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Degraded Emissions are a type of signal source, and are one of the most common signal types found anywhere. Even unpopulated systems will occasionally spawn Degraded Emissions.

Degraded Emissions can act as the mission site for various types of Recovery mission (e.g. Black Box, Rare Artwork).

Signal Contents

Degraded Emissions can generate different content:

  • A debris field resulting from a ship's destruction, containing any of the following:
  • Escape pods or survey data caches. These usually appear in uninhabited systems and away from the bubble. Large and small survey data caches consume the same amount of cargo space (1T), and only differ in their value.
  • Unknown Probe. These only spawn in the sphere of influence around Ammonia planets near the Pleiades Nebula. They are identified with threat level 2, but do not contain any hostiles.
  • Mission Salvage. If acting as the mission site for a Recovery mission, the site will include the requested items and potentially additional miscellaneous items. These sites can occasionally spawn with a threat rating - when this happens, a group of pirates will jump in shortly after arrival and proceed to attack. When flying an Anaconda, the pirate wave will typically be one larger ship (such as an Anaconda, Fer-de-Lance, etc.) backed up by 3-5 smaller ships like Sidewinders and Eagle MkIIs.

Spawn Locations

Degraded Emissions can appear in any inhabited systems and in nearby uninhabited systems.