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Delphi, previously designated Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 until December 11, 3304, is an independent system near the Pleiades Nebula in the Inner Orion Spur. It is the primary base of operations for the Aegis Research division of Aegis, a multinational initiative founded by scientists from the Federation, Empire, and Alliance to study and develop countermeasures against the Thargoids. Aegis Research's headquarters is Donar's Oak. The system is a hotbed of Thargoid activity; the wreckage of various Megaships lies strewn across the system, and The Oracle even suffered an attack on December 14, 3303. The Sentinel, a Military Installation, was completed on June 28, 3304 to provide a defense against external military incursions.

On May 24, 3307, it was reported that The Oracle, one of several starports recently attacked by the Thargoids over the collection of Guardian artefacts that had been amassed aboard the Alexandria, had at one point lost its alignment thrusters and nearly plummeted to the surface of Delpi 5 a, which would have killed the thousands of people aboard. A similar problem was also experienced at other damaged starports. Fortunately, station engineers resolved the cascading systems failure that had endangered The Oracle, and all of the affected starports were restored to stable orbits. Fearing this could be a new Thargoid tactic, station staff across the galaxy rushed to address the design vulnerability before it could be exploited again.[1]

System Layout

  • Delphi (Class F star)
    • Delphi 1 (Metal-rich body)
    • Delphi A Belt
    • Delphi 2 (Class III gas giant, pristine reserves)
    • Delphi 3 (High metal content world)
    • Delphi 4 (Class Y brown dwarf)
      • Delphi 4 a (Icy body)
    • Delphi 5 (Class Y brown dwarf)
      • Delphi 5 a (Landfall world, rocky)
        • The Oracle (Orbis Station)
      • Delphi 5 b (Rocky body)
      • Delphi 5 c (Rocky ice world)
    • Delphi 6 (Terrestrial ammonia world)
      • The Sentinel (Installation)

Minor Factions

  • Aegis Research (Cooperative, Independent)
  • Cooper Research Associates (Democracy, Alliance)
  • Galaxy Rangers (Cooperative, Independent)
  • I.P.S.A.L Project (Corporate, Independent)
  • Janus Incorporated (Corporate, Independent)
  • Rational Logistics (Corporate, Independent)
  • Sirius Inc (Democracy, Independent)