The Dredger is a type of Bulk Cruiser Megaship. These are big capital ships that mainly operate in deep space and collect all sorts of materials from space dust to hydrogen to any sorts of wreckage they come across. These are returned to inhabited space for processing.[1]

Locations Edit

Name Class & ID System(s) Planet Notes Logs
The Artificers Clan Dredger Dredger Reorte Missing as of 2.4 [1]
The Phagos Clan Dredger Dredger Lugh Missing as of 2.4 [2]

Notes Edit

  • Dredgers were planned content for Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Return (2.4), and appeared in the 2.4 beta, but were never released. Frontier Developments has yet to provide an explanation for their absence or confirm if they will ever be included in a future update.

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