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The Scriveners Clan Dredger

The Scriveners Clan Dredger

The Dredger is a class of Bulk Cruiser Megaship last known to be manufactured in the 31st century. This ship has a design that utilizes a large intake and grinder mechanism on its bow to draw in both natural materials and manufactured objects, then break them down and syntheisize the products into fuel, air, and other vital resources. This also means Dredgers must constantly seek out new sources of raw materials and salvage to maintain themselves, or risk suffering mechanical failures. Advancements in hyperdrive and Fuel Scoop technology have rendered this design obsolete, but Dredgers can still achieve a jump range similar to modern fleet carriers. Dredgers that are still in operation in the 34th century were acquired centuries or decades earlier by nomadic Dredger Clans, who keep the vessels operational and use them in a similar manner as Generation Ships. Tens of thousands of clan members may inhabit a single Dredger, and each clan typically possesses its own eccentric culture. Depending on the clan running it, a Dredger passing through an inhabited system may only furtively scavenge local detritus, or carry out aggressive raids on unprotected outposts.[1][2][3]


Name Class & ID System(s) Planet Notes Logs
Blue Viper Club Clan Dredger Dredger Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 A 5 Arrived in Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 on July 2, 3307 to meet with the Kumo Crew Logs
The Artificers Clan Dredger Dredger Last seen in Reorte in the 2.4 beta 2.4 beta logs
The Phagos Clan Dredger Dredger Last seen in Lugh in the 2.4 beta 2.4 beta logs
The Scriveners Clan Dredger Dredger J-403 Unknown Discovered the Hesperus on April 8, 3307 and claimed it as salvage, and was found by independent pilots on April 10, 3307. Departed for an unknown destination on July 9, 3307, then rediscovered in Oochost PC-C c29-0 October 14, 3307. Departed again for an unknown destination on December 2, 3307. Logs


  • Dredgers were planned content for Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Return (2.4), and two of them appeared in the 2.4 beta, but they were never released. Dredgers were not seen in the game again until April 10, 2021, when The Scriveners Clan Dredger was found as part of the search for the Hesperus.