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Didi's father died several decades ago as a result of a shield-booster malfunction. Since then, Didi has dedicated her life to making shield boosters safer. In recent years her success has been such that she now lives in luxury and has a team of dedicated mechanics helping to implement her designs. Developing a relationship with her will introduce you to another engineer.

— In-game description

Didi Vatermann is an engineer who specialises in shields and shield boosters. Her workshop is Vatermann LLC, located in the Leesti system.

Access Requirements

Achieve Grade 3 access plus at least 1/3 progress towards Grade 4 with Selene Jean.
Meeting Requirements
Gain a Trader rank of Merchant or higher.
Unlock Requirements
Provide 50 units of Lavian Brandy.
Reputation Gain
Craft modules, or sell Commodities at Vatermann LLC.

Modifications Offered

Didi Vatermann offers the following modifications to modules:

Shield Booster (Grade 5)

Shield Generator (Grade 3)