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What disgusts me? That's a perceptive question. By asking it, you reveal that you consider me a man of taste. If you had asked me what I hated, I'm not sure I could have hidden my disappointment at such a banal question. But disgust? That deserves an answer.
It is jealousy that most disgusts me. It's such a petty, self-defeating emotion. I see it every day. Most men look at me and think, "I want what he has." Perhaps one in a thousand thinks, "How can I achieve what he achieved?" He's not jealous - he's motivated. Who knows, we might work together one day. But most men are not like that. They have the desire, but not the initiative. It's like a dog watching you eat and wishing he was a human.
And that's the tragic thing about jealous people. They think they hate me, but really they hate themselves. Because deep in their hearts they know they're too lazy to fight for their dreams.

— Denton Patreus, A Fireside Chat with Serena, 3302[1]

Denton Patreus is Admiral of the Fleet of the Empire and the Senator of Eotienses. He is a controversial figure, admired by many Imperials for his wealth, influence, and charisma, but resented elsewhere across the galaxy for his ruthless use of loans to ensnare whole star systems into debt and then strong-arm them under the control of his various corporations. Few are capable of standing up to Patreus's manipulative tactics, however, as he is not only one of the most politically powerful figures in the Empire, but he commands one of the most formidable private military fleets in all of human-colonised space.

Following the coronation of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval in late 3301, some observers have come to consider Senator Patreus to be the Emperor's sword, an aggressive defender of the Empire and its values who is willing to take both credit and blame for actions that might be distasteful for Emperor Arissa to undertake herself. He was awarded with the position of Admiral of the Fleet for his dogged pursuit of Emperor's Dawn between 3301 and 3302, and he fended off an insurrection against Emperor Arissa by brutally crushing Nova Imperium in 3305. Patreus keeps any personal ambitions to himself, but it has been speculated on several occasions that he may desire to become Emperor one day based on statements made during both the succession crisis that followed the assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval, and his short-lived romance with Princess Aisling Duval.



Little is publicly known of Denton Patreus's early years. He was born in Eotienses in 3253, the scion of an influential Imperial bloodline that stretched all the way back to Isabelle Patreus, the chief botanist of the expedition that colonised Eotienses in 2288 and the namesake of the city of Port Isabelle on Eotienses A 3. He presumably inherited the position of Senator of Eotienses from his mother or father. By the onset of the 34th century, Senator Patreus commanded a level of power, wealth, and military strength surpassed only by Senators Arissa Lavigny of Facece and Zemina Torval of Synteini.[2] On December 18, 3300, Patreus announced that the tax rate on all citizens within his domain would be reduced to zero, not only earning him the praise of his constituents, but signalling the vastness of his finances.[3]

The Imperial succession crisis

The royal succession became the focus of Imperial politics in late 3300, when the chronically-ill Emperor Hengist Duval declared his only son, Prince Harold Duval, to be ineligible to succeed him, thereby leaving no clear heirs. Senator Arissa Lavigny became the frontrunner for the Imperial throne after being revealed as Hengist's illegitimate daughter and receiving the title of Princess Arissa Lavigny-Duval, but her illegitimacy hampered her bid. So, too, with Princess Aisling Duval, the eldest daughter of Prince Harold, but born out of wedlock and considered too unorthodox due to her vocal support for abolishing Imperial Slavery. Senator Patreus appeared to be laying the groundwork for his own bid for the throne on December 21, 3300, when he opined in a speech before key Imperial business leaders that the succession should be determined by popularity rather than bloodline, a position subsequently endorsed by Senator Zemina Torval.[4][5][1] Arissa then undermined the speculation Patreus had stirred by positioning herself as the "continuity ticket" and aligning with Chancellor Anders Blaine. The Chancellor's endorsement of Arissa on January 3, 3301, coupled with the imminent marriage of Hengist and Arissa's mother, Florence Lavigny, appeared to settle the contest in her favor.[6] Senator Lavigny-Duval's apparent victory was short-lived, as Emperor Hengist fell into a coma on January 18, 3301, postponing the royal wedding and once again throwing the Imperial succession into uncertainty.[7] The following day, Senator Patreus demanded that Chancellor Blaine clarify how long the Senate would have to wait before setting the succession process into motion, as it was impossible to predict how long Hengist's coma would last or whether he would ever recover.[8]

By March 3301, Senator Patreus had begun a much-publicised courtship of Princess Aisling Duval, seen as another attempt to curry popularity and enhance his potential candidacy for the Imperial throne.[1] Hints of their relationship were first reported on March 12. Although Aisling was not considered a serious contender in the succession, Patreus tying himself to her boosted his own standing substantially and gave him the opportunity to poach senators from the bloc supporting Chancellor Blaine, a necessary step if Patreus wanted to be elected Emperor by the Senate.[9] Patreus also stepped up his efforts to trigger the succession process by demanding Blaine release the still-comatose Emperor Hengist's medical records.[10] Blaine rejected the request on March 14, citing national security, and affirmed that the succession would not begin unless Hengist's condition worsened.[11] Meanwhile, Patreus continued dating Aisling, appearing with her in public on several occasions. The pair traveled to Facece on March 20 for a shopping trip,[12] were spotted having dinner on Capitol on April 13 before departing aboard Patreus's flagship, the INV Imperial Freedom, for Eotienses,[13] and attended a Capitol charity gala raising money to develop a cure for dementia on April 22.[14] Patreus and the Princess's public appearances dwindled over subsequent weeks, but their relationship reportedly continued at least through July 5, when Patreus declared the Rishair system a military preparation site to invoke legal measures to quell anti-slavery protests led by Aisling's supporters; it was observed that Aisling refrained from speaking out against her supporters' removal from Rishair.[15]

The succession situation took an unexpected turn in April 3301 when an assassination attempt on Emperor Hengist was discovered and narrowly prevented.[16] Investigations by Chancellor Blaine and Princess Arissa identified the assassin's financial backers as the leaders of a chapter of Emperor's Grace, a pro-Patreus group.[17][18] On May 1, 3301, Patreus firmly rebutted accusations from Arissa that Emperor's Grace was in any way involved in treason and attempted regicide, going so far as to claim the Princess wanted to smear his reputation and clear her path to the Imperial throne. Patreus's vociferous remarks appeared to bring sufficient pressure to bear to secure the release of the arrested Emperor's Grace members into his custody.[19]

Emperor Hengist finally awakened from his coma on July 14, 3301, and his health rapidly recovered.[20] The Emperor made a speech before the Senate on July 18 in which he called for unity in the Empire and announced that preparations for his wedding with Florence Lavigny would resume.[21] The fractious power-brokering in the Senate over the succession gave way to an atmosphere of cooperation. Senator Patreus delivered his own speech to the Senate on July 30 affirming his steadfast support of the Emperor. Although his speech was well-received, it was whispered that his campaign for the Imperial throne had fallen behind both Arissa and Aisling even before Hengist's recovery, and Patreus now sought to present himself a kingmaker whose support would determine which of the princesses would ascend.[22] Some observers further speculated that Patreus's campaign had been doomed from the start, and the idea that an Emperor could be crowned from any bloodline other than the Duvals had proven to be inherently unpopular among the wider Imperial populace.[2]

Emperor's Dawn and counter-insurgency efforts

Emperor Hengist Duval was stabbed to death on August 5, 3301, shortly before his wedding ceremony with Florence Lavigny was to begin. His assassin was Brendan Paul Darius, a member of the radical Emperor's Dawn movement and a high-ranking official within Senator Denton Patreus's entourage. The assassination of the Emperor meant that it was no longer possible to legitimise Arissa Lavigny-Duval has his heir-apparent, throwing the Imperial succession back into contention. Unfortunately for Patreus, his association with Brendan Paul Darius tainted him in the eyes of the public despite his cooperation with the investigation, with many assuming that the senator was directly involved in the assassination.[23][24] A video of the assassination released by an independent newsfeed on August 9 appeared to confirm that Patreus was unaware of Darius' intentions, but this did not stop citizens from jumping to conclusions and harassing the senator in public. After a crowd attempted to stop Patreus from entering the Hall of Martyrs for a viewing of the Emperor's body on August 13, Senator Zemina Torval spoke out in Patreus's defence and dismissed the accusations that he had any part in the Emperor's murder as ludicrous.[25][26][27]

Patreus made progress in redeeming his image by August 27, as he embarked on a military campaign to eradicate Emperor's Dawn. Not only did Senator Torval order her supporters to assist Patreus's forces in a show of solidarity, but Florence Lavigny joined the chorus of Senate heavyweights proclaiming Patreus's innocence.[28] Emperor's Dawn cells found in Dakshmandi and Maausk were set upon by Patreus troops on September 11. However, victory did not come as quickly or easily as Patreus had predicted, as Emperor's Dawn's forces swelled with mercenaries and insurgents who were opposed to the Empire and sought to use the conflict to weaken it.[29][30]

The Imperial Senate began the closed session to elect the next Emperor on September 21, 3301. Arissa Lavigny-Duval still enjoyed the backing of Chancellor Blaine, but the debate shifted solidly in her favour on September 25, when Senator Patreus publicly announced that he would cast his vote for her: "Many of my loyal followers have said that I would be a suitable candidate for Emperor, and I am flattered and deeply honoured that they hold me in such high regard. To them I say that I will be happy to work with whoever is declared Emperor. Were it up to me, then the choice would be simple. My vote goes to one whom, but for the cruellest of murders, would already occupy the throne. It goes to my esteemed fellow senator, Arissa Lavigny-Duval." On September 28, Senator Torval also sided with Arissa, and Princess Aisling's support had eroded in the wake of revelations that one of her key advisors, Patron Damon Clarke, had supplied weapons to Emperor's Dawn. By October 5, the day of the succession vote, Arissa was the only viable candidate for the throne who was left untarnished.[31][32][33][34]

Purging Nova Imperium

Patreus was quick to express his disapproval of Nova Imperium, a hardliner Imperial organisation that emerged in late 3304 and supported traditionalism, isolationism as a defensive measure against the Thargoids, and the replacement of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval with Hadrian Augustus Duval, who was a previously unknown grandson of Emperor Hengist Duval. In response to a November 9, 3304 broadcast from Nova Imperium's leader, Imperator Kaeso Mordanticus, the senator bluntly described Nova Imperium as seditious and warned the Imperator against advancing his agenda.[35] When the Imperator, emboldended by Emperor Arissa's seeming inaction, ordered his followers to assemble in the Paresa system on January 5, 3305, Patreus acted in his capacity as Admiral of the Fleet and ordered Nova Imperium to disperse, and after that failed, he sent in the forces of the Yupini Limited faction to defeat the isolationists' illegal armada on January 10.[36][37] What came to be known as the Battle of Paresa concluded on January 17 in a decisive rout of Nova Imperium.[38]

Imperator Mordanticus was captured and brought before the Imperial Senate on Capitol on January 25 to answer to the Emperor herself for his crimes. Unexpectedly, Senator Patreus personally executed Mordanticus with his sidearm, and the Imperial Guard began gunning down any senators who had expressed support for Nova Imperium. Mass arrests and public executions Of Nova Imperium sympathisers were reported across Capitol and the Empire in an apparent purge. It was further rumoured that Nova Imperium strongholds were being eliminated from within by Patreus's covert agents.[39] The next day, Nova Imperium had been effectively eradicated from everywhere in the Empire except Paresa, where surviving remnants of the group coalesced under the leadership of a new Imperator, Hadrian Augustus Duval. It turned out that the Emperor had been biding her time to allow Senator Patreus to sow his agents among Nova Imperium cells in preparation for a simultaneous strike. Despite the violence of the purge, commentators acknowledged that it had been extremely effective in silencing the Emperor's detractors.[40]

Bane of the Marlinists

Following a series of starport bombings and the assassination of Prince Harold Duval carried out by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, a terrorist group that desired to restore the Empire into the Republic of Achenar and eliminate the Imperial Family, Patreus quickly obtained approval from the Senate for several new counter-terrorism initiatives on September 17, 3306.[41] Similar to the approach he used to uproot Nova Imperium, Patreus planned to arrest and interrogate all supporters of Marlinism within the Empire in an effort to identify members of the NMLA and dismantle the organisation. On September 30, the senator mobilised the Imperial military, placed the Marlinist bastions of Ackwada, Beatis, Chana, and Nahuatl under martial law, and began arresting potential NMLA sympathisers en masse.[42] His heavy-handed tactics provoked an exodus of millions of Marlinists from Imperial space. On October 16, mid criticism from Marlinist community leaders such as Dr. Jenna Fairfax, Patreus likened Neo-Marlinism to an infection that must be cleansed from the Empire entirely, no matter the cost.[43]

The Marlinist refugee crisis resulted in hundreds of millions of Marlinists seeking sanctuary in Federal systems. When the Imperial Internal Security Service demanded the refugees' return so they could be interrogated, they were firmly rebuffed. As tensions escalated over the refugee issue, President Zachary Hudson pushed for the expansion of the Federal Navy and the construction of new Farragut-Class Battle Cruisers on November 26. Senator Patreus countered this only hours later with a similar initiative to construct Majestic-Class Interdictors.[44] He followed this up the next day by ordering the withdrawal of Imperial funding from Aegis, demonstrating the short period of cooperation between the superpowers could be at an end. In approving the withdrawal, the Senate concurred with Patreus's argument that Thargoid activity had tapered off recently, and the Federation and NMLA presented much more immediate threats.[45]

Eventually, Sirius Corporation intervened to resolve the international crisis and proposed resettling the Marlinist refugees in new colonies in unclaimed systems. After the Senate obtained assurances that any NMLA members identified among the refugees would be turned over to the Empire, it approved the plan, and the Marlinist Colonies were founded in January 3307.[46][47] While the NMLA remained active, the peaceful resolution of the refugee crisis averted war between the superpowers, and paved the way for the Galactic Summit in February and March of 3307. Senator Patreus attended the event with the Imperial delegation, but refused to acknowledge any member of the delegation sent by the Marlinist Colonies, a sign that he still harbored a complete disapproval of Marlinism.[48][49] By this time, however, Patreus's preferred solutions to Imperial dissidents had fallen out of favor with Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, who had months earlier granted her approval for official reconciliation with Nova Imperium and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval. When the NMLA carried out its largest attack yet, the Nine Martyrs bombings of March 11, 3307, Chancellor Anders Blaine rebuked Patreus's subsequent proposal to arrest all known Marlinists as collaborators, explaining that the Emperor had come to consider the senator's tactics to be counter-productive.[50]

Forced to limit the scope of his anti-NMLA operations, Patreus next took charge of the Imperial effort to subjugate the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, a pro-NMLA faction based in the Imperial system of Mudhrid that the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit had confirmed was responsible for providing the logistical support for Nine Martyrs. On April 1, he ordered the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group to engage the Neo-Marlinists and "take revenge for the 'Nine Martyrs' atrocities."[51] The military strike was successful in culling the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid's forces, but its leader, the Landgrave Arastin Delacroix evaded capture and then escaped to the Marlinist Colonies with his inner circle aboard the megaship Steel Majesty on April 16. Patreus called for Delacroix to be turned over on the grounds that he was a traitor and a war criminal, but an agreement was eventually reached to allow the Landgrave and his supporters to be imprisoned in the Marlinist Colonies in exchange for cooperating fully with ACT's investigation into the NMLA.[52][53]


18 JAN 3308

25 NOV 3307

  • *Pilots' Federation ALERT*
    The Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid and the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group have declared war in the Mudhrid system. The Steel Majesty megaship is serving as the base of the Neo-Marlinist forces. These include many surviving NMLA terrorist cells that gathered to overtake the vessel from the Marlinist Colonies. Also in the system is the Far God cult megaship Sacrosanct, where the NMLA's de facto leader Theta Seven and the remnants of Theta Group have been in hiding for months. They recently took control of the vessel and are holding thousands of cultists hostage. The Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid have offered a uniquely augmented enzyme missile rack to its highest contributors if certain objectives are met. Margrave Corentin Delacroix broadcast a call to arms: "All those who seek to topple the Duval dictators must fight alongside us here and now. Neo-Marlinism has no future unless its believers defend it." The Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group is orchestrating its campaign from Payne-Scott City starport. Senator Denton Patreus has requested that Imperial auxiliaries provide the faction with combat support. ACT's co-leader Captain Saskia Landau stated: "The NMLA clearly places huge value on Theta Seven's ability to produce caustic enzyme weapons, and has risked concentrating in large numbers to defend him. If he can transfer to the Steel Majesty and escape, the threat of further atrocities like the Nine Martyrs bombings will remain high."[55]

01 SEP 3307

  • Alliance and Imperial leaders have responded to the recent wave of Federal systems declaring independence. Eight factions have now severed ties with the Federation, in response to government surveillance of all private and public communications. In an interview with The Alliance Tribune, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran remarked: "The Proactive Detection Bureau's intrusive nature has caused millions of people to rightfully demand self-rule. President Hudson should be fearful that history might view him as the Federation's first dictator." Senator Denton Patreus's comments were featured by Eye on Achenar: "Of course the Federation's factions are turning against it. The arrogance and corruption of its leaders will inevitably cause it to rot from within. We can expect to see it dissolve into chaos before long." Federal newsfeed Sol Today published a response by Vice President Jerome Archer: "Both the Alliance and Empire have chosen a reactionary approach to terrorism, whereas the Federation has made great strides in intelligence-gathering and preventative action. I'm confident that the Proactive Detection Bureau will come to be accepted as one of the galaxy's greatest innovations."[56]

28 JUN 3307

  • A proposal for the Empire to formally open diplomatic relations with the Marlinist Colonies has been made by Senator Lorcan Scordato. The eight systems are populated by ex-Imperial citizens who fled to avoid persecution for their beliefs in Marlinism, which advocates democratic representation. Returning from a fact-finding mission to the colonies, Senator Scordato told the Senate: "The Marlinist community is primarily focused on peaceful co-existence alongside the Empire, rather than trying to reform the Republic of Achenar. And now that Minister Aaron Whyte speaks for the Neo-Marlinists, we have an opportunity to prevent further extremist actions via diplomacy." Although some senators agreed, others such as Denton Patreus stressed that "As a matter of honour and principle, the Empire does not negotiate with terrorists." Several newsfeeds observed that both the Alliance and the Federation are looking into opening formal diplomatic channels with the Marlinist Colonies. Similar debates have occurred in the Assembly and Congress regarding the acceptance of an NMLA political wing. First Minister Jenna Fairfax has repeated calls for the Marlinism Reformation Party to cease representing the Neo-Marlinist fringe. However, she also announced plans for a Marlinist equivalent to the Imperial Diplomatic Corps that would undertake ambassadorial duties.[57]

16 APR 3307

  • Survivors from the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid have arrived in the Marlinist Colonies, requesting political asylum from the Empire. The faction was recently defeated by Imperial forces in the Mudhrid system, after an ACT investigation confirmed that it provided logistical support for the NMLA attacks on starports. Landgrave Delacroix and his loyalists fled aboard the Steel Majesty megaship to the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system, which is controlled by the Marlinism Reformation Party. Minister Aaron Whyte, its elected leader, announced: "Not every individual within the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid is an NMLA activist. We have the right to offer asylum to protect innocents from persecution, just as the Federation protected us when we were refugees." The Empire has officially demanded that the Neo-Marlinists be apprehended, with Senator Patreus claiming "The Landgrave of Mudhrid is a traitor and a war criminal." Both the Alliance and Federation have likewise insisted on their arrest. However, Shadow President Winters reminded Congress that the Marlinist Charter grants their systems the same legal powers of asylum as the Federation. The Marlinist Parliament has declared an emergency situation. First Minister Fairfax called for a discussion of options, while Ministers Amrita Ross and Tamsin Taylor urged cooperation with the Empire.[52]

01 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Conflict has erupted between the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group and the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. An investigation by ACT in the Mudhrid system confirmed that the Order of Mudhrid provided logistical support for the NMLA's starport attacks. Their agents infiltrated other local factions to transport enzyme bombs to their targets. The faction has now renamed itself the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid. Landgrave Arastin Delacroix, its leader, has declared a revolution against the Imperial Family. From his flagship, the Steel Majesty, he announced: "The corrupt Duvals will never give up their power, so we must take it from them. All those who seek to change the established order – join us!" The Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group responded by engaging their forces in battle. Senator Denton Patreus has ordered them to "take revenge for the 'Nine Martyrs' atrocities." This is the first instance of a faction openly adopting Neo-Marlinism, although it has not been officially recognised by the Marlinist Colonies. Minister Aaron Whyte commented: "It's a lost opportunity that Landgrave Delacroix chose to aid extremists, rather than provide a political platform to the Neo-Marlinist community. I hope we can soon replace the cycle of violence with meaningful communication."[51]

15 MAR 3307

04 MAR 3307

  • Pirate warlord Archon Delaine has unexpectedly appeared at the diplomatic conference and demanded to participate as a political delegate. Delaine is the leader of the Kumo Crew, a notorious crime syndicate that controls dozens of systems. Their arrival at Patterson Enterprise station initially caused many delegations' security teams to begin evacuations. However, representatives of the Sirius Corporation called for calm and delivered this message: "We have vouchsafed Archon Delaine's presence and extended full diplomatic immunity to his retinue. As with all attendees, they are expected to abide by our rules and etiquettes." This reassurance did not prevent several ambassadors from walking out in protest. Some accused Sirius Corporation of striking a deal with Delaine to prevent even more pirate vessels from swarming through the Sirius system. Mainstream newsfeeds also covered the impact of Delaine's arrival.
    The Imperial Herald: "Senator Patreus officially complained about 'the repulsive sight of pirate scum strolling alongside respectable politicians'. However, Chancellor Blaine agreed that Delaine could address the conference, albeit under close scrutiny."
    The Federal Times: "Neither Hudson nor Winters have commented on Delaine's appearance, but the security chief for the Federal delegation remarked: 'One wrong step and we'll put some big holes right through their immunity.'"
    The Alliance Tribune: "This is an unwelcome distraction from Prime Minister Mahon's proposal for Aegis's remit to be enormously expanded. The Sirius Treaty will fully unite superpowers, corporations and independent systems against the Thargoids – assuming that Mahon can convince his fellow leaders to agree."[58]

01 MAR 3307

26 FEB 3307

  • Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face discussions at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. Political correspondent Conrad Sterling published this report for Vox Galactica: "The Galactic Summit has already made history by bringing together many political figureheads within one conference chamber. Optimistic opening statements from Chancellor Anders Blaine and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gained applause. President Zachary Hudson was more curt, reminding everyone that billions of people would be affected by their efforts. Agendas and debate topics for the next three weeks were formalised. Much of the work will be done behind the scenes by ambassadorial staff, making big decisions in small rooms. The general tone so far has been courteous, although that may not last. Predictably, interactions between the Imperial and Marlinist delegations have been frosty, with Senator Denton Patreus refusing to even acknowledge their presence during discussions. However, First Minister Jenna Fairfax enjoyed a more cordial meeting with Shadow President Felicia Winters. They were joined by Jasmina Halsey, who has accompanied Winters from Mars in an unofficial capacity. One notable absentee was Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, whose family is under legal scrutiny following the crimes of his older brother Jupiter Rochester. This at least spared Jordan the awkwardness of having to formally greet his ex-fiancée, Princess Aisling Duval. But it's likely there will be no shortage of tension between other delegates in the coming weeks."[48]

12 FEB 3307

  • Delegations have been formed by the Empire and the Marlinist Colonies to take part in the forthcoming diplomatic conference. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval will not attend in person, but will be directly represented by Chancellor Anders Blaine. During the conference, Senator Zemina Torval will temporarily assume chancellor duties and act as head of the Senate. In addition, Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Denton Patreus will be in attendance. They will be accompanied by experienced ambassadors from the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The Marlinist Colonies have also finalised their delegation, which includes First Minister Jenna Fairfax and Minister Aaron Whyte. A spokesperson for the Marlinist Parliament said: "The Galactic Summit offers us an opportunity to engage with the Empire diplomatically, and we sincerely hope our voices will be heard. We also aim to establish mutually beneficial relations with other governments." There is widespread speculation on how the Empire will respond to political overtures from its own ex-citizens, who were persecuted for following the democratic ideology of Marlinism. However, most societies within the Marlinist Colonies still remain culturally Imperial in nature, despite their republican governance. The Galactic Summit is being hosted by Sirius Corporation and will officially commence on Thursday the 25th of February 3307.[49]

27 NOV 3306

  • NMLA terrorist attacks and the Marlinist refugee crisis have driven an increase in military spending from both the Empire and the Federation. The Federal Times has reported on President Zachary Hudson's actions: "Building on the public outcry following the Neo-Marlinist bombing of a Federal starport, President Hudson has positioned himself once again as the Federation's strongman. This is clearly a calculated effort to regain political power after negative associations from the Starship One trial. Shadow President Felicia Winters's acceptance of Marlinist refugees has lost popularity, now that terrorists concealed among them have murdered thousands. However, cooler heads in Congress agree that provoking the Empire could lead to a far greater death toll." The Empire's response mirrored its counterpart, as observed by The Imperial Herald: "As well as the construction of new capital ships, Senator Denton Patreus has also ordered the withdrawal of funding for Aegis. The Senate's consensus is that since Thargoid activity has reduced, the focus should now be on the Federation as well as the internal threat of the NMLA. Cooperation between the superpowers is rapidly coming to an end, leading to a state of interstellar brinkmanship. There is a real possibility that the Neo-Marlinists' demand for revolutionary change may have broader repercussions than they intended."[45]

26 NOV 3306

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Federal and Imperial Navies have both requested commodities for the construction of new capital ships.
    President Zachary Hudson has convinced Congress to increase funding for the Federal Navy, and to advance the construction programme for Farragut-class Battle Cruisers. In a powerful address, he said: "Defending the Federation is our highest priority in these uncertain times. It is vital that we reinforce our capability to protect the people from all threats." The Federal Navy urgently requires additional resources to meet the new shipbuilding timetable. Deliveries of building fabricators, microbial furnaces and energy grid assemblies are requested at Schweickart City in the Parutis system. A similar declaration was made in the Imperial Senate mere hours later, when Senator Denton Patreus announced: "We face adversaries on all sides and from within, eager to corrupt and destroy our proud Empire. This is a time to bolster our strength and our resolve." The Imperial Navy confirmed that new Majestic-class Interdictors and other military vessels are being assembled. A request has been made for shipments of building fabricators, microbial furnaces and energy grid assemblies to Miyasaka Orbital in the Mandh system.[44]

16 OCT 3306

  • The Empire has locked down more systems as part of an anti-terrorism operation, causing millions of Marlinists to flee from their homes. Following NMLA terror attacks, martial law was declared in regions where the political beliefs of Marlinism are prevalent. Citizens in several systems including 234 G. Carinae, Baltah'Sine, Beatis, CD-39 3269, Chana, HIP 39470, Mazahuanses and Nahuatl have evacuated en masse to avoid arrest. There are eyewitness reports of people crammed into whatever vessels they can find, often in unsafe numbers. Vox Galactica featured this statement from Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader and advocate of democratic reform: "This isn't a search for terrorists – it's a crusade against anyone who shares Marlin Duval's dream of a Republic. Such brutal persecution leaves us no choice but to risk our lives by seeking sanctuary elsewhere." In the Senate, a handful of senators voiced concerns about the treatment of Imperial citizens, to which Denton Patreus responded: "The security of the Empire is paramount. These worlds harbour a ruthless enemy that has already slaughtered thousands. We will not rest until the Neo-Marlinist poison has been cleansed, even if that means tracking down everyone who may carry this infection." The Imperial Navy is searching for all ships transporting Marlinist refugees, but there is evidence that some have reached systems controlled by the Federation.[43]

30 SEP 3306

  • Senator Denton Patreus has mobilised Imperial military forces in response to terrorist acts committed by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA). The Empire has declared martial law and a lockdown in Ackwada, Beatis, Chana and Nahuatl, where the republican ideals of Marlinism are known to be popular. Imperial Army troops have replaced local security forces, and potential NMLA sympathisers are being arrested for interrogation. Senator Patreus received applause in the Imperial Senate when he vowed: "There will be justice for the murder of Prince Harold Duval and justice for those citizens who perished in flames. The Marlinists will pay dearly for these atrocities!" In related news, the Imperial Internal Security Service issued a report regarding the NMLA's recent attacks on starports: "Forensic results confirm that much of the station damage was caused by Thargoid caustic enzymes. Fragments indicate that the bombs were of advanced design but definitely man-made, not Thargoid in origin. Their payloads were identical in composition to enzyme missile rack warheads. Our deduction is that the portable explosives were smuggled onto all four starports, then remotely detonated as one coordinated strike. We are interviewing station personnel and analysing recent traffic to identify any patterns."[42]

17 SEP 3306

  • Imperial news sources have confirmed that Prince Harold Duval was assassinated by NMLA terrorists while travelling incognito to the Cemiess system. Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval broadcast this address: "It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Prince Harold. A state funeral at the Hall of Martyrs is being arranged and there will be a period of mourning, as is customary for esteemed members of the Imperial Family. There will be opportunities for all citizens to honour Harold's memory in an appropriate manner." Princess Aisling Duval, Harold's daughter, appeared uncharacteristically distressed when she gave a brief statement to the media: "It's a huge loss to us all that… I'm sorry… I can't believe this has happened. He can't be gone! I used to have some sympathy for the Marlinists, but now they… they took him from us. They took my daddy." The NMLA also attacked starports in the Cemiess, Gabjaujis, LHS 4031 and Rabh systems. The Empire is now on heightened alert, and the Senate has approved new counter-terrorism initiatives proposed by Senator Denton Patreus.[41]

26 JAN 3305

  • Security forces across the Empire have carried out a coordinated purge of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reported: "Yesterday's executions in the Senate were apparently only the beginning of a coordinated massacre. Nova Imperium members are being put to death, and citizens who supported them are being arrested for treason. In a single day, the isolationist cause has been crushed. It seems that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval – while being accused of weakness – has simply been playing for time, allowing Senator Patreus to position his agents for a simultaneous strike. With this show of strength, the Emperor has done much to silence her detractors. Despite reactions of horror from some newsfeeds, Alliance and Federal leaders have made no official comment, perhaps relieved that inter-superpower cooperation against the Thargoids will continue. Nova Imperium remains in control of the Paresa system, but with the organisation's power base destroyed, it no longer poses a threat to the Imperial throne."[40]

25 JAN 3305

  • Kaeso Mordanticus, the captured leader of isolationist group Nova Imperium, has been brought before the Imperial Senate, with unexpected results. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho was at the scene: "Imperator Mordanticus was led into Senate House in shackles but still defiant. All rose as Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval entered, attended by Senator Denton Patreus. The Emperor and Patreus approached Mordanticus silently, whereupon Patreus executed the Imperator with his personal sidearm. Suddenly, the Imperial Guard opened fire, gunning down senators Pal Vespasian and Eloise Winterstone, and others who had supported the isolationist cause. Once the initial shock had subsided, the Emperor stood over the Imperator's body. In a clear voice she announced: 'There is no Nova Imperium. There is only the Empire.' I have since heard reports of mass arrests and further public executions across Capitol. The rumour is that Patreus placed agents among Nova Imperium strongholds, which are now being eliminated from within. This may be the start of an Empire-wide purge."[39]

17 JAN 3305

  • The conflict in the Paresa system has ended with Nova Imperium being defeated by Imperial organisation Yupini Limited. As the conflict drew to a close, Senator Denton Patreus made the following statement: "With the aid of our loyal Imperial auxiliaries, the isolationists' forces have been significantly depleted. Let this be a warning to others – the Empire will not tolerate insurrection." Pilots who participated in the conflict can now collect their rewards from Dyson City in the Paresa system.[38]

10 JAN 3305

  • The Empire has entered a state of conflict with the isolationist group Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus announced: "The loyal Imperials of Yupini Limited have engaged the isolationists' illegal armada. We call upon Imperial auxiliaries to support our allies and destroy the Nova Imperium fleet." Imperator Mordanticus, leader of Nova Imperium, has requested the support of the galactic community: "Nova Imperium's survival depends upon winning this battle. I urge all those who believe that Hadrian Duval should be the Emperor to support us." The two factions have set out week-long campaigns to overcome their foes, which will begin on the 10th of January 3305.[37]

05 JAN 3305

  • The isolationist group Nova Imperium is reported to be assembling its forces in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus made this statement: "We have evidence that this seditious organisation is amassing an armada in its home system. It consists of ships crewed by Imperator Mordanticus's ex-Navy followers, as well as the private vessels of many misguided citizens. As Admiral of the Fleet, I order Nova Imperium to disperse its forces immediately or face the consequences." The Imperial Herald's Cassia Carvalho commented: "Widespread support for Hadrian Duval has led to Nova Imperium amassing its fleet in a very short time. The challenge for the Imperial Navy is to quash this threat without it being seen as a massacre of Imperial citizens, which can only fuel further rebellion."[36]

09 NOV 3304

  • The isolationist group Nova Imperium has broadcast a message to Imperial citizens via public media. The organisation's leader, known only as the Imperator, said: "Imperial citizens, your ruler's weakness has put you in great danger. If we are to survive the Thargoid onslaught, we must sever ties with the Federation and other, inferior powers, and concentrate on protecting our own systems. I call upon those who care about their Imperial birthright to support Nova Imperium. We vow to restore the Empire's purity and strength, and to lead it into a glorious future." Senator Denton Patreus responded with the following comment: "These extremists and their seditious agenda are not worthy of attention. So far we have been lenient with them, but this so-called Imperator would be wise not to test our patience any further."[35]

24 MAR 3304

  • Aegis Thargoid Report Causes Ripples. Admiral Patreus released a statement in response to the recent publication by Aegis of a report outlining the Thargoids' history and interactions with the Guardians: "This new information makes it clear that the Thargoids will reject any diplomatic overtures. We must redouble our efforts to defend ourselves from their antagonism."[60]

07 MAR 3304

  • Admiral Patreus was one of several galactic officials who responded to Ram Tah's recent Guardian discoveries: "I am pleased to hear that new, more powerful armaments are being produced. These will provide a tactical advantage in our conflict with the Thargoids."[61]

01 MAR 3304

  • As the Federal-Imperial operation against the Thargoids concluded, Admiral Patreus thanked the participating pilots for their efforts.[62]

22 FEB 3304

  • Admiral Denton Patreus launched a second Federal-Imperial joint campaign against the Thargoids with the following statement: "We know that militias of experienced combat pilots are particularly effective against the Thargoids, but we must not be complacent. Our enemies are formidable, and we underestimate them at our peril." This time, the operation will focus on the Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 and Arietis Sector XE-Z b4 systems, where large concentrations of Thargoid ships have been reported.[63]

18 JAN 3304

  • Patreus thanks all independent pilots who assisted in the HIP 17692 operation, as well as the Merope Expeditionary Fleet and Pleiades Resource Enterprise for coordinating the effort. He notes that while this battle was won, the war against the Thargoids is far from over.[64]

12 JAN 3304

  • Patreus releases a statement following the announcement of a joint Federation-Empire operation to liberate the HIP 17692 system from Thargoids: "Starports throughout the Pleiades have been attacked. Thousands of lives have been lost. And we have failed to deliver an effective response. That changes now. This is your chance to deliver a message to our enemies – to tell them that we will not yield and we will not break. We will fight!"[65]

27 OCT 3303

  • Patreus, in a rare public appearance since his defeat of the Emperor's Dawn, called Aegis a sensible response to the Thargoid threat, and praised the selection of Admiral Aden Tanner to head its military strategy.[66]

04 NOV 3302

  • In response to the conviction of Kahina Tijani Loren, the Children of Raxxla attacked and routed Patreus' flagship, the INV Imperial Freedom, in Eotienses.[67]

28 OCT 3302

20 AUG 3302

  • An apparent assassination attempt on Patreus while he was giving a speech at Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system was thwarted. When the three culprits were found to be members of the defunct Emperor's Dawn organization, rumours arose that a second, unknown party had bankrolled them.[69]

13 JUL 3302

  • Patreus announces Imperial ships will be sent to Merope in response to Federal forces in the area.[70]

28 APR 3302

  • Success announced in campaign to expand Imperial fleet.[71]

21 APR 3302

  • Patreus launches campaign to expand the Imperial fleet.[72]

19 MAR 3302

  • Patreus expresses concern over Federal campaign to expand their fleet.[73]

22 FEB 3302

  • In recognition of Senator Patreus's victories over Emperor's Dawn, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval promoted him to Admiral of the Fleet, giving him command of the Imperial Navy. Duval said "Denton Patreus exhibited remarkable resolve in the campaign against Emperor's Dawn, and demonstrated his ability to act with conviction in the face of an often unpredictable enemy. I can think of no more appropriate person to assume command of the Imperial Navy. It is with great pride that I confer upon him the title of Admiral of the Fleet."[74]

05 FEB 3302

  • Patreus releases statement confirming the destruction of Emperor's Dawn shadow cells.[75]

21 JAN 3302

  • After the Federal Navy under President Hudson declared successful wiping out of Emperor's Dawn in Kausalya, Senator Patreus issues a statement that the Imperial Internal Security Service has discovered the existence of three more cells. Patreus makes a call to arms.[76]

28 OCT 3301

  • For the past two weeks, the Empire has been battling the insurgent organisation Emperor's Dawn in the Namarii, Tabaldak and LTT 874 systems. This morning, the Empire confirmed that the campaign had been a resounding success, resulting in the total destruction of all three Emperor's Dawn bases. Senator Denton Patreus, who has been leading the campaign against the insurrectionists, issued a defiant statement: "Today we have delivered a decisive blow to our enemies, shattering their forces and leaving them scattered and defenceless. For all their bluster, these dissidents have been shown themselves to be nothing more than petty brigands, lacking in unity and moral conviction, and unable to withstand the might of our combined military forces. Their bases have been destroyed, their fleets routed. Emperor's Dawn is no longer a threat." But General Anthony Corvus, the veteran responsible for coordinating the Empire's military operations, adopted a more cautious tone: "This is a significant victory, certainly, but the war is not over. Cell organisations such as Emperor's Dawn can be surprisingly resilient, and it would be a mistake to discount them, even at this stage. Once I have seen the very last of their fighters destroyed, I will consider them vanquished. But that day has not yet come."[77]

21 OCT 3301

15 OCT 3301

  • Senator Denton Patreus sent fleets to attack three newly revealed Emperor's Dawn bases, in the Namarii, Tabaldak and LTT 874 systems. News feeds speculated that the attacks were intended to minimise the chances of the insurgents disrupting Arissa Lavigny-Duval's forthcoming coronation.[79]

05 OCT 3301

  • Today is the last day of deliberation for the Senate over the question of who will become the next Emperor. By law, the Senate must announce the new Emperor by a clear majority decision tomorrow. Meanwhile, many are asking how a group like Emperor's Dawn could establish so many high-level contacts, and keep such a widespread extremist organisation secret for so long. It is clear that the new Emperor, whoever it may be, will be faced with challenges from the moment he or she assumes the throne. Chancellor Blaine was considered the strongest candidate for the throne, particularly given the deadlock between Princess Aisling Duval and Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval. But the recent revelation of his indirect connection to Emperor's Dawn leaves the two women as the most convincing contenders. The Princess's chances were dealt a blow by the revelation of her own connections to Emperor's Dawn. With Senator Lavigny-Duval receiving public support from Senators Patreus and Torval, some believe she has an advantage. Overall, however, the two are too closely matched to be able to confidently call a winner.[34]

03 OCT 3301

  • Since news of Emperor's Dawn first emerged, there has been extensive speculation about the group's agenda. That the organisation wants to destabilise the Imperial power base seems highly likely, given that it was almost certainly responsible for the assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval, but the specifics of its ambitions have remained unclear. Propaganda material disseminated by Emperor's Dawn has been thoroughly examined, but the generalities it contains, and the vague promises of returning Imperial society to 'traditional values', have done little to illuminate the group's philosophy. Some commentators have suggested that the organisation may be deliberately avoiding making an explicit statement for fear of discouraging potential recruits. After all, if you are intentionally vague about what you stand for, people may assume you stand for the same things they do. All this has changed, however, with the recovery of an internal Emperor's Dawn statement, released by an individual claiming to be a former member of the organisation. The following text is taken verbatim from the document: "The Empire has become irrevocably decadent, and stands at a vast remove from the noble ideals that birthed it. In anticipation of its inevitable collapse, we, Emperor's Dawn, Heralds of the New Imperial Age, have compiled the following edicts, to be delivered to the Empire at an appropriate time. We demand that Emperor's Dawn be free to determine the appointment of a new Emperor, that the corrupt and amoral Imperial Senate be immediately disbanded, and that the equivocation and leniency that has neutered the Imperial military be stamped out, to be replaced with a philosophy of total martial conviction." The identity of the individual who provided the information is not known, but it is understood that Imperial security experts believe the material to be genuine. The office of Senator Denton Patreus responded to the release of the document with a brief statement: "This information does not change the Senator's position regarding Emperor's Dawn. It is an enemy of the Empire, and it will be destroyed."[80]

28 SEP 3301

  • Capitol has been abuzz with rumour following Senator Denton Patreus' open declaration of support for Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval. While possibly not a frontrunner for Emperor, Patreus commands a sizeable fleet and is rich and influential enough to help Arissa Lavigny-Duval become Empress. Senator Lavigny-Duval already enjoys the support of Chancellor Anders Blaine, whose voice is perhaps the loudest and most influential in the Senate. The Imperial Herald's revelations concerning connections between Princess Aisling's office and the Emperor's Dawn insurgency have severely impacted her rating, and are likely to have cost her support in the Senate. The political landscape has been shaken further by Senator Zemina Torval's announcement that she is backing Arissa Lavigny-Duval to be crowned Empress.[33]

25 SEP 3301

  • Although the Senate remains in closed session until the succession is determined, Senator Denton Patreus made his support clear in a speech to his command staff: "Everyone knows that my priority is the security of the Empire. It is my duty as a senator to provide the best possible opportunities for the clients, patrons, citizens and slaves who follow me. I take that duty seriously, as I do my oath as a senator to care for the Empire as a whole. Part of that duty is to ensure that whoever sits at the apex of Imperial society is the right person for the task at hand. They must know when change is needed, yet still observe the traditions that make the Empire strong. They must be strong to ensure that we cannot be defeated, but they must also show mercy when the situation requires it. Many of my loyal followers have said that I would be a suitable candidate for Emperor, and I am flattered and deeply honoured that they hold me in such high regard. To them I say that I will be happy to work with whoever is declared Emperor. Were it up to me, then the choice would be simple. My vote goes to one whom, but for the cruellest of murders, would already occupy the throne. It goes to my esteemed fellow senator, Arissa Lavigny-Duval." Some commentators have stated that this public demonstration of support is at odds with the principle of a closed Senate session, but others counter by saying that the current situation is unparalleled in Imperial history.[32]

20 SEP 3301

  • As Senator Denton Patreus prepared to enter the Senate to continue the deliberations over the succession, he issued an angry demand for a full senate investigation into the reported links between Emperor's Dawn and Princess Aisling Duval's office. "While I sympathise with the princesses' situation, having experienced a similar shock, I cannot allow that sympathy to influence my judgement. When a member of my household committed the most heinous of deeds, I submitted myself to the security services and gave them every access they needed. We cannot wait to act, and I call upon the senate to commence an immediate and full investigation into any links between Princess Aisling and Emperor's Dawn." After the initial flurry of information from the Imperial Herald, no new facts were released today. Patron Damon Clarke remains at large, and the considered opinion is that he has fled the Empire.[31]

17 SEP 3301

  • Four days ago, Imperial senator Denton Patreus launched a military campaign against Emperor's Dawn, the organisation responsible for the murder of Emperor Hengist Duval. Since then, there has been intense conflict in the Dakshmandi and Maausk systems, where two Emperor's Dawn bases are located, with scores of Imperial Navy vessels and Emperor's Dawn ships exchanging fire. Journalist Katherine Ryder, who has reported from war zones across the galaxy in a career spanning more than twenty years, recently met with one of the Imperial generals leading the campaign. In a report for the Imperial Herald, she described the unfolding conflict between the Empire and Emperor's Dawn: "Against the crisp darkness of space drifts a Majestic-Class Interdictor, its elegant lines belying the deadly power of its artillery. A few hours ago, the ship was deep within the Dakshmandi system, overseeing the deployment of Imperial squadrons tasked with rooting out and destroying Emperor's Dawn vessels. For the people of the Dakshmandi and Maausk systems, the arrival of the Imperial fleets has proved divisive: some see the Empire as a saviour, while others fear that the conflict it has incited will do only harm. On the bridge of this stately vessel I meet General Anthony Corvus, the military veteran who recently voiced scepticism about Denton Patreus's campaign. He describes the insurgents as disciplined and methodical, capable of delivering systematic, targeted strikes. With what sounds almost like admiration, he refers to their steely resolve, telling me that no matter how many Emperor's Dawn ships his pilots destroy, the rebels' morale never appears to waver. He also mentions the many hundreds of independent pilots who have boosted the insurrectionists' numbers. Evidently, he says, the Empire's enemies see this conflict as an opportunity to deal a blow to the superpower. The general's remarks highlight a facet of the campaign underscored by Denton Patreus's critics – namely that the senator has underestimated Emperor's Dawn, assuming that the mere sight of an Imperial battle fleet would demoralise the insurgents. In reality, Patreus has found himself drawn into a protracted battle against a disciplined and apparently imperturbable enemy. No one questions the Empire's ability to bring significant firepower to the conflict, but even the Empire's resources are not inexhaustible. If it does not gain an advantage soon, it may have to consider temporarily withdrawing from the conflict, and devising a different strategy."[30]

11 SEP 3301

  • Systems under the sway of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have begun expressing discontent at the current political situation in the Empire, and the Kumo Crew is taking the opportunity to cause trouble of their own. Leaked military intelligence indicates that hundreds of Kumo Crew fleets will soon descend on Imperial territory in an effort to cultivate further civil unrest. The plan is apparently to force Duval into admitting the foolishness of the Pegasi War by bringing it as close to home as possible. Operation Uranus saw the Kumo Crew pirates target worlds under the influence of Senator Denton Patreus, but this is the first time they have been bold enough to strike farther afield. Only time will tell what impact this will have on the Imperial power players.
    Commander Mikalus[81]

11 SEP 3301

  • As news spreads that Senator Denton Patreus has launched a military operation against Emperor's Dawn, journalists at The Imperial Citizen report that the insurgent group has issued a public appeal for commodities. Significantly, the goods the group has requested – progenitor cells and narcotics – are illegal in many jurisdictions. Emperor's Dawn has not explained its need for these commodities, but given its militant stance it can be safely assumed that the goods will used in its ongoing campaign against the Empire. The organisation is understood to have set up delivery points at starports in the Ipilyaqa and Ch'i Lin systems. The Empire has not issued a response to the appeal, but it is likely that it will implore the public to ignore the request. But with so many independent traders in the galaxy, many of whom have no particular loyalty to the Empire, it seems inevitable that at least some will answer the call of Emperor's Dawn.[82]

11 SEP 3301

  • According to the office of Senator Denton Patreus, Imperial Intelligence has discovered several bases belonging to Emperor's Dawn. Senator Patreus, who is leading the campaign against Emperor's Dawn, has issued a statement confirming that he is initiating a combat operation designed to destroy the insurrectionists. The senator made the following announcement to the press: "We are not dealing merely with treasonous sentiments here – we are dealing with a violent organisation that has shown itself willing and able to commit truly heinous acts. They have already taken the life of our beloved Emperor - where might their misguided rage fall next? We must act swiftly and decisively if we are to eliminate this threat to the Empire." Imperial forces have been mobilised for the operation, but independent pilots are also being called on to lend their aid. Senator Patreus is offering generous rewards to those who contribute to the campaign.[29]

09 SEP 3301

  • Imperial senator Denton Patreus has taken a strong stance on Emperor's Dawn, condemning the organisation and vowing to eradicate it from the galaxy, but responses to his statements have so far been mixed. Some have speculated that he is simply trying to curry public favour, while others have suggested he is attempting to draw attention away from his connection to Brendan Paul Darius, the emperor's assassin. Now, the senator's assertions have been questioned by a source from within the Empire itself - General Anthony Corvus of the Imperial Navy. In a statement given to the Imperial Herald, the general said: "We are clearly dealing with a well-organised and highly motivated cell organisation, and despite Denton Patreus's optimism, in my opinion it is too early to make any predictions about its suppression. I have dealt with similar organisations in the past, and they can be surprisingly hard to extinguish. No sooner have you dealt with one cell, another appears somewhere else." Senator Patreus was approached for a response to the general's words, but declined to comment.[83]

27 AUG 3301

  • Senator Patreus has seen a resurgence of support since his declaration of war against the group responsible for Emperor Hengist Duval's murder. Reports from the campaign have indicated that Emperor's Dawn is now claiming responsibility for the regicide, although this hasn't been independently confirmed as yet. In a Senate session, Senator Zemina Torval declared her support for the operation and instructed her loyal followers to join the campaign. Analysts have been keenly watching the political landscape shift in the weeks since the Emperor's death. Many had written off Patreus as his influence waned with the dishonour of his association with the Emperor's assassin, Brendan Paul Darius. However, his decisive action against Emperor's Dawn has raised his profile. Some believe that it is a cynical ploy by Patreus, but none can argue that he has gained the support of the Senate heavyweights. Even Florence Lavigny has spoken out for unity and support for Patreus: "When I was much younger, and my first husband dear Aristide was sadly eaten by a Ling Lang in his own menagerie, there were conspiracy theories, none of which were true. The simple truth was he was foolish to keep so many dangerous animals as pets. I've known Denton for years, and I know he wasn't involved in the Emperor's murder. Hengist had many enemies, but Denton Patreus was not one of them."[28]

22 AUG 3301

  • This week, Archon Delaine hit back at the renewed Imperial offensive. Using a multi-pronged attack, the Kumo Crew struck hard at systems under the influence of Senator Patreus. Dubbed 'Operation Uranus', the campaign successfully pushed the system of Contiku into turmoil. The number of Kumo Crew raids within Imperial space increased during the week, with multiple Imperial commanders reporting run-ins with the cartel. Although a combined task force of Imperial powers laid siege to the Pegasi sector, pilots loyal to Senator Patreus failed to prevent the pirate counter-attack. This may jeopardize the fragile alliance between the powers, and strengthen internal opposition to the Pegasi Pirate War. Time will tell if the operation has shifted the balance of the power, but Archon Delaine certainly refuses to go gently into the night.
    Commander Mikalus
    Liaedin Chronicle | Interstellar Press[84]

17 AUG 3301

  • Imperial Naval infantry have once again intervened as protesters – who have taken issue with Senator Denton Patreus's connection to Brendan Paul Darius, the Emperor's murderer – attempted to prevent access to some of Senator Patreus's allies late last night. This time the agitators resisted the soldiers' efforts to maintain peace. After several attempts to peacefully resolve the situation, a riot squad was deployed to restore order. The action was efficiently completed, but smaller disturbances and protests flared up throughout the night. All were pacified by the troops but many mourners were forced to flee. Calm was eventually restored and an Imperial Guard company has now been stationed to secure the entrance to the Hall of Martyrs. A full regiment of Naval infantry has also been moved into the city.[85]

13 AUG 3301

  • Some of the more sordid elements of Imperial media have continued their campaign against Senator Patreus about his connection with Emperor Hengist Duval's killer. Over the past week Senator Patreus and his followers staying on Capitol have endured abuse from their accusers whenever they appear in public. This escalated into violence today as the Senator visited the Hall of Martyrs for his own viewing of the Emperor's body. When he arrived a mob formed and tried to prevent him entering the vestibule and reacted angrily when Patreus' own guards attempted to force a passage. Imperial Naval infantry on the scene separated the parties and allowed Senator Patreus to enter the Hall. After the incident Senator Zemina Torval was the first to condemn the behaviour in a statement to guests and press at an event with Mastopolos Mining: "This kind of insolent behaviour does not reflect well upon these groups or our beloved Empire itself. In this time of mourning we should all be mindful of our actions. The Emperor has been dead for only a few days and these rebels descend into near-barbarism. They should be cast out of the Empire." When asked about the accusations she scornfully replied: "Denton represents what is strong within the Empire. His loyalty to the Emperor is unquestioned and anyone suggesting otherwise is a fool."[27]

11 AUG 3301

  • The Imperial Herald today released an article about the man allegedly responsible for the regicide of Emperor Hengist Duval. The article detailed Brendan Paul Darius' upbringing in Eotienses, the home system for the bulk of Patreus' activities. His parents were a relatively wealthy client family under Senator Patreus known for their observation of traditional values. They worked on one of his many estates in the system. After completing his formal education in history and ethics he served as an officer on one of the Senator's Majestic class Interdictors, eventually rising to the rank of captain. Following two decades of distinguished military service he joined one of Senator Patreus' liaison teams responsible for maintaining relationships with colony governors, planetary leaders and starport officials throughout the Senator's region of controlled space. His dedication and talents saw him rise above his parents' station to become patron. The story tells of a man dedicated to service and traditional Imperial values. A man who eschewed personal comforts and focused on his work. In the end the puzzle remains – why would such a loyal man kill his Emperor?[86]

10 AUG 3301

  • Some elements of the lower-level Imperial political scene have challenged Senator Denton Patreus to explain his connection to Brendan Paul Darius, the assassin responsible for the murder of the Emperor during the wedding ceremony with Florence Lavigny. Since the revelation of the assassin's identity the senator has steadfastly refused to comment, but responded angrily to accusations from a vocal minority in the crowd outside the senate. "The notion that I might somehow be linked with the murder of our most loved Emperor is offensive. It does bring dishonour and shame upon me that a man in my employ could perform such a heinous act, but it was certainly done without my knowledge. The thought that I allowed such a man near his august presence torments me." He also added that the full resources of his office were being made available to the officers in the investigation and that he would aid them in any way he could. More responsible commentators agree that the accusations are ridiculous. Speculation remains however as to why the man killed the Emperor and whether he was acting alone or for another party.[26]

09 AUG 3301

  • In a move sending shockwaves of revulsion throughout the Empire, an independent newsfeed, Russell Networks, based in the Tulill system, has broadcast what is claimed to be a holographic recording of the assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval. Imperial networks are refusing to show the footage and all levels of Imperial society are outraged at this insult to the Emperor's memory. The recording's authenticity hasn't been confirmed, but it does clearly show someone who looks like Brendan Paul Darius attacking the Emperor. As the Emperor passes by Senator Patreus' entourage Darius is seen to lunge from the group. He then stabs the Emperor several times with a blade and inflicting severe facial injuries until being taken down by the nearest guards. In it, others in Patreus's entourage, including Senator Patreus himself, appear to move to try to stop the attacker, and do appear to be genuinely surprised and shocked. Chancellor Anders Blaine condemned the broadcast in a statement and refused to comment on its veracity.[25]

09 AUG 3301

  • In respect of the assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval the planned article for this week has been moved to next week so that historian Sima Kalhana relates some of the key moments from his life. Emperor Hengist Duval was the 15th in the Imperial Duval bloodline to lead the Empire and he saw a great deal of change in his comparatively short reign. He was born in 3163, only a few days before the death of his grandfather Hender Saik Duval. Some claim that the spirit of Hender had already passed to Hengist such were the similarities in looks and manner noted in Hengist's later years. When his father, Hesketh Duval, died in 3233, Hengist assumed his place on the throne. The live broadcast of the coronation created an impression of a serene transition. However lurking beneath this appearance lay significant tensions. Most significant of which was the growing power of the Senate which had developed during the extended period of his father's illness. A parallel with the situation with Hengist's coma can be seen in recent months. At the start of his reign the cold war between the Empire and the Federation was starting to thaw, a process which continued for decades, although friction has recently resumed with the rise of certain powers like President Hudson and Senator Patreus. Hengist's reign witnessed a major technological advancement with the introduction of the new frame shift drive. This sped up travel between stars systems and even inside systems by an incredible margin. It created a more quickly shifting political, military and commercial landscape as reacting or causing changing became much easier. Hengist fell ill early in 3300, and he managed to continue light duties throughout the first half of the year. His sickness worsened as the year progressed and during this time he remained in seclusion with only rare visits to the Senate. At the turn of 3301 he slipped into a coma. Many expected him to not awaken from the coma and it was a great surprise when he recovered several months later. Near the close of 3300, Hengist decreed that his only legitimate child, Harold (who is Aisling Duval's unmarried father), was not of sound mind and so unfit for rule, and in any case had no legitimate children himself. Following this announcement Arissa Lavigny-Duval declared that she was the illegitimate child of Hengist. The Emperor supported this claim by announcing his forthcoming marriage with Arissa's mother, Florence Lavigny, and was expected to formally adopt Arissa and cement her claim to the throne. With his murder and the marriage not completed the succession to the Imperial throne is again not clear cut and many fear the potential instability this could cause to the Empire if not decided quickly after the Emperor's funeral.[87]

07 AUG 3301

  • With no clear successor to the Emperor, Chancellor Blaine has accepted the task of governing the Empire until the succession has been determined. He reiterated his statement that the matter would be resolved after Emperor's funeral. He then revealed more about the investigation into the regicide: "Officers from the Imperial Guard and Imperial Intelligence Security Service have begun their investigation and are being provided with the resources they need. "The assassin has been identified as Brendan Paul Darius. Senator Patreus has confirmed that the man was a member of his entourage, and the Senator is helping with the investigation. Darius killed the Emperor in a savage attack using a concealed blade, and a separate investigation has been launched to determine how he was able to sneak a weapon into the Emperor's presence. Darius was killed by the Emperor's Guard during the attack, and we have as yet been unable to determine his motive for the murder. For the remainder of the session, the gathered senators offered support and words of condolence to the Imperial family.[24]

05 AUG 3301

  • It is with a heavy heart that we report that Emperor Hengist Duval died en route to the Imperial Navy Medical Facility near the Imperial Palace. Confirmation of the news came from Chancellor Anders Blaine, who appeared visibly upset. He confirmed that the Emperor died after being stabbed by a member of the congregation. Chancellor Blaine refused to provide any details of the attacker, but stated that a full investigation was underway. A source from the Imperial Intelligence Service told us that the attacker was a member of Senator Denton Patreus's party attending the wedding. The Senator was unavailable for comment. In the streets, the Imperial Naval Infantry has started ushering people home as the official period of mourning begins.[23]

03 AUG 3301

  • Senator Zemina Torval is the subject of this article from political commentator Marcus Macmillan about the movers and shakers in 3301. In many ways Senator Torval represents the solid and traditional politics of the Imperial Senate. She is seen as a paradox by some, particularly with regard to her views on Imperial slavery. She adopts the position that tradition expects but that many fail to achieve in the care of the millions of slaves from her business interests. She can be vocal in condemning those who fail to take proper care of their slaves, but she is equally open about how they form the foundation of the Empire. She takes the long and more considered approach to amassing power. She lacks the impetuousness of Patreus, but is quite willing to work with him to achieve her goals. She prefers diplomacy to force, but has a substantial military fleet capable of handling most situations. Her desire for power is more than personal ambition: she is, in a sense, the matriarch of a developing dynasty. Torval focuses her energy on building a legacy for future generations. Even though she was born wealthy, she still possesses a strong work ethic and will labour tirelessly to get things done. While her time is dominated by her senatorial responsibilities and business concerns (she is, famously, the controlling shareholder in Mastopolos Mining), Torval tries to find the time to be with family, who are very important to her. In her younger days she enjoyed hunting, but that pastime is now limited to her rivals in business and the Senate.[88]

31 JUL 3301

  • Senator Denton Patreus is the latest subject in this sixth article from political commentator Marcus Macmillan about the movers and shakers in 3301. Senator Patreus is often seen as the muscular aspect of the Imperial Senate. He is one of the more powerful senators (although lagging behind the heavyweights of Senators Lavigny-Duval and Zemina Torval) and enjoys great loyalty from his followers. This is in part due to his record of low taxation funded through aggressive economic and military conquests. While some have accused the Senator of unethical behaviour for his strong-arm tactics, others respond that if governments put themselves into debt then they only have themselves to blame. His shrewd policies have allowed him to assemble deep credit reserves and a formidable fleet, providing him with power beyond what his standing might indicate. Hailing from Eotienses, he is a charming and charismatic leader who prefers to govern from his Majestic-class Interdictor called 'Imperial Freedom'. During the Emperor's illness, he called for the Imperial throne to pass along lines of popularity rather than blood. Since the Emperor's recovery he has steadfastly supported Hengist Duval, but many wonder if this attempted break from tradition has limited his popularity in the wider population.[2]

30 JUL 3301

  • Many report that the Senate hasn't enjoyed such a positive atmosphere since the coronation of Hengist Duval nearly 70 years ago. This happy feeling continued today with Senator Denton Patreus taking his turn to congratulate the Emperor on his return to health and for the upcoming wedding. "I have always spoken out for stability in the Empire and we could not have hoped for greater stability than the Emperor's recovery from his coma. The Empire has suffered with the absence of its father and some have attempted to take advantage of this for their own ends. I have been accused of doing the same, but I can assure everyone that my actions have always been in the best interests of the Empire. I categorically state here and before my esteemed colleagues, that I will do whatever is necessary to support the Emperor in his vision for the future." The Senator's speech was well received. However, some commentators have uncharitably noted that his campaign has flagged compared to his rivals', and that Senator Patreus is trying to set himself as a kingmaker to break the popularity deadlock between Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Aisling Duval.[22]

21 JUL 3301

  • In the early hours of this morning, a security alert was received from the Imperial suite where Senator Kahina Tijani Loren has been residing. The entry to the residence was found to be locked, and no response was received from inside. Security personnel were authorised to break in. The interior of the suite was found to be pristine, with no evidence of habitation. In-room holofac consoles were found not to have been used throughout the duration of the Senator's apparent occupation. A search has revealed no sign of the Senator's whereabouts. Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney made a brief statement to the press. "Senator Kahina has previously empowered me to represent the Prism system on her behalf. I will do my best to discharge that duty according to her instructions. Senator Kahina is a very private individual, and has not sought my, or any other, counsel in the last month. We do not know where she has gone. Naturally we are concerned about her safety and would urge anyone who knows of her whereabouts to contact the authorities immediately. Her disappearance is very disturbing indeed." Reaction across the Empire was muted, but many have speculated that something underhand has happened to the visiting Senator.
    "Doesn't matter what Delaney says," said a commentator from the Imperial Citizen. "Prism belongs to Patreus now, Kahina's just abandoned it and all the citizens she professed to care about. She's a coward and an irrelevance."
    "Did she get too close to the fires burning in the Empire?" asked Kazien Vantris, chief editor of the Imperial Herald. "Or is she pursuing some other objective? She was always determined and bold. Wherever you've gone, Lady Kahina, farewell." Lady Kahina's Imperial Courier, the 'Seven Veils', still at the Capitol spaceport, was impounded and examined. It was found to be completely stripped of all valuable equipment, with the modifications made at Avalon shipyards discovered to be carefully crafted fakes. Lady Kahina's Imperial tiara was found in the cockpit, along with a small medallion bearing an ancient symbol on one side and the word 'Salomé' on the other. The symbol is believed to belong to an organisation some refer to as 'The Dark Wheel'.[89]

08 JUL 3301

  • Apathy toward the Kumo Crew's activities on the fringes of Federation space was replaced by the full wrath of Senators Patreus and Lavigny-Duval as the Imperial system of Cuchua came under attack this week. A high ranking officer of Lavigny's Legion offered the following words as the Legion deployed to assist Patreus' forces in Cuchua: "We ask all who are loyal to Princess Arissa to join with us in bringing Imperial justice to these barbarians that think us weak like the Federation." The call has been heeded by pilots in every major Imperial power. The expeditionary forces launched a two-pronged attack, spearheaded by the Velites Squadron of Lavigny's Legion, targeting Kumo ships in Cuchua and Harma. The operations, code named "Charybdis" and "Davy Jones," have led to the downing of hundreds of pirate vessels and dozens of Kumo Commanders. Imperial casualties have been minimal, but the fighting continues.[90]

05 JUL 3301

  • Last week Rishair was the site of political unrest as activists under the banner of "The People's Princess", Aisling Duval, moved in to disrupt the long standing Imperial slave trade of Rishair. These activists have enjoyed highly celebrated and publicized successful protests in many Imperial systems. However, these fanatical rogue elements operating in support of the People's Princess were given a stark reminder today not to interfere with correct Imperial procedure after mediation attempts by representatives of Admiral Brennus failed. Rishair is currently the Headquarters for Admiral Brennus, leader of Emperor's Grace and an influential officer in the Imperial Navy. Although Brennus rarely intervenes on purely political matters, he could not stand by and let politics inhibit trade in his vital systems. After failed attempts at resolving the matter diplomatically, Brennus was overheard as saying "I have no patience for this. Contact Senator Patreus, he somehow has the ability to deal with this nonsense!" according to an anonymous Emperor's Grace staff member. Immediately thereafter, the Rishair system was prepared to come under the protection of Senator Denton Patreus, in a sign of support to Admiral Brennus and Emperor's Grace through what has become known as Operation BBH by Brennus' advisors. Senator Patreus agreed to step in on Brennus' and Emperor's Grace behalf to establish Rishair and surrounding systems as a military preparation site, legally suspending any rights to protest within the militarized zone. Although there have been many complaints from the dislodged activists, there has been no comment from Princess Aisling Duval or her staff. Some have commented that this is not surprising given her public relationship with Patreus.
    Raf von Thorn
    Emperors Grace.[15]

15 JUN 3301

  • Support among the citizenry for Princess Arissa Lavigny-Duval has risen considerably since she led the charge to find the conspirators responsible for the attack on Emperor Hengist. Thousands have answered the call to join Lavigny's Legions, her unoffical supporters group. Both Senators campaigned last week to win support from Patrons in the Vaka system, as well as along the Imperial border in the Ceti sector. While support for Patreus was strong to begin with, a number of key Patrons moved to support the Princess. Support amongst CMDRs, however, was much stronger for the Princess. Results were similar along the frontier. Arissa's agents set up a base of operations in Kamocan, while Patreus's supporters attempted to sway the residents of Mandh to the Senator's side. Rumours have surfaced that Patreus is concerned about the swing of support, and he is planning to strenghten his standing with CMDRs as well as the general population, though the form this will take is not yet clear.[91]

08 JUN 3301

  • On the personal order of Varrwen Mako Brennus, all members of Emperor's Grace are instructed to extend their support to Senator Denton Patreus where possible. Senator Patreus demonstrated support for Emperor's Grace during recent unpleasant circumstances when senior members of Emperor's Grace stood accused of Treason. This unfounded and scurrilous accusation was disproven before the Imperial Senate. Moreover, Emperor's Grace was instrumental in finding the criminals behind the recent assassination attempt on Emperor Duval. Explaining the decision to extend support to Senator Patreus, Admiral Brennus declared to a packed audience that "we never forget our friends and we always remember our enemies."
    Commander Light Fingers
    Imperial Security Service Lead
    Emperor's Grace[92]

23 MAY 3301

  • Speaking from the site of her new palace on Kamadhenu, Princess Lavigny-Duval today addressed the recent problems faced by residents of Persephone in the face of a plague outbreak which was brought to the system by the refugees from Quivira. "I understand the concerns of the citizens of Persephone, and I am sorry for their plight. However, the illness affecting the refugees, many of whom are malnourished and woefully lax in terms of adequate vaccination cover, is not something that should concern the locals. Of more concern to locals should be the increase in pirate activity, which I have been reliably informed is up by almost 600% since Patreus decided to start throwing his weight around. The people of Quivira certainly need help, but it is their patron's responsibility to help them, not mine. I'm sure Aisling is more than capable of handling this problem herself. However, if she wishes for my help I will of course be happy to oblige. We are family, after all."[93]

19 MAY 3301

  • The war-torn region of Quivira has finally settled into an uneasy peace, following an intense period of fighting which saw hundreds of thousands dead and several billion credits worth of damage done to the local economy. Initially the situation looked promising for the People's Quivira for Equality Party. Independent and Federal Commanders flocked from all across the galaxy in an attempt to repel Senator Denton Patreus's attempts to extract the debts owed to him by the Quiviran government. Early attempts at repelling the Senator's mercenary forces proved to be a success, and the freedom fighters were able to buy enough time for the People's Quivira for Equality Party to evacuate a great many innocent civilians to neighbouring systems. Unfortunately, once the Party's credits ran out, so too did the support of Independent and Federal pilots.[94]

19 MAY 3301

  • Over the last week, Imperial forces loyal to Senator Patreus continued their assault on Quivira, and due to their efforts, Quivira Electronics Plc was finally able to secure control over Godel Dock early on Monday afternoon. Despite being abandoned by their supposed saviours, the People's Quivira for Equality Party were able to find some small respite from the war in the Summerlands. Thanks to the efforts of Aisling Duval and her 'angels', refugees from the People's Quivira for Equality Party found themselves well cared for in the Summerlands, even as their counterparts in Persephone and Quivira continued to suffer. Now that the war is over, the People's Quivira for Equality Party has elected to pledge itself to Aisling's service. In recognition of that fact, Senator Patreus has promised that only residents of Quivira who have directly broken Imperial law will be held responsible for the debt incurred by the previous administration. Members of the People's Quivira for Equality Party who have sworn themselves to Aisling are expected to start returning to their homes over the next few days.[95]

17 MAY 3301

  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, currently residing as a guest on Capitol at the request of Chancellor Blaine, remains completely ambivalent to inquiries into her intentions. She has airily dismissed questions regarding her purpose or what was said to her at the reception to which she was summoned and continues to ignore requests from the press. Now there appears to be another name in the frame. Cuthrick Delaney, ambassador to the Prism system, has had a long and varied career within the Empire, first coming to prominence during the events which ended the dictatorship of Dr. Walden on the Old World planet of Lave. His precise involvement in that event was unclear, and he seems to have lost none of his ability to stay close to those with power in the intervening time. He has been seen in conversation with Kahina on many occasions. There is considerable conjecture as to what stance Kahina will take. Many have stated that her aggressive tendencies will align her to Senator Patreus. Others have pointed out her support for traditional Imperial slavery, and her distant family connection to the Duvals, indicates an allegiance with Senator Torval is more likely. It would appear that only Kahina, and perhaps Cuthrick Delaney, actually know. In other news, the Senator's ship was confirmed to have had some significant modifications made to it recently, including a state of the art fuel scoop and a custom built Gutamaya discovery scanner.[96]

16 MAY 3301

  • After two weeks of frantic construction, which saw close to 70,000 engineers working around the clock to get the project finished in time, Parkinson Dock is now home to some of the most advanced factories in the entire Empire. The upgrade was completed as part of Senator Patreus's plan to increase economic opportunities for the residents of his home system. 2,267 Commanders helped ship a total of 8,274,504 tonnes of industrial materials to Parkinson Dock, all of which were put to good use during the construction effort. In particular, the Eotienses Citizens' Forum would like to honour Viscount Plo Koon, Baron Coiling Dragon, Earl Prawnetto, Earl Morton and Baron Kosmetas for their assistance in refitting Parkinson Dock in preparation for its new role as a dedicated research and development hub for new military technologies.[97]

13 MAY 3301

  • Two days ago, Senator Denton Patreus officially declared War on the impoverished system of Quivira. Thousands of vessels loyal to Patreus have been pouring into Quivira ever since, bringing death and destruction to any non-Imperial ships that they find. Fortunately, most of Quivira's residents had already been successfully evacuated to nearby systems. This is in no small part thanks to the efforts of Independent and Federal Commanders working to thwart Senator Patreus's plans for Quivira. While the Senator begins to carve up the system for his followers, other members of the Imperial court appear to be seriously concerned about the millions of displaced civilians who now find themselves lost, angry, but not quite alone in Imperial space. In an effort to soothe the situation, both Aisling Duval and Arissa Lavigny-Duval have set up campaigns aimed at helping the refugees get back on their feet. Citizens willing to aid the Princesses in their endeavours can sign up to help Aisling's agents at Henry O'Hare's Hanger in Summerland. Similarly, Arissa's agents can be found working aboard Lambardelli's Legacy in Persephone.[98]

12 MAY 3301

  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren was seen at a musical soiree on Capitol yesterday evening, taking part in a reception after her arrival in the Achenar system. Kahina was ambushed by reporters as she emerged from her transport and asked whether she was intending to challenge for the leadership of the Empire. She responded that she had "absolutely no ambitions in that direction whatsoever." Asked whether she would support Senator Patreus or Senator Lavigny's bid for leadership, she replied that they both had "genuine claims to the throne." Speculation has not died down as a result. Pundits have been debating whether these seemingly straightforward answers are hiding a bigger agenda. Kazien Vantris, chief editor of the Imperial Herald, commented in his editorial - "The first rule of vying for power? Deny everything. By not directly supporting anyone she's clearly keeping her options open. Quite why that is remains to be seen. We'll leave that to the forums to decide."[99]

11 MAY 3301

  • For the last week Civil War has ravaged the independent nation of Quivira. Quivira Electronics Plc, acting under orders of Senator Denton Patreus, launched an all out attack on the People's Quivira for Equality Party, leading to fierce fighting between the two parties in the skies above Godel and Stapledon Docks. The People's Quivira for Equality Party managed to successfully evacuate millions of refugees to the nearby systems of Summerland and Persephone. In particular, the People's Quivira for Equality Party would like to thank Commanders Maclolie, Tavok, Reliant, Morningstar and Aydro for holding the line long enough for the innocent residents of Quivira to escape. Unfortunately for those left behind, it appears that Senator Patreus is not quite done with Quivira. Reports from the region indicate that several Imperial Majestic class Interdictors have been spotted entering Quivira's airspace. According to sources close to the situation, Senator Patreus now intends to make an example of the defiant nation of Quivira by driving all Independent influences out of the system.[100]

05 MAY 3301

  • Turmoil hit the small system of Quivira late last week, as thousands of Imperial pilots descended to deliver the wrath of Senator Denton Patreus on his debtors. In the first two days of the war, tens of thousands of Independent pilots lost their lives while bravely attempting to hold off Imperial forces from taking Godel Dock. Despite the defenders' best efforts, Imperial ground troops were able to storm the station, seizing control of Quivira's defence systems and effectively bringing an end to the conflict during the early hours of Sunday morning. In the face of overwhelming loss, the People's Quivira for Equality Party were forced to retreat to Brendan Gateway to lick their wounds. Once the people's party leadership had successfully regrouped, they launched a counterattack in an attempt to retake Godel Dock. With the help of hundreds of Independent and Federal pilots, the People's Quivira for Equality Party and the Nationalists of Quivira were successful in forcing Quivira Electronics Plc to retreat back to Stapledon Dock. War has once again engulfed Quivira. No quarter is being offered, and none is expected. For troops on the ground, the only acceptable outcome is overwhelming victory or a quick and painless death. Commanders willing to fight to defend Quivira from the Imperial invasion should sign up for active duty aboard Godel Dock. Commanders wishing to profit from the subjugation of Quivira by Imperial forces should sign up for active duty aboard Stapledon Dock.[101]

01 MAY 3301

  • Deep in the heart of the Empire, a handful of nations stand defiantly independent from their neighbours. One such nation is Quivira. Home to 37.5 million residents, Quivira has managed to maintain its independence by acting as a major supplier of industrial goods to its neighbours. Early last year Quivira suffered from a period of deep recession, during which time it took out a series of bridge loans with Silver Universal Plc. A recent increase in rates left the People's Quivira for Equality Party unable to pay off their debts, a fact which has caused the system to become the victim of legal action carried out on behalf of Senator Patreus. Quivira Electronics Plc, an Imperial corporation, has now been authorised to actively reclaim the debt owed to Senator Patreus by the system's current leadership. As a first step towards that goal, Quivira Electronics Plc has taken ownership of Stepledon Dock. With the Senator's blessing, Quivira Electronics is now hiring freelance reclamation agents to help extract the remaining debt. In response, the People's Quivira for Equality Party have set up a defence fund with the Bank of Zaonce, the contents of which will be paid out to any independent pilots who come to Quivira’s aid in its time of need. The defence of Quivira is being organised aboard Godel Dock.[102]

01 MAY 3301

  • After a heated meeting of the Senate held earlier today, Senator Patreus made a rare appearance on 'Question Everything' to address the accusations levelled against Emperor's Grace by Senator Lavigny. "This is outrageous," the Senator began. "Emperor's Grace has served as the loyal stewards of HR 706 for decades. A fact Senator Lavigny is well aware of. The very idea that one of my own would dare instigate such an attack without my knowledge is preposterous. It would never happen. It's clear what this is actually all about. If Senator Lavigny wishes to accuse me of something, she had better come up with more evidence than that weak pile of fabricated drek she calls proof. If the Senator has anything of substance to share, I suggest she present it. I will not allow my men to be martyred for the sake of the Senator's lust for the throne. Emperor's Grace has my full support. They will continue to govern HR 706 in my stead and their leaders will be released from their false imprisonment immediately. These trumped-up charges will not stand." According to security personnel on Achenar, the leadership of Emperor's Grace has been released into Senator Patreus's custody, and are currently serving under house arrest in HR 706.[19]

27 APR 3301

  • Several weeks ago, Imperial Palace security uncovered an attempted plot to poison Emperor Hengist Duval. Princess Lavigny-Duval and Chancellor Blaine both launched their own investigations into the matter. The Chancellor's men managed to locate and question the would-be-assassin, but they were unable to extract any useful information. Fortunately, members of the Imperial Court had more success. They identified several criminal syndicates operating in the areas around Nehet and Mictlan that were rumoured to have ties with a secretive underworld wetwork firm. After smashing more than a few pirate dens, Imperial investigators learned that funds for the hit had been channelled via Silver Allied Network through Silver Universal Plc to an unknown group in HR 706. Senator Lavigny's request to pursue her investigation into HR 706 was originally met with refusal by members of Emperor's Grace, who even went so far as to lodge an official protest with the Senate. Emperor's Grace would later find themselves forced to acquiesce under orders issued by Senator Patreus. Now it looks like Emperor's Grace had good reason to want the Princess kept out of the system, as late last night, new information came to light which has implicated the leadership of Emperor's Grace in the attack on the Emperor. Senator Patreus is disavowing any knowledge of the incident, although he has so far refused to allow any members of Emperor's Grace to be removed from HR 706. Senator Lavigny will be formally presenting the evidence against Emperor's Grace to the Senate tomorrow.[17]

24 APR 3301

  • Reports coming in from Eotienses indicate that a group of Federal Commanders, known as the Merchant Marines, are currently engaged in a series of unauthorised attacks against Imperial traders in the employ of Senator Patreus. In a statement released to GalNet, the Merchant Marines had this to say: "The Merchant Marines have launched Operation Papercut. We plan to blockade the Eotienses system in an attempt to stop Imperial traders from supplying Parkinson Dock with industrial materials. The group fears that High Tech production could turn Eotienses into a catalyser for the Imperial war machine already fuelled by Denton Patreus. The Marines intend to interdict all traders in the system and thus halt economic growth. Traders will be given a single warning to leave the system. Any further action will result in more aggressive coercion." GalNet reached out to President Halsey's office to request an official statement in regards to the Merchant Marines' actions. At time of press, the President's office had not yet chosen to reply.[103]

22 APR 3301

  • Denton Patreus and Aisling Duval were spotted in attendance at 'A Dinner to Defeat Dementia' in Capitol last night. The Empire's favourite power couple spent several hours mingling with Senators, CEOs and a few of the charity's lucky patrons, before dazzling the crowd with a rather energetic display on the dance floor. Aisling was dressed in an unusually demure, long necked, floor length red gown with flowing sleeves. The Senator was dressed casually in an open necked navy blue shirt with stylish silver trimming along the collar and cuffs. The couple were accompanied by Aisling's new entourage, a dozen young orphans, dubbed Aisling's 'Cherubs' by the attendees. The children delighted the crowd by singing, dancing and reciting several epic works of Imperial poetry.[14]

21 APR 3301

  • In what many pundits are calling a clear attempt to consolidate his position as the most influential arms dealer in the Empire, Senator Denton Patreus has today announced an initiative to rejuvenate Parkinson Dock, in order to promote the development of High Tech goods in Eotienses. The initiative, which is being overseen by the Citizens' Forum, aims to bring thousands of new jobs to the region. Imperial corporations are already engaged in a hot bidding war over rights to establish a presence on the newly reinvigorated Parkinson Dock, despite rumours that most of the available space has been reserved for businesses with established ties to the Senator. In order to properly repurpose the facilities aboard Parkinson Dock, the Citizens' Forum has placed several sizable orders of Industrial Materials in the local market. Once those orders are filled, engineers will be able to start work on the rejuvenation process.[104]

20 APR 3301

  • Senator Patreus has today begun the process of sending his agents to reclaim the debt owed to him by the government of Kui Hsien. The Friends of Kui Hsien, the cooperative council that rules over the region, had previously entered into an agreement with Senator Patreus to supply Kui Hsien with the arms they needed to repel an invasion by the Federal-aligned Future of LTT 911 Party. Kui Hsien's economy was devastated during the war with LTT 911, and the Friends now find themselves in the unenviable position of being unable to repay their debt. Over the last week, dozens of local traders have gone to extraordinary efforts to stimulate Kui Hsien's economy. Sadly their efforts were not enough, as the Friends of Kui Hsien still find themselves unable to meet the financial demands placed on them by Senator Patreus and Eotienses Silver Universal PLC. As a result, Senator Patreus has authorised the Conservatives of BV Phoenicis to begin the forfeiture process. Imperial mercenaries interested in participating in the reclamation effort are being invited to sign up for active duty aboard Aoki Dock in BV Phoenicis.[105]

13 APR 3301

  • Denton Patreus and Aisling Duval were spotted grabbing dinner in Capitol late last night at the very exclusive pop-up restaurant, Fodder. The Empire's favourite power couple appeared to have a good time, with the pair polishing off several bottles of Chateau De Aegaeon during the course of their three-hour meal. Aisling looked stunning in a lace red dress with matching accessories. Senator Patreus was his usual dashing self, although he had chosen to go for a more casual unbuttoned look for his dinner date with the people's princess. After dinner the pair are believed to have retired to the Senator's ship, the Imperial Freedom, which departed Capitol for Eotienses this morning. According to Capitol Space Control, Aisling was onboard the Imperial Freedom when it departed.[13]

13 APR 3301

  • Last week it was announced that Silver Universal PLC, the financial branch of the military corporate conglomerate led by Senator Patreus, would be raising interest rates on all outstanding loan agreements. Following the news, several dozen independent systems reached out to Silver Universal PLC to ask to refinance their previously agreed loans. Silver Universal PLC was gracious enough to work with its debtors to come to new arrangements wherever possible. In some instances, new deals could not be made, but {Imperia} is confident that most of its clients will continue to honour their agreements, regardless of any short term difficulties they may currently be facing. Unfortunately, not all debtors were willing to face up to their responsibilities. In particular, Kui Hsien and Quivira have refused to acknowledge Silver Universal PLC's legal right to increase its rates. In protest, both systems have stopped all payments to Silver Universal PLC. A particularly dangerous gambit given the Senator's history when dealing with systems that refuse to pay their debts.[106]

08 APR 3301

  • The last week has seen a bustle of activity in Imperial space. Senator Torval went head to head with Aisling Duval to prove once and for all that Imperial Slavery is here to stay. Aisling's Angels did the best they could to support the people's princess, freeing an astonishing 1,149,756 Imperial Slaves in the span of just one week. Unfortunately for the diva Duval, the Imperial Slavers Association managed to acquire a staggering 2,387,567 Unregulated Slaves in the same space of time. The Unregulated Slaves are currently undergoing an intensive ISA-certified retraining regime. The graduates of which are expected to go on sale from Lagerkvist Gateway next weekend. Princess Arissa has been making her presence felt by shining a light on the darker corners of the Empire. Thousands of criminals have been apprehended by Commanders working on behalf of Arissa, although sadly only a handful of them have been able to provide any clues as to who ordered the attack on the Emperor. The Princess will announce what new information has come to light once her Imperial courtiers have finished with their current investigation. Finally, Senator Patreus has reached a new financial agreement with Themiscrya, a system that owes the Senator a sizeable debt due to loans taken out by the current government before they came to power. In less pleasant news, Silver Universal PLC (the Senator's financial services subsidiary) has announced that from next week it will be raising interest rates on all outstanding debts owed to the Senator.[107]

08 APR 3301

  • Senator Denton Patreus issued notice 8 days ago of his intention to seek legal recourse over the Nationals of Themiscrya's failure to meet their financial obligations. The news sent waves of panic through the tiny independent system, with many residents choosing to flee rather than risk being turned into assets to appease the Senator. However, reports coming from Ritchey Port indicate that a new debt agreement has been reached between Silver Universal PLC and the Nationals of Themiscrya, effectively ending any imminent action from Senator Patreus's legal team. It is believed that the new agreement only came about due to the efforts of several dozen small business owners, whose tireless efforts over the last week have seen Themiscrya enjoy a small period of economic boom. This in turn provided the funds needed for the Nationals of Themiscrya to pay off the principal on their debt.[108]

03 APR 3301

  • Since Princess Arissa's impassioned speech on the steps of the Imperial palace yesterday evening, Citizens the length and breadth of the Empire have been speculating as to which group (or groups) prompted the princess to take such a public stand against them. Despite rumours suggesting that the speech was intended as a warning to Senators Torval and Patreus, both of whom have flouted Imperial law on multiple occasions, GalNet can now exclusively reveal that the Princess was in fact talking about the unknown assailant responsible for the attack on the Emperor. In a further statement released to GalNet this morning, the Princess had this to say: "I will not sit idly by while unseen assailants strike at the very heart of our nation. The time for action is now, and I call on all loyal Imperial citizens to join me in my mission to purge the Empire of all those who wish to see it harmed. For the next 7 days my agents on Simpson Depot in Facece will be empowering citizens to act on my behalf in the fight against Imperial corruption. I urge all loyal residents of the Empire to join me in hunting down the fiends who attacked our father at his weakest. Your compliance will be rewarded."[109]

31 MAR 3301

  • The small system of Themiscrya has found itself embroiled in a row with Imperial Senator Denton Patreus. According to sources close to the situation, last year the Nationals of Themiscrya borrowed heavily from Senator Patreus in order to initiate regime change in Themiscrya. Now the Senator has called in the debt, and the Nationals of Themiscrya find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to make good on their obligations. Since taking over the government of Themiscrya last June, the Nationals of Themiscrya have instituted a number of policies designed to help stabilise the previously volatile region. One such policy included heavily fortifying both their headquarters on Lily May and Themiscrya's satellite defence system aboard Bamford Station. Unfortunately, the defence system was sold to Themiscrya by representatives of Senator Patreus in the first place. Whether or not Patreus has remote access to the satellite defence system remains to be seen. Senator Patreus has offered the Nationals of Themiscrya a 7-day grace period in which to come to terms with the Senator's finance team. If an agreement cannot be reached, Senator Patreus has indicated that he will be sending bailiffs to reclaim his property.[110]

27 MAR 3301

  • In recent weeks the tiny system of Falisci has become a hotbed of activity. First came the war against the Falisci Purple Gang, which saw Senator Patreus and the Citizens of Tradition dominate the region with their superior firepower and overwhelming numbers. By the end of the week long struggle, the Falisci Purple Gang's leadership was in chains, and its members sold off to work as Imperial Slaves. Then the Social Falisci Party, backed by a coalition of Federal squadrons, began attempting to exert their influence over the system. Imperial pilots fought back until it became clear that the Federation had grown tired of its futile attempts to overthrow the rightful rulers of the region. The region may be devastated and its people may be in chains, but the Emperor's peace has finally come to Falisci.[111]

20 MAR 3301

  • Senator Patreus and Aisling Duval have been spotted out and about on Facece this weekend. The Empire's newest power couple took to the fashion halls for a pleasant afternoon shopping spree, accompanied by a vast entourage of followers and hangers-on. The couple walked hand in hand as security cleared the way for them to enter shops and purchase beverages. The pair spent around three hours perusing the goods on offer in the Facece fashion halls, before retiring to Senator Patreus's ship for a light dinner.[12]

14 MAR 3301

  • Chancellor Blaine made a rare appearance at today's Senate meeting in order to address remarks made earlier in the week by Senator Denton Patreus. "It is with regret that I must deny the honourable Senator's request to access the Emperor's medical records. As has always been the case, for reasons of national security his Majesty's medical records are only accessible by the Emperor's personal physicians. Should his Majesty's condition change in any way, for better or for worse, I will make sure to inform the Senate as soon as possible. Until such an event comes to pass, I will continue to act in the Emperor's stead, according to his will. As for the question of succession, that will be addressed when the situation calls for it and not before."[11]

12 MAR 3301

  • In an address delivered to the Imperial Senate earlier today, Senator Denton Patreus has called on Chancellor Blaine to provide the Senate with full access to the ailing Emperor's medical records. "The current situation is untenable," the Senator said. "How long are we expected to simply accept that Emperor Hengist is on the road to recovery? It's been months now and there's been no sign of the Emperor making a recovery of any kind. For the sake of the entire Empire, we need to know whether or not Emperor Hengist is ever going to be able to reclaim the throne. If Emperor Hengist really is getting better, then Chancellor Blaine should release the Emperor's medical records to show the Senate that there is nothing to worry about. If not, we need to establish what needs to be done to secure our citizens' future."[10]

12 MAR 3301

  • Senator Patreus and Aisling Duval have been spotted together at a number of popular nightspots in Capitol this week, leading some social commentators to speculate that the two may have become romantically involved. If true, the association could potentially secure Senator Patreu's bid to become the leading voice of the Empire. While Aisling herself is not currently considered a serious contender for the Imperial Throne, her pairing with the Senator could provide the leverage he needs to secure support from a large portion of the Senate, particularly from those who are currently throwing their weight behind Chancellor Blaine. When asked for comment, both Senator Patreus and Aisling Duval refused to answer any questions regarding their possible relationship.[9]

07 MAR 3301

  • Senator Patreus and the Citizens of Tradition have been successful in their crusade against the Falisci Purple Gang. Falisci has fallen to Imperial forces and is currently in the process of being assimilated into Imperial society. All outstanding payments due to Imperial veterans of the Falisci war are now available for collection from Dornier Terminal in Ngaiawang. To celebrate Senator Patreus's victory, Senator Torval is offering a 10% discount on all Imperial slaves purchased from Dornier Terminal until next weekend. However, the war for control of Falisci may not quite be over yet. Reports have started to come in from the region that a civil war is currently brewing between the Citizens of Tradition and the Federal Social Falisci Partnership Party. If the Social Falisci Partnership Party is successful in its attempt to disrupt the Citizens of Tradition's hold over Phillips Landing, the Federation may be able to gain control over Falisci.[112]

04 MAR 3301

  • Imperial forces have decimated the majority of the Falisci Purple Gang's fleet, just five days after the Citizens of Tradition declared war against the dreaded pirate crew and their allies. Now only a handful of the Purple Gang's most stalwart members remain to defend their territory against the Citizens of Tradition and the thousands of loyal citizens who have flocked to Falisci to fight by their side. What little resistance the gang is still able to muster will almost certainly not be enough to keep the Citizens of Tradition from taking control of the system. However, reports are coming in from the region that the Federally aligned Social Falisci Partnership are currently attempting to bolster the Purple Gang's numbers in what is surely a futile attempt to stop Senator Patreus from taking control of the sector.[113]

27 FEB 3301

  • There's war brewing in the Empire, as despite a stern warning issued in their direction by Senator Denton Patreus, the pirates of Falisci continue to plunder innocent traders as they pass through on the way to ply their wares in Dongzi and Ngaiawang. Things could soon change however, as reports are coming in that warships belonging to the Citizens of Tradition, a group well known for their support of Senator Patreus, have been spotted amassing on the borders of Falisci. When pressed for comment, Commander Shole of the Citizens of Tradition had this to say: "We've got our orders. No traders are going under on our watch. If those Falisci scumbags so much as think about crossing this border, they're going to wish they hadn't." Imperial Commanders willing to join the fight to defend Imperial space should seek out the Citizens of Tradition aboard Dornier Terminal in Ngaiawang.[114]

17 FEB 3301

  • During a gathering of patrons held on Eotienses earlier today, Senator Denton Patreus received a standing ovation after delivering a stirring speech on the importance of internal security. "We live in uncertain times my friends," the Senator began. "The health of the Emperor is failing and the wolves are at our door. Even here, close to the very heart of our Empire, there are dangers lurking in every shadow." The Senator went on to say: "It might surprise you to learn that just 30 mere lightyears from where we stand bloody handed chaos reigns supreme. The criminals of Falisci use their privileged sovereignty to peck away at law abiding Imperial states, and they are far from the only ones to do so. Is it not our honour bound duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves? We must purge the Empire of these parasites in our midst. Only then will we be free to achieve our true destiny."[115]

16 FEB 3301

  • It's been an interesting week for the people of Durius as they continue to undergo assimilation into the greater Imperial fold. As part of that process, the management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week. A move that was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senator Patreus and Senator Torval. Senator Patreus has said of this: "I am glad the remaining citizens of Durius have freely entered the honourable Imperial tradition and agreed to repay their share of the debt by voluntarily becoming Imperial Slaves until their debts are fully repaid. I wish them well." Given the fact that the remaining citizenry are in good financial standing, the temporary sale of Imperial Slaves from Durius has now come to an end.[116]

06 FEB 3301

  • The mass selling off of all surplus military assets from the Speke Prospect armoury was carried out at the behest of Imperial Senator Denton Patreus, to whom the people of Durius owe a rather significant debt. The Citizens of Tradition, acting in their position as custodians of Durius, have promised to use their newly acquired funds to further stimulate the local economy through the creation of new employment opportunities. To that end, Senator Patreus, in association with Senator Torval, has generously offered to provide free training for all debt- ridden citizens of Durius willing to be retrained for work as Imperial Slaves to clear their remaining debt.[117]

29 JAN 3301

  • Following on from the cessation of hostilities in Durius, civic management teams operating on behalf of Senator Patreus have declared that they will be holding a fire sale to clear out any excess equipment which the citizens of Durius no longer require. It is hoped that the sale will generate some much needed capital for the impoverished region, although how many of the credits will be directly spent on the Durius system remains unknown. When asked to comment on the matter, Senator Patreus's office said that a fair repayment schedule has been organised. They went on to state that most of the credits accrued would be left in the hands of the Citizens of Tradition, who will continue to manage the day to day running of Durius for the foreseeable future. It is not clear at this stage whether this will cover the repayments. Any pilots interested in saving themselves some serious credits on small non-Imperial ship upgrades are advised to head over to the Speke Prospect outpost in Durius immediately. Sale only while stocks last![118]

22 JAN 3301

  • Senator Patreus today announced an end to hostilities in the Durius system. The conflict in Durius began after the ruling authorities defaulted on a large debt that they'd inherited from the previous government. The Senator's civic management teams are now in the process of taking over control of the system's government in preparation for its new status as an Imperial world. As well as declaring the aforementioned changes, Senator Patreus offered a great deal of praise in response to the overwhelming number of independent pilots who travelled to Durius in order to join his cause - "In this modern age of new drive technology and rapid interstellar travel we find ourselves becoming ever more reliant on the outstanding work carried out by our honoured allies of the Pilot's Federation. Without their timely assistance many more casualties would have befallen both sides of the conflict. Not just myself, but the people of Durius owe those brave independent pilots a debt of gratitude for helping to end this war before it got truly out of hand."[119]

19 JAN 3301

  • In the first Senate session in the New Year since the public holidays, Senator Denton Patreus, Senator for Eotienses, has asked the burning question of the Senate. He directed it at the Chancellor, Senator Blaine - "It saddens us to hear that his grace Emperor Hengist has fallen into a coma, but we need to think for the future of our beloved Empire. How long will his grace be in a coma before we trigger the succession? This has not happened in over a thousand years, and it is for us to decide. One day? One week? One month? One year? We need a strong leader, and we should set a date in the near future when we review the situation." There was a frisson of mumbling in the Senate after his comments and a general consensus to review the situation at the next session.[8]

15 JAN 3301

  • Call Hagen, the leader of the League of Nabatean Defence Party, today called for a zero tax policy for citizens of the system of Nabatean at an impromptu rally. "We citizens of the Federation are treated poorly compared to the progressive policies evident within the Empire. The Federation is older and stronger but our heritage is weighed down with the bondage of taxation. Let us learn from the strong leadership of Senator Patreus and his Imperial colleagues and ensure that our own society is not a burden upon our families." A spokesperson for the Workers of Nabatean refused to comment on what he described 'the ravings of a mad man'. Ignoring the speech may be a mistake for the current ruling party as the opposition received a massive swing in support after the speech.[120]

07 JAN 3301

  • It seems many private pilots have been helping Senator Patreus' warships against the government of Durius, and that the government is suffering serious losses. Despite Senator Patreus' actions Durius has still not settled the debt. Governor Malachai gave the following interview from his governmental headquarters - "It is heart-warming to see the support for a down-trodden system like ours from commanders of independent ships. Sadly there are those who are siding with Patreus. We hope they will see the error of their ways before it is too late." There are reports from sources close to Senator Patreus is pleased with his force's progress so far. Another aide quipped that that the "Governor Malachai is clearly deluding himself!"[121]

04 JAN 3301

  • In response to yesterday's announcement from the Federal Congressman from Dulos, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus announced he will support any other systems that want to leave the Federation. "The Federation is treating its members with contempt. Their penal tax rates support an indolent core society, and discourage entrepreneurship. I offer my assistance to any other systems that want it. Naturally I extend my offer of help to Jane Garvey." We couldn't reach Congressman Garvey of Dulos for comment, but Patreus's words are being taken seriously by the Federal leadership.[122]

04 JAN 3301

  • It seems the steps of Congress have become a venue for interviews with politicians amid the repetitive protest holos and the tenacious but now quite dishevelled protesters. Today was Shadow President Hudson's turn. "Halsey is lurching from crisis to crisis seemingly without a plan. Look at this. 'Oniongate' it is being called. Madness. She is rudderless. Indecisive. Do any of us have any faith in her anymore? We cannot wait until her vote of confidence in 3304 to get rid of her. We need to act now. I will raise this in Congress as we need to put some backbone back into the Federation. We need to lower taxes. Get our youth in work or in the military. Raise the voting age to 21. Stop the haemorrhage of great systems like Dulos and Sanna. That woman is driving them into the arms of that Imperial weasel Patreus." Reports are marking this as the beginning of an election campaign for Hudson. [123]

03 JAN 3301

  • In a short interview outside his mansion on the shores of Lake Parisot on Topaz, Facece, Chancellor Anders Blaine was asked about his views on the succession, and he replied: "I appreciated Arissa's kind words just before the New Year. She is of course absolutely right. Stability is what the Empire needs more than anything. She has been around court for much of her life and I know her well. Emperor Hengist has made it clear to me he would wish her to be his successor. His marriage to Florence Lavigny will clear this up and Arissa will be the heir to the throne, and I support her." This has helped quell some of the speculation caused by comments from other senior senators like Patreus and Torval. Markets have responded positively to what seems like a resolution to the succession.[6]

02 JAN 3301

  • The Emperor's denouncement of his son Harold as mad, and announcement of his intention to marry childhood sweetheart Florence Lavigny, have served to confer legitimacy (in more ways than one) to Florence's daughter Arissa. She duly announced her intention to change her surname to Duval and appears to be positioning herself and Chancellor Anders Blaine as the continuity 'ticket'. Aisling Duval, Harold's daughter, is meanwhile using her celebrity to court public sympathy and pick a fight with Senator Torval over the latter's slaving activities. Imperial Senators Zemina Torval and Denton Patreus are both at large in the galaxy, Torval freeing unregulated Federal slaves over the holiday period and Patreus fighting a series of covert and overt wars in different systems (with varying degrees of success). The Federation has had its share of problems too. President Halsey's denial of responsibility for the Onionhead farm bombings in Kappa Fornacis seems to have exposed divisions in the hierarchy that Shadow President Hudson has lost no time in exploiting. Tensions between both Empire and Federation appear to be coming to a head over the Sanna system. Sanna wants to leave the Federation in protest over the recent tax increases, and Senator Patreus is only too willing to offer his particular brand of help.[124]

01 JAN 3301

  • In his New Year's message Senator Patreus has announced he supports Sanna's bid for freedom, and will do whatever it takes to help them. "We will make this happen as we enter a glorious new year and a historic new century. Maybe Congressman Albertson will be Senator Albertson before long!" Seeing the broadcast on Sanna, Marcus Albertson responded via social media. "Senator Patreus is very generous. I will of course tender my resignation from Congress before speaking to the honourable Senator about this, but freedom from tyranny is a great thing and something we all look forward to."[125]

31 DEC 3300

  • On the Imperial Herald political show, Arissa Lavigny gave a long and detailed interview, hinting that the Emperor's status was not as serious as some claimed. "We've heard a lot of debate between the honourable Denton Patreus, Aisling Duval, and Zemina Torval, but we need to look at the Empire itself. We need continuity, not in-fighting. His Excellency Chancellor Anders Blaine has served my father well for over five decades. Soon my mother will finally marry my father, but rest assured if and when the time comes I will serve the Empire as best I can, and will bring continuity and stability." Share prices on Imperial markets have already risen in pre-holiday trading.[126]

29 DEC 3300

  • The armed conflict between Senator Patreus's Imperial forces and those of the impoverished Durius system continues. Patreus is paying well for outside assistance, but an exhausted Governor Malachai has spoken out. "What can we do? Our people are dying. We cannot pay even the interest on these crippling debts. Those irresponsible fools that accepted this money in the first place are long gone, but we are left to pick up the pieces. How can we ever hope to get out of this hell? I call on those independent governments out there like ours thinking of getting into debt with this evil Senator to think twice. We are forced to protect our homes because that is all we have left."[127]

26 DEC 3300

  • Commanders' assistance helped Imperial Senator Zemina Torval gain a crushing victory and 76% influence in the Sorbago system. Torval used the Mastopolus Mining Corporation as a front to acquire slaves and bolster her power base in the manoeuvring to succeed the ailing Emperor Hengist Duval. Senator Denton Patreus was dealt a bloody nose in the Jera system, with Commanders weighing in to ensure that the incumbent Jera Social Democrats remained in power despite Patreus's best efforts. The Emperor himself has been making quite an impact for such an allegedly frail man. Days after appearing in the Senate to pronounce his son and heir Harold 'not of sound mind', Hengist Duval announced his intention to marry his sweetheart from their younger years, Florence Lavigny. Even in his condition, the Emperor will be fully aware of the focus this throws on his and Florence's illegitimate daughter Arissa. The soon-to-be Princess Arissa immediately announced her intent to change her surname to Duval, seemingly putting her in pole position in the succession race. Undeterred by his defeat in Jera, Senator Patreus has declared all out war on the tiny feudal system of Durius for defaulting on massive loan payments to him. Commanders are taking this fresh opportunity to earn credits whilst influencing the wider battle for Imperial succession. Although support for the Durius government has risen slightly since Patreus's intervention, the outcome is still very much in the balance. The Federation are also active. After blockading Kappa Fornacis and then apparently sending Federal dropships in to bomb its Onion Head farms, President Halsey yesterday surprisingly sought to deny responsibility for the outrage - she suggested Admiral Vincent was acting without her authority.[128]

26 DEC 3300

  • In a frosty response to a question from a reporter climbing into a speeder, Senator Torval replied: "All this in-fighting over the succession is unseemly. I have at least as much Imperial blood as that Arissa Lavigny woman and you don't see me clamouring for the throne. Any fool can change their name to Duval, but it makes no difference. I may disagree with Senator Patreus on many things but he is right on this matter. We must do what is best for our beloved Empire. Not glory for an individual. In the absence of a clear well-prepared successor, the throne should go to the Senator most popular with the Citizens, and like it or not that is currently Patreus."[129]

24 DEC 3300

  • Senator Denton Patreus refused to comment today when questioned regarding the apparent failure of the rebellion in the Jera system despite his support. Reports from the system have indicated that the local security forces with the support of hired independent pilots experienced little difficulty in suppressing the attacks by the rebel forces. One of the pilots commented: "I've never had a job this easy. It's like the rebels can't even be bothered to fight. It's the easiest money I've ever made!" A source close to the senator revealed that more forces may be sent to the system.[130]

23 DEC 3300

  • Senator Patreus held talks on his Majestic class Interdictor the "Imperial Freedom" last night. The talks in the palatial Red Room on his ship were an impressive affair, but they quickly broke down early this morning, GMT, and Governor Malachai flew back to Durius without any comment to the press. After the talks Senator Patreus gave an interview with journalists that had been invited on board for the talks. "I am very disappointed that Mr. Malachai has not taken this issue seriously. Honour and honesty are vital attributes in our modern society, and here we have seen neither. It is with a heavy heart I have decided to take action to recover the debt from Durius. I have ships already in the Durius system, and more will be deployed as required." Panic has spread through the tiny population of this feudal backwater, as the system moves to a war footing.[131]

22 DEC 3300

  • Senator Denton Patreus announced today in a press release that the government of the impoverished Durius system has defaulted on the loan he provided in 3294. The Senator has given them 24 hours to make the overdue payment or action would be taken. A haggard Governor Xavier Malachai, leader of "Durius Dominion" in Durius said to anxious reporters: "The interest on this debt is crippling us. It is not as if the money helped the people of Durius. It went into military hardware, bought at full price from Patreus, all those years ago. We've offered to return the warships - we cannot afford to crew them anyway, but Patreus is not interested. We cannot afford the payment. We can't sell them, so what can we do?"[132]

21 DEC 3300

  • At the annual Feast of the 100, a banquet for key business leaders on Capitol in Achenar, one of the after dinner speakers, Senator Denton Patreus declared the importance of the Imperial succession. "We have a truly great Empire. Our grace Emperor Hengist is sadly not well, and I wish him a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, we do need to plan should the worst happen. The choice of our next Emperor is a vital one. The succession should not be about family bloodlines, but about who would be best for the future Empire. For past generations, and for Hengist himself, he was groomed for power for decades by his great father, and this has worked well for over a thousand years. It was not just about blood, it was about learning from his father. This time there is no such successor, so things need to change."[133]

19 DEC 3300

  • 16 December 3300 was the day President Halsey declared the onionhead narcotic illegal in Federal systems. The outrage amongst the Farmer's Cooperative may be tempered by the fact that her edict doesn't seem to have had much effect on Commanders' activity, quite the oppostite in fact, with Kappa Fornacis' finest produce being eagerly distributed to the black market throughout the galaxy, and especially within Federal systems. We've heard a whisper that Madame President's dismay at this may lead her to start flexing her metaphorical muscles. Meanwhile Senator Torval is looking to shore up her powerbase in the deadly game of Imperial succession that is being played out. Her wealth is built on slavery, and from the 26 million credits claimed by Commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the Senator it looks like she is gaining traction. Senator Denton Patreus, meanwhile, is engaged in a more even fight. Ever the one to manipulate strife to his own ends whilst disguising his intentions with grandiose sentiments, Patreus has thrown his considerable resources behind the Jera Nationalists. The incumbent Jera Social Democrats are currently managing to hold their own in the battle for control in the system, with Commanders' support evenly split.[134]

18 DEC 3300

  • In a popular move, Senator Denton Patreus has announced the already low tax regime for all Imperial Citizens under his patronage will be lowered to zero. Before boarding his private yacht he said to reporters present: "It is the duty of the successful to provide well for their loyal supporters. Our many successes abroad have brought us vast wealth. I take pride that those under my patronage get the best medical care, the best assistance if they fall on hard times, and because of their support in the past, the lowest taxes." Patreus is said to earn vast sums in interest payments on the many loans he has made to foreign governments to buy Imperial weaponry, which he also supplies.[135]

17 DEC 3300

  • In a move that is sure to worry some independent governments, Senator Denton Patreus has announced his forces have been sent to aid the long-suffering rebels in the Jera system. He answered questions on the steps of the Imperial Opera House on Conversion in the Achenar system. "The left-leaning government in Jera has long been oppressing hard-working minorities. This is the fundamental problem with democracy - the bullying of the aspirational minority by the indolent majority. That bullying has to stop."[136]

26 SEP 3300

  • Yesterday's peace talks between the Eranin government and Federation-leaning rebels collapsed into chaos yesterday. An ambassador of the Independent Alliance was due to attend in support of Eranin but did not arrive - furious Eranin government officials accused the Federation of interference. It seems Ambassador Eliza Fernandez was delayed by customs en route to Eranin after the ship she was travelling in was caught with contraband Celebration Liquor on board at a Federal stop-and-search in the Opala system. Silvia Calhoon, the Federal Representative from Aulin who chaired yesterday's peace talks, said: "We offer our sympathy for Ms Fernandez being delayed, but government representatives need to lead by example. However, we are here to focus on mediation, and helping to settle the internal conflict between the Eranin government and a section of their people. We need both sides to sit down and talk. Sadly, the Eranin government did not stay long yesterday; we cannot achieve this noble goal if the Eranin government refuses to talk." The Eranin government, who were yesterday rumored to be bankrolled by Imperial Senator Patreus, made no comment. However, shortly afterwards heavy fighting was reported in i Bootis as Eranin Defence Force ships attacked Federal Navy assets. Reports are also coming in of strikes and sabotage disrupting the markets in Louis de Lacaille Prospect (LHS 3262), Romanenko Estate (Opala) and Moxons Mojo (Bolg) - all Federal systems. In the last hour rebel ships have attacked in Asellus Primus and Wyrd, both Independent systems, supportive of the government in Eranin. The LP 98-132 anarchy is home to the Freeport starport, which was the source of many illegal weapons supplied to the Federation backed rebels and is currently subject to a civilian blockade. Many Commanders have been mobilized in support of each side. The Faulcon deLacy Limited Edition Black / Wireframe paint job is being used by protagonists from each side as a method of indicating their participation, but disguising their allegiance. The blockaders have come out as against the Federation but still remain independent. We received this message from them outlining their intention to align themselves with the Eranin Defence forces:
    "Greetings Commanders and citizens of LP 98-132,
    We've had a chat, Treyshon and I; we have made up our minds about the current situation and feel that we can no longer ignore the escalating tensions. We've been carrying on as normal as if nothing is happening. Burying our heads in the sand, so to speak. If the Federation manage to bring Eranin back into their oppressive fold we will start to see Federal influence creep into LP 98. This cannot be allowed to happen. Therefore, as of right now, we are aligning ourselves with the Eranin Defence forces to push back against the Feds and FTPS is officially on hiatus from taxation duties. Over the next couple of days we will be scanning all ships leaving Freeport and will destroy ANY vessels attempting to smuggle weapons out of Freeport, be them Elite Federation pilots or otherwise. We will NOT tolerate any efforts to bolster the Federation's position in Eranin and the surrounding systems. We are doing this as much for ourselves as for the pilots and citizens of Freeport that enjoy the free trade and everything else that comes from existing in an anarchic system. We will not tolerate interference here. Rise up now, never surrender!"
    CMDR Star Noble's 'recruitment campaign' is increasing the numbers of privateers targeting Chango Dock. During a routine scouting mission CMDR Qrunch Miner has discovered a huge Federation fleet amassing at i Bootis B Unidentified Signal Source! In combat news, CMDR Nemesis T Warlock is still racking up the Kills against the Feds whilst CMDR Erarda is coming out is force against Eranin. CMDR Maeyae has become the top trader of liquor in a type 9, trading 20 times in one day, amassing over 8000 units and CMDR Jak sold Liquor in 13 different stations in just one day.[137]

25 SEP 3300

  • As Eranin 30th Anniversary celebratory liquor is spread far and wide, the Federation Black Ops teams are moving to more overt than covert operations in support of the rebels, removing all doubt that the rebels are a Federation proxy. Consequently, the gloves are now well and truly off in the conflict between the Eranin government and the Federation-backed rebels, with ever-increasing numbers of Commanders involved on each side. Congressman Silvia Calhoon, the Federal Representative from nearby Aulin, is today chairing peace talks at a secret, secure outpost between representatives of the Eranin government and the rebel leaders. Our as yet unconfirmed reports still suggest a representative of the Independent Alliance is also attending. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Senator Patreus denied rumours that he had personally extended a loan to the Eranin government.[138]

24 SEP 3300

  • There are still commanders such as CMDR Pheyes who are ambivalent about their allegiance and appear to be indiscriminate in their targeting. Many more, however, appear to be aligning themselves strongly with one camp or the other. CMDR zenoic neatly summed up Eranin supporters' feelings. "Freedom, yes. Freedom to trade legitimate goods, freedom from Federal sponsored terrorism, freedom from Federal bullying. Long live the Eranin revolution! 30 more years!" CMDR Nemesis T Warlock in his Anaconda is rapidly catching up with CMDR BlueFalcon at the top of the Most Wanted list in Federal space, and CMDR Mark0 continues to uphold Independence for Asellus and Eranin. CMDR DeGrimmy is taking it upon himself to arrange more organised activity. "A group of pilots, myself included, will be taking the fight to the Federation by attacking their forces at i Bootis B. A broadcast will be available at 8pm BST (~5 minutes from posting). The USS can be found ~10Ls away from I Bootis B. If they are not stopped at Eranin, they will not stop at all. I found a bulletin at Federation occupied Magec earlier, asking for "Federation Patriots" to fight any independent system security force in return for a handsome sum of credits. This has to stop." CMDR Ozric's assertion of "Better dead than red!" would seem to indicate that he is firmly on the side of the Federation-supporting rebels. CMDR 2H@RD 2H@NDLE is putting his lasers where his mouth is by heroically defending Federal assets in i Bootis with a Cobra, whilst CMDR Cryo is doing a similar job in Dahan. The tension is cranking up and rumors are spreading like wildfire. CMDR MarktJones messaged: "Getting dozens of 'Request Denied' responses from the station, at first I thought the traffic control had got their hands on some of the celebration liquor. But then I realised, the Federation has hacked the docking control system at Azeban City." It seems yesterday's blithe denial by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus hasn't convinced all of you. CMDR knowles2 says: "The Empire senator sounds like he could barely keep a straight face during that interview. I wonder how long it will be until an Imperial fleet is spotted above Eranin to protect them from Federal aggression." And of course there are those such as CMDR Lukozer, who are fiercely loyal to the Empire. "Death to the Federation! My loyalties are with the Empire, but ... the independent systems get my support, particularly Eranin which seems to have some 'unofficial backing' from the glorious Empire".[139]

24 SEP 3300

  • Perhaps rather than conflict, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus' characterization of the situation around Eranin yesterday as 'civil war' is growing more accurate by the day... Commanders continue to fly in support of both sides of the conflict, although with a slight majority on the Federal side - the side of the rebellion. We spoke to representatives from both sides last night. A source close to the communist Eranin government passed on this message for broadcast: "The Federation-backed rebels are determined to undermine everything Eranin stands for. Comrades! It is time to take up arms and fight the capitalist aggressors!" There has been a massive surge in Eranin celebratory liquor being smuggled into Federation-controlled Chango Dock. The Eranin government wants to see even more destinations targeted with the now-symbolic liquor to spread support for their cause. Off the record they are also keen for more practical assistance from Commanders in fighting. A spokesperson for the Federation-backed rebels, who wished to remain anonymous, told us: "We want to be free to live our lives! Help us kick some Commie butt and break this centralist oppression - every form we fill in, every eye-watering taxation increase, every permit they deny, a little something dies inside us. They will not control us!" We are getting reports that the Independent Alliance are about to formally intervene on Eranin's behalf with Federation representatives.[140]

23 SEP 3300

  • We are working our data sources hard in order to bring you behind the scenes information on that spectacular Faulcon deLacy price deal which is throwing fuel on the fire of the Eranin / Federation tensions by militarizing both sides. Who stands to gain from the Federation and a member of the Independent Alliance being embroiled in a struggle? The Empire's well known Senator Denton Patreus visited our local area of space some months ago, and is known to have wined-and-dined key Eranin dignitaries onboard his sumptuous travelling embassy. Senator Patreus, you will recall, is a popular figure who travels the galaxy with his substantial entourage in a giant white Imperial Cruiser, 'maintaining good relations' with numerous independent governments throughout human space. One of our correspondents managed to grab a word with him yesterday as he hosted a banquet back in Imperial space, and asked him if he had any involvement. "I visit dozens of systems each month. I have no idea what they are planning, but the notion that a Senator of the Empire would lower himself to dabble in local business like this is preposterous." He added: "The entry requirements for a system to join our wonderful Imperial fold are pretty high, and what looks like a civil war is hardly going to help their case." Our correspondent was ushered out of the banquet shortly afterwards.[141]


Never was anything great achieved without risk.

— Senator Denton Patreus

The choice of our next Emperor is a vital one. The succession should not be about family bloodlines, but about who would be best for the future Empire. For past generations, and for Hengist himself, he was groomed for power for decades by his great father, and this has worked well for over a thousand years. It was not just about blood, it was about learning from his father. This time there is no such successor, so things need to change.

— Senator Denton Patreus

It is the duty of the successful to provide well for their loyal supporters. Our many successes abroad have brought us vast wealth. I take pride that those under my patronage get the best medical care, the best assistance if they fall on hard times, and because of their support in the past, the lowest taxes.

— Senator Denton Patreus

Honour and honesty are vital attributes in our modern society.

— Senator Denton Patreus


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