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Orphaned at the age of seven, Domino was placed in a public relations initiative by the Rockforth Corporation; the company housed and educated her, but expected her to work for Rockforth as an adult. While displaying a prodigious talent for technology, she also lacked discipline and proved highly irreverent. She was dismissed as a poor investment and now operates a workshop established with her family inheritance.

— In-Game Description

Domino Green is an Engineer who specialises in "Strategic" Suit and Handheld Weapon modifications. Her workshop is The Jackrabbit, located in the Orishis system.

Access Requirements

Domino Green's whereabouts are public knowledge.
Meeting Requirements
Travel 100 light-years in Apex Interstellar Transport shuttles.
Referral Requirements
Provide 5 units of Push to learn about Kit Fowler.

Modifications Offered

Suit Modifications

Weapon Modifications