access Corridor

Station Defence Turrets are incredibly lethal and shoot any ship that violates station regulations. They are used by Starports, Asteroid Bases, Flight Operations Carrier Megaships, and Fleet Carriers. The warning "Loitering is a crime" is printed on their exteriors. Some of these turrets are equipped with special anti-shield lasers that act like the Reverberating Cascade Experimental Effect, allowing them to damage a ship's Shield Generator directly and bypass any Module Reinforcement Packages in the process.

MK IV Weapons Platform[]

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A MK IV Weapons Platform with a Defence Turret visible on the underside

The MK IV Weapons Platform is a small satellite equipped with two Defence Turrets that is manufactured by the Brewer Corporation. The MK IV is used to protect Outposts and Installations.

Surface Defence Turrets[]

A variety of Defence Turrets are used to defend Surface Ports and Settlements. Unlike other Defense Turrets, these are vulnerable to weapons fire and can be disabled, but to counter this they have the ability to self-repair even after being knocked out. Surface Defence Turrets have small signatures that make them difficult to detect with ship Sensors outside a ~350 meter radius, leaving SRVs as the primary means of disabling them.


Ground based defense turret anti-srv version

An Anti-Ground Defence Turret

Anti-Ground Defence Turrets are used to guard Settlements against intruding SRVs and other ground-based threats. They appear to use kinetic cannons or plasma repeaters to engage threats, rather than lasers, and their engagement range is ~300 meters. An SRV can lock onto them from outside their range and destroy them without being fired upon in return.


Ground based defence turret anti-ship version

An Anti-Air Defence Turret

Anti-Air Defence Turrets are primarily used to protect Settlements and Surface Ports from hostile ships and Ship-Launched Fighters, but they can also target SRVs. They feature powerful pulse or burst lasers. While a single Anti-Air turret is not especially dangerous, larger Settlements possess defensive grids with multiple turrets, and their combined firepower can be enough to quickly down small ships or drain the shields of larger ones.

Defence Platform[]


A Defence Platform with an SRV for scale

A Defence Platform is a large Defence Turret that sits atop a short tower on the perimeter of Settlements and Surface Ports. They fire massive kinetic slugs at intruding ships, alternating between barrels for sustained firepower that can rapidly wear down any intruder. The sensor range of a Defence Platform differs depending on the site's security level and the platform's exact location relative to that site. Defence Platforms at a low security site will issue a trespassing warning at ~728 meters. Defence Platforms at a medium security site will issue a trespassing warning at ~1.6 kilometers.