Delta Pavonis
Delta Pavonis System Map
Controlling FactionDelta Pavonis Vision Services
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
Economy typeRefinery (Colony, Extraction)
PowerFelicia Winters vector Felicia Winters
TypeExploited system

Only just sustaining life, the indigenous life forms on this arid planet are very hardy

— In-Game Description

History Edit

Following the settlement of Tau Ceti, other colonies followed soon after. Delta Pavonis, Beta Hydri and Altair were all explored and settled between 2190 and 2230, and an uncontrolled expansion followed with corporations and all sorts of groups of private individuals heading off into the stars. There was a 'wild west gold rush' atmosphere to it all, as news of vast tracts of land, huge wealth, giant dinosaur-like beasts, and heroic acts filtered back to Earth, with the romance of the process causing many to want to leave the mother planet.[1]

In 2182, fragile indigenous life, still at an early stage of its evolution, was discovered in the Delta Pavonis system and through a bacteriological accident, completely wiped out in the same year. When further alien ecologies were discovered in the Beta Hydri and Altair systems, and with the failure of the project to terraform Mars, it looked like humanity would bring the cosmos to its knees, much as it had managed to do to its own planet.[2]

However, the 23rd century saw new leadership and initiative. The Earth Environmental Recovery Programme to restore the polluted and radioactive regions of the planet was much more successful.[3] 

The renewed sense of purpose this strategy brought to the planet extended outwards to the interstellar colonies. Agreements were reached with Beta Hydri and Altair. In exchange for further self-determination each system agreed to maintain and preserve the natural habitats of indigenous life in their star systems. Shortly after this, Delta Pavonis also agreed to act with restraint should any further life be discovered in the system.[4]  

Following the conflict in 2240 between Earth and Taylor Colony, Delta Pavonis was one of the founding systems to sign the Federal Accord in 2242.[5]  

System LayoutEdit

  • Delta Pavonis (class G star)
    • Camp Mitterand (Rocky body)
      • Vardeman Terminal
      • Wallace Horizons
    • Suzuki Reward (Rocky body)
      • Bouch Holdings
      • Daimler Settlement
      • Deere Holdings
      • Hooper Relay (Coriolis station)
    • Reagan's Legacy (Earth-like world)
      • Schneider Orbiter (Coriolis station)
    • Delta Pavonis 4 (Class II gas giant)
      • Stephenson Orbital (Outpost station)
      • Gold (Rocky body)
        • Burckhardt Point
        • Ejeta Relay
        • Chorel Keep
    • Delta Pavonis 5 (Class I gas giant)


  • Notes about the system.
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