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[[ru:Diamondback Scout]]
[[ru:Diamondback Scout]]
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[[Category:Lakon Spaceways]]

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Diamondback Scout
Diamondback Scout - Profile
ManufacturerLakon Spaceways
Years Produced3300-Present
Cost564,320 CR
Insurance28,216 CR
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeSmall
Dimensions39.0m x 24.3m x 12.3m
Pilot Seats1
Fighter HangarNo
Hull Mass170 t
Mass Lock Factor8
Armour Hardness40
Shields92 MJ
Top Speed286 m/s
Boost Speed384 m/s
Unladen Jump Range11.35 ly
Cargo Capacity0 t
Fuel Capacity16 t
Hardpoints4x Utility Mounts
2x Small Hardpoints
2x Medium Hardpoints
Internals2x Size 1 Compartments
1x Size 2 Compartment
3x Size 3 Compartments
Maximum Non-Engineered Specs
Top Speed329 m/s
Boost Speed441 m/s
Unladen Jump Range30.4 ly
Cargo Capacity32 t

Developed by Lakon Spaceways, the Diamondback Scout is a dual-purpose combat and exploration ship. Its 30 light-year jump range makes it popular with aspiring explorers, while its exceptional manoeuvrability makes it excellent at evading incoming fire. And with two medium and two small hardpoints, the Scout can also pack a punch.

— In-game description

The Diamondback Scout is a long range combat and reconnaissance ship which was released in the Powerplay update.


The Diamondback scout is a cheap low level exploration vessel available quite early on. Its main purpose is to allow commanders to get into exploration at a tiny price.

As an Explorer the Scout is very effective. At 30lYs without engineering the scout has a high range for its price tag. The downside is that the Hauler and Adder can both outdo it in this aspect. Another downside is the tiny amount of compartment space and small fuel tank which can cause various issues. Overall the Scout is a very good ship to get into exploration with.

In Combat the scout is very effective. It has exceptional mobility and a small body letting it dodge with ease, resulting in a ship that can be incredibly nimble and tough to hit. This helps counteract its rather poor shields and armour. Good heat signature and a lot of utility mounts make it capable of running stealth builds and is very effective in the role. It has good damage with 2 Medium and 2 Small hardpoints which is one of the best for its price tier letting it become an effective fighter. As a stealth build or high range fighter the Scout is perfect and makes a good bounty hunter; but its terrible compartment and cargo space make it a somewhat poor Pirate.

Its uses in trading, mining and Passenger are somewhat poor. With 28t max size it does have higher capacity than the Adder, but It doesn't compare the the Cobra MkIII.

Overall the Diamondback Scout is a great low tier exploration vessel and is equally good as a nimble fighter.

The weapon hardpoints are located as follows: 1 small hardpoint on each side of the cockpit, and 1 medium hardpoint on each side of the cockpit for a total of 2 medium and 2 small. These hardpoints have their aim points arranged in a straight horizontal line with little space between reticle dots making them very usable with fixed mounts. However their side mounting and close spacing also make good mounts for gimbaled and turreted weapons.

Lakon would later release the Diamondback Explorer, which dramatically increases the jump range and combat ability at a higher cost. Alongside it was the Asp Scout, which was intended to be a competitor to the Diamondback Scout, but failed due to its price and mediocre stats.


The Diamondback Scout is Lakon Spaceways’ attempt to repeat the success of the Asp range at a medium price point. The result was a combat capable ship with good jump capability and was pitched as a light long range reconnaissance ship. After the ship’s maiden flight it was criticized for not having the same versatility as the Asp, but it has seen modest success in the long range reconnaissance, long range interceptor and fast picket ship roles for organisations not able or willing to invest in the heavy price tag of the Asp.[1]

— In-game history

Purchase Locations

System Station Date Seen Notes
LHS 1604 Gernsback City January 5, 2018
HIP 6978 Plucker Dock July 27, 2016 15% Discount
Frey Garratt Station March 29, 2016
HIP 62794 MacArthur Terminal 2016 Nov 22
TZ Arietis Snyder Enterprise 2016 Feb 8
18 Scorpii Swift Orbital 2016 Feb 6
Caraceni Kerr Enterprise October 13, 2015
Hooriayan Davis Port October 11, 2015
31 Aquilae Killough Orbital November 17, 2016
44 B Ophiuchi Feustel Gateway June 12, 2015
64 Arietis Weyn Dock September 19, 2015
Alano Leestman Port June 8, 2015
Amphisatsu Goldberg Orbital June 8, 2015
Angurongo Dahm Port June 22, 2015
Ao Qin Brunner Horizons September 14, 2015
Arth Midgeley Dock June 27, 2015
Belagro Hermaszewski Station June 21, 2015
Beta-1 Tucanae Adams Orbital June 6, 2015
Carener Butz Port August 25, 2015
Cerno Kanwar Enterprise June 7, 2015
Chona Smoot Station June 19, 2015
Derrim Nachtigal Hub June 28, 2015
Diaguandri  Ray Gateway June 9, 2015 15% discount
Ditia Arkwright City June 16, 2015
EQ Pegasi Merbold Ring August 18, 2015
EZ Aquarii Magnus Gateway January 28 2016
GD 219 McKee Ring September 29, 2015
Gliese 563.1 Matteucci Ring Jul 23, 2015
H Draconis Brislington June 10, 2015
Helgaedi Joliot-Curie Enterprise July 22, 2015
Khan Gubii Alpers City September 12, 2015
Kung Te Bellamy Enterprise June 24, 2015
Kured Kuchner Vision June 7, 2015
LFT 1448 Dirac Enterprise November 17, 2015
LHS 20 Ohm City April 8, 2017 15% discount
LHS 262 Boodt Port June 6, 2015
LHS 2651 Kennan Dock June 8, 2015
LHS 3505 Olivas City October 10, 2015
Momus Reach Tartarus Point June 6, 2015
Ngaledi Smith Enterprises June 5, 2015
Njikan Smeaton Port June 6, 2015
PLX 695 Dover June 16, 2015
Sekhemet Nasmyth Station June 12, 2015
Senocidi Hodgkin Dock August 29, 2015
Setana Henson Horizons June 10, 2015
Tellus Ahern Enterprise July 14, 2015
Tepehuacoc Sauma Orbital June 24, 2015
Uzumoku Sevrdup Ring June 14, 2015
Venegana Foreman Gateway (I think) September 19, 2015
Lalande 22701 Hutton Ring Oct 23, 2016
Wolf 908 Rubin Vision June 5, 2015
Xihe Zhen Dock June 6, 2015
Xi Ursae Majoris Durrance Dock June 9, 2015
Kaushpoos Neville Horizons November 16, 2015
Chona Smoot Station January 2, 2016
Ross 1057 Coriolis Starport February 3, 2016
LTT 6774 Kotov City January 1st, 2016
Mokosh Lubin Orbital January 10th, 2017
Itza Ellison Station September 9th, 2017 15% discount
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial January 26, 2018 10% Discount, Founders Permit Needed
LFT 1421 Ehrlich Orbital April 20, 2018
LHS 3447 Worlidge Terminal June 27, 2018


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Diamondback Scout.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Small Hardpoint Empty -- -- 1
Empty -- -- 1
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser F 1 2
Pulse Laser F 1 2
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 4 4
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 4 4
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 4 4
Environment Control Life Support E 2 2
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 3 3
Sensor Suite Sensors E 2 2
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x16] C 4 4
Internal Compartments Empty -- -- 3
Empty -- -- 3
Shield Generator E 3 3
Empty -- -- 2
Advanced Docking Computer E 1 1
Supercruise Assist E 1 1
Planetary Approach Suite (H) I 1 1


  • The Diamondback Scout length (39m) is similar to the Space Shuttle orbiter (37m) that was operated by NASA.[2]
  • Excluding the Cobra MkIV, the Diamondback Scout is tied with the Type-7 Transporter for lowest amount of Livery options. This is particularly odd as the Diamondback Explorer has a far great amount despite being released much later.
  • The Diamondback Scout is the only ship in Elite: Dangerous to have a cargo capacity of 0 as its default loadout.




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