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This system is noted for its ancient Ma Corn plantations, but is beset by frequent solar activity.

The system received an economic boost when independent pilots responded positively to a request for machinery in May 3301.

— In-Game Description

Diso is an Allied system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is one of the Old Worlds. The planet Birmingham has a rich ecosystem with an indigenous feline species called Delines. The Orbis starport Shifnalport above Birmingham is the exclusive purveyor of the rare commodity Diso Ma Corn.


First explored in 2422 by an exploratory mission from Lave, Diso's planet of Birmingham was found to contain a rich indigenous ecosystem, topped by a dominant species of rotund feline-like creatures with rich, black fur called Delines.[1] Human settlement began around the equatorial regions and within ten years, colonists had discovered the planet's potential for agriculture. Inhabitants quickly settled into the planets rural way of life, adjusting to a slower pace than the more industrial economies nearby.[1]

Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was born on Birmingham in 3187 to a family of corn farmers. At the time, the Federation had annexed Diso following the dissolution of the Galactic Cooperative in 3174. When Diso joined the Alliance in 3287, Mahon was elected its Councillor for multiple terms before making a successful run for the prime minister's office in early 3301.[2]

The system received an economic boost when independent pilots responded positively to a request for machinery in May 3301.[3]

In September 3305, Diso was the site of the concluding celebrations for the Alliance Festival of Culture. The event exposed the beginnings of a crisis, as Diso was one of the first key agricultural systems to report lower than expected crop yields. While this was later found to be a natural occurrence that could have been abated with proper management, Rockforth Corporation took advantage of an alarmed public to rush its EX7 fertiliser to market, which thousands of independent pilots carried to numerous agricultural worlds amidst fears of significant crop shortages. This inadvertently instigated a widespread crop blight, as Rockforth's bypassing of the usual product safety checks allowed the extremist group Scythe of Panem to secretly contaminate EX7 with a crop-destroying pathogen, leading in turn to mass crop failures. An interstellar famine was prevented only through the timely creation of Agronomic Treatment by the Interstellar Association for Agriculture. Diso and Orerve were the first two systems used to test Agronomic Treatment in late October 3305, and quickly recovered from the blight.

Prime Minister Mahon formally launched his re-election campaign on Birmingham on January 19, 3307, making his homeworld the first stop on a tour of Alliance space.[4]

System Layout

  • Diso (Class K star)
    • Diso Asteroid Belt
    • Diso 1 (High metal content world)
    • Diso 2 (High metal content world)
    • Birmingham (Earth-like World)
    • Diso 4 (Class Y brown dwarf)
      • Diso 4 A (Rocky body)
      • Diso 4 B (Rocky body)
        • Gloss Lab (Surface Port)
        • Dedman Relay (Settlement)
      • Diso 4 C (Rocky body)
        • Fermat Installation (Settlement)
      • Diso 4 D (Rocky body)
        • Andrews Vision (Settlement)
    • Diso 5 (Class III gas giant)
      • Diso 5 A (Rocky body)
      • Diso 5 B (Rocky body)
      • Diso 5 C (Rocky body)
        • Cardano Installation (Settlement)
      • Diso 5 D (Rocky body)
    • Diso 6 (Class III gas giant)
      • Diso 6 A (Icy body)
        • Baker Hub (Surface Port)
      • Diso 6 B (Icy body)
        • Philpotts Base (Settlement)
        • Diso 6 B A (Icy body)
      • Diso 6 C (Icy body)
        • Maine Refinery (Settlement)
      • Diso 6 D (Icy body)
        • Klein's Inheritance (Settlement)
      • Diso 6 E (Icy body)
        • Noon Settlement (Settlement)
      • Diso 6 F (Icy body)
        • Radio Lave Signal Booster (Settlement)
    • Diso 7 (Icy body)
    • Diso 8 (Icy body)

Minor Factions

  • Crimson State Limited (Corporate, Alliance)
  • Diso Alliance Bond (Patronage, Alliance)
  • Diso Blue State Services (Corporate, Independent)
  • Diso Crimson Society (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Dukes of K'unchadrus (Feudal, Independent)
  • Green Party of Diso (Democracy, Alliance)
  • Maraudi Independents (Democracy, Federation)



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