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Only just sustaining life, the indigenous life forms on this arid planet are very hardy.

— In-Game Description

Delta Pavonis is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It was first colonised between 2190 and 2230.[1] Alongside Sol, Tau Ceti, Altair, and Beta Hydri, it was one of the original signatories of the Federal Accord of 2242 and is regarded as a founding member of the Federation.


Founding the Federation

Following the settlement of Tau Ceti, other colonies followed soon after. Delta Pavonis, Beta Hydri and Altair were all explored and settled between 2190 and 2230, and an uncontrolled expansion followed with corporations and all sorts of groups of private individuals heading off into the stars. There was a "wild west gold rush" atmosphere to it all, as news of vast tracts of land, huge wealth, giant dinosaur-like beasts, and heroic acts filtered back to Earth, with the romance of the process causing many to want to leave the mother planet.[1]

In 2182, fragile indigenous life, still at an early stage of its evolution, was discovered in the Delta Pavonis system and through a bacteriological accident, completely wiped out in the same year. When further alien ecologies were discovered in the Beta Hydri and Altair systems, and with the failure of the project to terraform Mars, it looked like humanity would bring the cosmos to its knees, much as it had managed to do to its own planet.[2]

However, the 23rd century saw new leadership and initiative. The Earth Environmental Recovery Programme to restore the polluted and radioactive regions of the planet was much more successful.[3] The renewed sense of purpose this strategy brought to the planet extended outwards to the interstellar colonies. Agreements were reached with Beta Hydri and Altair. In exchange for further self-determination each system agreed to maintain and preserve the natural habitats of indigenous life in their star systems. Shortly after this, Delta Pavonis also agreed to act with restraint should any further life be discovered in the system.[4] Following the conflict in 2240 between Earth and Taylor Colony, Delta Pavonis became one of the original five signatories of the Federal Accord and a founding member of the Federation in 2242.[5]

The Delta Pavonis conference

Delta Pavonis remained a loyal member of the Federation until August 12, 3307, when the independent Autocracy of Delta Pavonis pushed the Federation-aligned minor faction Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar out of power. On September 17, 3307, Grand Duke Simion Petrescu, the leader of the Autocracy of Delta Pavonis, permitted the Federation and the EG Pilots to send delegations to present proposals for his faction to join them. The Federation sent Ambassador Delphine Dumont of the Federal Diplomatic Corps aboard the megaship Freedom's Foundation, while Dictator Yuri Grom of the EG Pilots decided to attend the conference in-person and traveled on the Indomitable. The negotiations, which would be the first time Federal officials diplomatically engaged with Grom since his defection from the Federal Navy in 3301, were to take place in Kessler City on the planet Reagan's Legacy.[6]

Unexpectedly, Dumont and Grom developed a rapport over the course of the conference, and on September 24 it was reported that a possible compromise deal was in the works that would allow the Autocracy of Delta Pavonis to remain independent, while permitting the Federation and EG Pilots to share trade and political ties with it.[7] On September 30, however, undercover Federal agents suddenly detained Grom's delegation at gunpoint. Grom was only able to escape from Kessler City thanks to the sacrifice of his personal guards, and when he arrived aboard the Indomitable he found his forces already under assault from Federal ships deployed by Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar. President Zachary Hudson confirmed that the Federation had attempted to capture or eliminate Grom, who was still considered a traitor and a threat to Federal security. Grand Duke Petrescu issued a statement denying his faction's involvement in the Federal plot.[8] The Federal Diplomatic Corps denounced Hudson's violation of the conventions of diplomatic immunity on October 4, 3307, with Ambassador Dumont insisting she had no foreknowledge of the entrapment plot and extending Grom a personal apology.[9]

The battle in Delta Pavonis concluded on October 7, 3307 with the EG Union's dramatic boarding and capture of the Freedom's Foundation megaship, signaling a decisive victory for Yuri Grom over the Federation. In a show of mercy, Grom granted the surviving Federal troops and crewmembers safe passage out of the system, but he also issued a direct warning to President Hudson that the ambush would not be forgotten.[10]

System Layout

  • Delta Pavonis (Class G Star)
    • Camp Mitterand (Rocky body)
      • Vardeman Terminal (Settlement)
      • Wallace Horizons (Settlement)
    • Suzuki Reward (Rocky body)
    • Reagan's Legacy (Earth-like World)
      • Schneider Orbiter (Coriolis Starport)
      • Freedom's Foundation (Megaship)
      • Indomitable (Megaship)
    • Delta Pavonis 4 (Class II gas giant)
      • Stephenson Orbital (Outpost)
      • Gold (Rocky body)
        • Burckhardt Point (Settlement)
        • Ejeta Relay (Settlement)
        • Chorel Keep (Settlement)
    • Delta Pavonis 5 (Class I gas giant)

Minor Factions

  • Autocracy of Delta Pavonis (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar (Corporate, Federation)
  • Delta Pavonis Jet Family (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Delta Pavonis Vision Services (Corporate, Federation)
  • EG Union (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Liberals of Delta Pavonis (Democracy, Federation)
  • Monarchy of Luyten 205-128 (Feudal, Independent)
  • Partnership of Stopover (Confederacy, Federation)


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