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A Distress Call is a type of signal source that is a variant of the Weapons Fire signal source. It can sometimes serve as a Mission Target USS for Assassinate Pirate Lord missions.

Signal Contents

A Distress Call will randomly generate different content:

  • A trader who has run out of fuel. Pirates may also be present. You can refuel the ship as follows:
    1. Install a Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller.
    2. Buy a few limpets (Note: they take up cargo space).
    3. Setup a fire group for the Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller.
    4. Target the ship and press the appropriate fire button. 1t of fuel can be enough for a ship to jump to the nearest system.
  • A heavily damaged trader who is under attack from pirates. The pirates will respond if engaged, and will attack in several waves of increasing difficulty.
  • A heavily damaged trader who needs a Hull Repair. Use Repair Limpets.
  • A debris field and several Search and Rescue ships.
  • A Federal Farragut-Class Battle Cruiser under pirate attack.
  • Several heavily armed ships (usually Anacondas) piloted by high ranking pirates who have faked a distress signal in order to attack any pilot who responds.
  • A destroyed Majestic-Class Interdictor with its fleet and a Thargoid ship can be found in the HR 1185 System.
  • A vessel that requests Food Commodities.

Spawn Locations

Any area of populated space (usually Shipping Lanes and spheres of influence).